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  1. 3den Enhanced https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=623475643 Mission Editor Extension
  2. R3vo

    3den Enhanced

    A small addition. Save and restore positions for later use. Let me know what you think.
  3. R3vo

    3den Enhanced

    I haven't touched that. Please make a feedback tracker ticket.
  4. player addEventHandler ["Fired", { params ["_unit", "_weapon", "_muzzle", "_mode", "_ammo", "_magazine", "_projectile", "_gunner"]; if (cursorObject isEqualTo Antenna) then//Only trigger effect if Antenna is hit { AntennaHit = true;//Set variable to true which activates trigger player removeEventHandler ["Fired", _thisEventhandler];//Remove event handler again }; }]; This is indeed not as simple. However, I got it working. 1. Place your antenna and name it Antenna 2. Place a Smoke module underneath it 3. Create a trigger next to the module, change the condition inside the trigger from this to AntennaHit 4. Connect the trigger to the module 5. Paste the code from above into the init field of the player Feel free to ask any further questions regarding this issue.
  5. R3vo

    3den Enhanced

    Thanks, I added it to the list.
  6. R3vo

    3den Enhanced

    Thanks for your feedback. Have you tried binarizing the mission file?
  7. R3vo

    3den Enhanced

    Good catch, I'll fix that with the next version. The sliders still do what they did before. What exactly do you mean by that?
  8. R3vo

    3den Enhanced

    Yeah, that's a bit weird, dunno why BIS did that.
  9. R3vo

    3den Enhanced

    Animations should work in multiplayer since the last update You can add a distance check yourself via the condition.
  10. R3vo

    3den Enhanced

    If I ever find the time I'll look again at those. But they simply didn't work on dedicated servers.
  11. R3vo

    3den Enhanced

    I have released a small hotfix. It's available on Steam now, Armaholic will follow soon.
  12. R3vo

    3den Enhanced

    3den Enhanced Update 4.3 Download: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AvgETyKiA6bQj8N4j5diop6-kPbBiQ?e=K5wxfw Changelog: v4.3 *added* - Scenario Attributes Manager - Link to Mission Optimisation Biki page - DisableAI "radioprotocol" - Attribute to end mission after certain number of units of given side were killed (e.g. civilian casualties) - Added Editor Attribute to toggle Entity Counter in status bar. - Added a tool to quickly toggle simulation of selected objects - Added a tool to quickly setup a simple extraction - Script Commands Viewer to menu strip -> tools -> utilities - A function to convert floats to time format minutes:seconds *changed* - Combo Box controls were replaced with Toolbox controls if possible - Code cleanup - Debug console now uses CTRL+D as shortcut (Same as CBA) - Tweaked visuals of custom GUIs (Sliders, Background) - Awareness attribute now uses hintSilent instead of custom display - Some attributes showed wrong tooltips - Functions Viewer can now be accessed by pressing ALT + F (Same as CBA) - Config viewer can now be opened by pressing ALT + C - GUIs use Eden Editor controls now - 3den Radio got a new design - Fixed some issues with 3den Radio sometimes not playing music - Texture finder won't display a texture on start up - Module Information GUI got some visual tweaks - Texture Finder has now a filter option - Batch Replace GUI would not save last used value correctly - Tweaked layout of Batch Replace GUI - Tweaked layout for Texture Finder - Almost all GUIs use Pixel Grid System now and scale correctly - Layouts of various GUIs were improved - Functions of various GUIs were improved - Updated Russian translation thanks to lexx__1 - Improved height of attribute control groups and positioning of controls - Group Marker attribute has got a new attribute control and more options - Moved code for attribute controls into functions library - Establishing Shot attribute was overhauled and optimized - Ambient Flyby attribute was overhauled and optimized - Intro Text attribute was overhauled and optimized - Airdrop Shot attribute was overhauled and optimized - Some attributes have now a button to reset and disable them. - All substantial attributes have now got their own attribute control, therefore no unnecessary missionNamespace variables are declared. - All mission attribute are now collapsed by default - Fixed various missing semicolons - Fixed an issue where Preview Debug options would not apply to player when option "Play the Character" was used to preview the scenario - Changed 3den notification for Enh_fnc_loadoutTools - Added various new internal macros - All substantial attributes now have a proper description of what they do, and links to further information if available. - Rearanged some scenario attributes - Intro text attribute now supports BIS_fnc_infoText - Intro text attribute has a new control with images to select the intro type - Values of Dynamic skill attributes are now handled by attribute control and not writting into mission namespace variables - FunctionsViewer - Functions Viewer features now several different modes for sorting functions - Functions were rewritten - Shows number of available functions - Added button which leads to corresponding Biki page of the function (Keep in mind that not all functions might be documented there) - Functions viewer is now available in the debug console, together with the vanilla one. See the "fx" icon in the top right corner This also solves the issue where 3den Enhanced was incompatible with Extended Debug Console by Connor - Every function now shows the logo of the mod it was introduced with - Functions Viewer now uses pixel grid system - Fixed an issue where recompiling selected function wasn't possible - Removed X button and replaced it with the close button in the lower right corner to be consitent with all other UIs in Eden Editor - Functions Viewer shows mod icons again - Functions Viewer now displays line numbers - Updated and revised Czech translation thanks to XerXesCZ - Most functions which interact with eden entities will now exit and show a notification if no entities are selected - Merged serveral functions into one - Removed Enh_fnc_logMissionAttributes - Placement Tools GUI now also supports setting of object orientation - Added fine control to Placement Tools GUI - Batch Replace GUI is now only opened when objects are selected - Center of Placement Tools will now stay the same until reset. - Replaced waitUntil {time > x} with sleep x to prevent inconsistencies in multiplier. - Old garrison UI is back - Added hold action attribute (WIP) - Fixed feature type attribute would use incorrect data type - Ambient Animation attribute uses Listbox control instead of Combobox control - Ambient Animation attribute was overhauled, it now works in multiplayer - Fixed an issue where Intro Text would be displayed immediately on dedicated server (delay was ignored) - Added more ambient animations - Ambient animations are now properly initialized when a new terrain or mission is loaded - Time Multiplier will no longer be executed when value is 1 - Updated credits - Task Patrol attribute now uses a slider control - Logging of multiple map grid positions is now possible. Only unique value will be logged - Faction are now logged to clipboard without [ ] - Added context menu enty to log classes in format "class1","class2",... - Added new folder to menu strip - Added option to garrision tool to change stance of units - Fixed missing shortcuts for some tools - Fixed Switch Time would not properly set overcast, rain and fog to 0. Change is forced now. - Song duration in 3den Radio is no displayed in format minutes:seconds (00:00) *removed* - Import/Export scenario attributes. Scenario Attribute Manager takes care of that now - Removed on Event Code Attributes (Too complex for a simple attribute) - Colour Picker was removed. Use https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/222104-color-picker/ instead - Removed weapon sway and recoil attribute due to issues on dedicated server Steam Workshop is already up-to-date, armaholic will follow soon.