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  1. The title says it all, we're looking for skilled map editors and scripters for our arma 2 life server. We have addons so you will have to know how to work with those. Payment and jobs can be discussed on our teamspeak or website. Website: www.OriginalDegree.net Teamspeak: ts3.originaldegree.net Thanks, Sauz
  2. Looking forward to seeing that implemented! Thanks for all your hard work! Tool is awesome! Side note: if anyone knows how to use rcon with tadst, I would appreciate if you could come to my ts and explain it! ts3.phenomenalgaming.tk
  3. How am I supposed to use an rcon tool while using tadst? Do I have to add parameters to anything?
  4. I can't seem to use any RCon tools while hosting with the TADST tool.. any suggestions?
  5. www.phenomenalgaming.tk Uses @tcg mods, great completely custom cherno life server It's a lot of fun!
  6. sauz

    Looking for Rp life Server

    www.phenomenalgaming.tk We use @tcg mods on a custom chernarus map. It's pretty cool. Teamspeak: ts3.phenomenalgaming.tk
  7. I have a virtual server from nfoservers, but I'm having a problem. Since there is no display drivers with a virtual dedicated server, you can't run arma 2 and arma 2 oa, which doesn't allow them to finish installing necessary addons.
  8. Hi guys, I'm starting up an island life server, I am not too experienced with coding, so there's a few bugs that I can't fix by myself. I could really use some help from anyone that's willing to! Contact me on 1. Website: phenomenalgaming.tk 2. Teamspeak: ts3.phenomenalgaming.tk Thank you, Sauz