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  1. Here are the new characters. From left to right: Ivan, Pettka, Dr. Hadlik, Jay and Dwarden
  2. 3den Enhanced

    I do. 3den Enhanced v3.3 (old)
  3. Don't like the new weapon resting. It's just silly. Leave it like it was before if you cannot animate the bipod's legs length.
  4. Don't forget to create the documentation on the wiki for them once they are final
  5. arma3 is so sick

    Same here and I can agree. It's not very hard at all except you want to script something which is by itself already complex.
  6. 3den Enhanced

    You can force add flashlights with an attribute. They should stay on then, at least it's scripted that way. The issue with the headlights is caused by badly configured vehicles (I assume the issue only appears with simple objects.
  7. 3den Enhanced

    Two new features I have been working on:
  8. 3den Enhanced

    3den Enhanced Update 3.4 Changelog: Donate You want to support what I do, but do not want to donate money to a stranger? Then this is your change. If you want to help me out, follow the following link and create a Microsoft account. It's free, takes only 2 minutes and gives me 0.5Gb extra OneDrive storage which I am currently in need of. Register via this link: https://onedrive.live.com?invref=d0a603a2224f04f8&invscr=90 v3.4 *changed* - added missing semicolon - chinese translation was added by Jason Bert - updated credits - on preview debug attribute state was not shared between different missions *added* - loadout tool to remove NVGs from several units at once - loadout tool to remove vests from several units at once Direct Download (OneDrive) https://1drv.ms/u/s!AvgETyKiA6bQiPVT8jKT7-LwKrN2hg
  9. time_start = diag_tickTime; time_running = true; 0 = [] spawn { while {time_running} do { _time = [(diag_tickTime - time_start),"MM:SS.MS"] call BIS_fnc_secondsToString; hintSilent format ["Time: %1",_time]; sleep 0.001; }; }; That should work, although it's not 100% accurate.
  10. Lack of good usermade SP content

    Not only that, but BIS did little to nothing to encourage players voting for missions and writing comments etc. We have tons of achivements, but none which say "Vote on XXXX amount of missions/mods to unlock this achivement" (That's just an example) In the end however I believe we have to accept that zombie, coop and king of the hill missions will always get more attention (votes, comments) and therefore, even well built Arma 3 sp mission will be burried underneath them, at least in the workshop.
  11. Lack of good usermade SP content

    I used to build singleplayer scenarios but eventually gave up. It takes alot of time to create some quality content and usually they are then not played very often. For good singleplayer content BIS would have to give us better tools, easy modules for animations and cutscenes etc. and obviously a better AI and control over the AI. (Commanding Menu) However, over the last years I have collected a collection of scenarios I enjoyed. Many of them are serveral years old and might not work anymore as they were supposed to. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=556514704 (Singleplayer Scenarios)
  12. 3den Enhanced

    I am glad you like it, I put quite alot of work into it. Creating a new config viewer will be a difficult task. Perhaps at some point.
  13. 3den Enhanced

    That's most likely caused by the Ares Zeus modification. Ask in their thread.