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  1. 3den Enhanced

    The sit animations are only compatible with a few objects, I'll update the tooltip accordingly. Sit_High is only compatible with the object "Box_NATO_Wps_F". New functions viewer The functions viewer is almost done, a few performance tweaks and code cleanup. If you have feedback, please let me know. Donate You want to support what I do, but do not want to donate money to a stranger? Then this is your change. If you want to help me out, follow the following link and create a Microsoft account. It's free, takes only 2 minutes and gives me 0.5Gb extra OneDrive storage which I am currently in need of. Register via this link: https://onedrive.live.com?invref=d0a603a2224f04f8&invscr=90
  2. @morickyWould it be possible to fix the scroll height of display3denCopy? Scrolling is possible but the scrollbar only supports a certain length of text, that's kinda confusing.
  3. Seems like the new function BIS_fnc_3DENExportSQF has a problem with custom attribute conditions. https://imgur.com/a/I1WRpTj Other than that it's nice to see someone working on Eden again. A bit more feedback: Helicopters seem to crash the moment they are created. Time, Date and Weather are not copied. Would be nice to have that as an optional parameter Additionally, having a parameter to delete all units and objects before creating a new mission would be nice.
  4. 3den Enhanced

    I'll check if that's possible.
  5. 3den Enhanced

    I have updated the select preview picture UI. It's now wider and has a bigger preview and tree control. Let me know what you think. Thanks to Gunter Severloh for the idea. AFTER BEFORE https://imgur.com/a/u9FhVur
  6. https://imgur.com/a/dpOy0un @B01 Could you please check the function categories and headers? Some of them have quite a few typos in them.
  7. 3den Enhanced

    I finally got around to add an incremental search to 3den Radio. (Position is not final)
  8. 3den Enhanced

    Not possible without a workaround, sorry. The problem is, that objects need to support simple objects, e.g., they need to have the appropriate config settings. You can still turn every vehicle to simpel objects https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Simple_Objects#Scripting_Implementation
  9. Referring to _x unit

    I think you already know the answer. Your script loops through all units in that group, overwriting surUnit with _x. _x however changes within a fraction of a second. So a few minutes later when you want to remove bobs weapon, it will of course refer to the last unit in the loop, because _x was dave and dave is now surUnit. Also, you don't need surUnit = _x; because as you already mentioned, the object the action is attached to is parsed to the code excecuted once you activate the action. More information about _x: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Magic_Variables More information about addAction: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/addAction and about forEach https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/forEach Last but not least, it can sometimes help to use diag_log or systemChat str to visualize what a script does and what value a variable stores. You can also use the "watch" field inside the debug console.
  10. The new content looks splendid. Only one error so far: 15:57:28 Error in expression <c getvariable ["owner",""]; _ownerUID = parsenumber _ownerVar; if (cheatsenabled> 15:57:28 Error position: <parsenumber _ownerVar; if (cheatsenabled> 15:57:28 Error parsenumber: Type Object, expected Bool,String 15:57:28 File a3\modules_f_curator\curator\functions\fn_moduleCurator.sqf [BIS_fnc_moduleCurator], line 15 Once Land_Destroyer_01_Boat_Rack_01_F is present in the mission, the error shows up shortly after the mission started.
  11. 3den Enhanced

    Alright, I've have fixed the export loadout issue and created a new GUI for it and function. The export is now much better and comfortable.
  12. 3den Enhanced

    Are you sure? Because I am using private _loadout = [_x,"config"] call BIS_fnc_exportInventory; Edit: It seems you are right, furthermore I noticed that by default assigned weapon items like optics are not exported. I have written my own functions now. Would you be so kind to test it in the editor? params [ ["_class","REPLACE",[""]], ["_displayName","REPLACE",[""]], ["_icon","REPLACE",[""]] ]; _indent = " "; _class = format ["class %1",_class]; _displayName = format ["displayName = ""%1"";",_displayName]; _icon = format ["icon = ""%1"";",_icon]; _uniformClass = format ["uniformClass = ""%1"";",uniform player]; _backpack = format ["backpack = ""%1"";",backpack player]; _export = _class + endl + "{" + endl + _indent + _displayName + endl + _indent + _icon + endl + _indent + _uniformClass + endl + _indent + _backpack + endl; //From BIS_fnc_exportLoadout START _fnc_addArray = { params ["_name","_array"]; _export = _export + format [" " + "%1[] = {",_name]; { if (_foreachindex > 0) then {_export = _export + ",";}; _export = _export + format ["""%1""",_x]; } foreach _array; _export = _export + "};" + endl; }; ["weapons",weapons player + ["Throw","Put"]] call _fnc_addArray; ["magazines",magazines player] call _fnc_addArray; ["items",items player] call _fnc_addArray; ["linkedItems",[vest player,headgear player,goggles player] + assigneditems player - weapons player + primaryWeaponItems player + secondaryWeaponItems player] call _fnc_addArray; //From BIS_fnc_exportLoadout END _export = _export + "};" + endl + "//Visit https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Respawn for detailed information"; copyToClipboard _export; _export Just save the file in your mission folder and name it "t.sqf", then executed ["className","soldier","someIcon"] execVM "t.sqf"; in the debug console
  13. if ((_heli knowsAbout _playerGroup ) > 3) the { searchWp setWaypointPosition [center, radius]; }; Maybe something like this?
  14. There is already a mod for it. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1231625987