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  1. I was asked yesterday about my stance on Arma 3 & Dayz Server Monetization Rules with this addon as well as its code and are people allowed to use it on a monetization server? Sorry to guy who point this out to me I can't spell or remember your name but thank you for pointing this out to me as it was never a thing in A2 days so here goes. 1. I have no issue with people using the items/addons/code in or on a monetization server. 2. Please follow bohemia.net/monetization rules. 3. No, I do not wish to take any money from you or the ArmA community who use this on their servers. (Please stop asking or try to give me money) <--- never ever thought that would happen lol P.s Its been almost Five! years since this very buggy and badly optimise map A2 was given out I can not believe people are still using it and playing on it wow Kinda Means a lot that people are enjoying E76 work. That being said did anyone take the stuff and make a whole new map or learn to make maps from this as that was the point in the project was to get players into making new maps and such lol or did E76, opterx, and myself do too good of a job on this map hahaha.
  2. All files are updated with new links for source file but you might be better use the Lakeside version not this as that was made for A3 this for A2. I have also got message about porting to DayZ the answer is the files they was given out to the Hole BIS community to learn and make things with be that A2/A3 or even DayZ standalone any BIS product that you can use the tools with these files are free for all the use and lean and make things with. good luck on porting and making maps. never new dayz standalone can have mods buy hey ho happy mod making. also I no long respond to message in arma community as iv moved on to VR and other platforms. feel free to contact me via steam Mr Falcos Jervil or discord Mr Falcos Jervil#9943
  3. Sorry I been out of the arma community for some time as I moved to unity. Added: STEAM links and they are maintained by AmaZiinG Added: new google links as well. Added: replace.Rar
  4. Love the work your putting into this is there any server that are using that people can join and try out?
  5. falcos

    [WIP] Los Santos map

    Of course you can make change to it as the E76 stuff was given out for people to learn from and help make things for arma community. As for an updated version of E_76 it might just be better to make another addon with the config for people then try to get the old post and addons updated with a mix and match of stuff as many many people have worked on it lol. Shulzts managed to update it to a version called Jackson county might have few things in it that are fixed.
  6. falcos

    [WIP] Los Santos map

    Am very happy to see people using the E76 Stuff even it was made for A2 just show that the content stand the test of time am sure Sirel wound proud of it. Just wish id managed to make few of the building to have insides. But that graffiti id never of thought to do something like that looks amazing can't wait to see the map when its done good luck in your work.
  7. @Baconeo cheers fella that work thanks love this tool.
  8. Hi need a little help with this the old one I had I was able to set steam port but the new one does not have this So how does one set up two servers with this tool?
  9. Links been added for people to use.
  10. very sorry guys been out of touch with A3 very sorry Dropbox shut down that account am uploading them now re add them to the page for people to use.
  11. So much win love this mod.
  12. @Scorch_052 Yes you may use the content to make a new map and I hope learn from it if you wish all I ask is that you credit the content to E76 that is used in making your map. Hope that helps answer you. @frostb1te198 I do not use xCam so am not sure how that tool works in finding the content for roads and such sorry.
  13. just thought id post this video not sure if its been posted yet but its doing my head in, As it's the kind what were all after and trying to do Also did anyone make any progress on this topic yet or am I digging up dead post? any way here the video in A3
  14. Is work still going on this cos I love using it and would love to see more stuff added to it. am also getting recourse title damgevignette not found? any ideas? i was also hoping you add a mission with the thing set-up so i can see where am going wrong
  15. Well Done Sir good work on porting it and I hope it helped you learn a lot about being a terrain developer, look forward to see what you work on next.