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  1. phelps

    UK Police Uniform & Vest

    Don't think so, sorry.
  2. http://i.imgur.com/iPcc1Lt.jpg (165 kB) UK Police Uniform & Vest Version: 0.1 Overview This mod provides a UK looking police uniform & vest to your loadout. Features UK Based Police Uniform. UK Based Police Vest. How to Install Unpack the .rar and drop the @UK Police Uniform & Vest folder into your Arma 3 root directory. Changelog 0.1 - 29.06.2015 ADDED: Uniform & Vest. Future Plans Adding the almost finished Taser. (Missing some scripting) If you intend on using this on any multiplayer server, please give credits, it doesn't cost you anything. Commercial use is strictly forbidden. Download Armaholic Google Drive Steam Workshop Credits & Thanks Phelps aka Stef - Stuff Kiory - Model, Configs & Textures.
  3. We are now accepting people into the beta! Sign up on the forums and check the announcements topic about it if you wish to play. A3L Administration, Phelps.
  4. This was taken from a PM you where Caiden asked if we had permission to use the cessna, we never claimed to sell a cessna for real life money, i am not sure where you got that from but it is incorrect and false. But on request we will remove the cessna from our mod.
  5. Well as of default in arma you can go pretty slow holding 'Q', this will help you stay under the speed limit, however messing with the velocity and other commands related to speed etc could come in handy, i will look into it.
  6. phelps

    Advanced Cockpit Interaction

    Looks good so far :) It reminds me slightly of DCS, looking forward to see the finished results.
  7. phelps

    Reverse Lights

  8. phelps

    texture is different color ingame!

    Make sure the resolution is a 'Good' resolution.. Examples: Good Res: 500x500 Bad Res: 500x250 Hope this helps, Phelps.
  9. phelps


    It's call of duty all over, lol just kidding, good work.
  10. Perhaps post how you solved it instead of removing it all. ^^
  11. Yeah.. still trying to figure it out lol http://gyazo.com/6850d2da52e24dd6f0051a9b47439d71.png (617 kB)
  12. I have noticed that some textures will not show, lets say you port over a object (in my case a fish) the texture will be totally mashed up and looks wierd, also when i got arma3 to work for bulldozer, bulldozer shows the object fine, i add a texture and it crashes. If anyone got a fix for this.. Please let me know.