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  1. R3vo

    3den Enhanced

    Good catch. I know it's reversed and it's on my to do.
  2. R3vo

    3den Enhanced

    https://www.bing.com/search?q=arma+3+hostage+script&PC=U316&&FORM=ANNTA7&cc=DE&setLang=en-US Placement Tools Overhaul
  3. R3vo

    3den Enhanced

    Yes, the callsign is changed accordingly. Here's another update. I created a custom control to allow for the marker type to be changed. I have not implemented an option to change the value. If it's possible and not too much work I'll consider doing that. Thanks for you feedback.
  4. Isn't that achieveable with 3den EHs?
  5. Get's me hyped every time just to get disappointed
  6. That's because I use the Mission file (Editor) startup parameter to directly start inside the editor. That means that ['init'] call BIS_fnc_3DENStatusBar; ['init'] call BIS_fnc_3DENInterface; are unfortunately not called so the interface, like the statusbar is not propely initialised. It's a bug I reported probably 2 years ago. Edit: Just tested it without the startup parameter and the scrollbar is gone.
  7. For quite a while now I have this bug which causes a scrollbar to appear when working in Eden. It seems to be related to the tree views and shown in the video above. However, I wasn't able to figure out what control it is. [] spawn { while {true} do { systemChat str count (allControls (findDisplay 321)); sleep 1 } }; I have tried to figure out to which display this control belongs with the above shown code. The count of controls doesn't change at all for display 313, 321 and others. So I guess the scrollbar simple get hidden/shown or moved out of the screen boundries. Any ideas? *The game is running without mods on 1.92 RC
  8. That's right. Even more reason to finally do something about messed up scenario descriptions in the scenario menu.
  9. I was talking about the firing drills for example, but I think they use custom controls!? Didn't look it up, just a guess. On another note. Since we have those nice new missile related scripting commands, would it be possible that the IncomingMissile EH could return the missile that's incoming?
  10. Is there a reason that the scenario screen does not support Steam text formatting? This is something that has always been bugging me since release of Arma 3. We can have well formatted mission descriptions in Steam, but then they look like garbage in Arma 3. Is there a workaround for that, which I don't know about? Because I know that the description shown in the Scenario menu can be formatting nicely.
  11. R3vo

    3den Enhanced

    Something I have been thinking about for a while now. What do you think? Would you use it? Ideas or suggestions?