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  1. Fixed: Not being able to use scripts in Eden Editor that do not return Nothing That's about the init field, isn't it?
  2. Hey folks, from now on, please post feedback, suggestions or bug reports either on the Steam Workshop page or GitHub. Thanks!
  3. @SHIFTY_TFD I have forwarded that issue to a dev, perhaps we see a fix of some sort in the future. You can keep track of it here: https://github.com/R3voA3/3den-Enhanced/issues/152
  4. Sorry for the late reply. setTriggerActivation this might be what you are looking for.
  5. Just change the condition of the trigger and remove "activated by radio trigger". A happy new year to you too
  6. Might be possible if I knew what it was. Can you explain a bit more?
  7. Yes through the condition. Something like _caller distance _target > X Check the tooltip
  8. Update 5.6 has been released: First post was updated Changelog: v5.6 *added* - Vehicle Inventory Manager - Added support for 3den Enhanced - Optionals. It will allow users to hide attributes and menu strip entries. Thanks to Freddo3000 (https://github.com/Freddo3000) for the idea and the help - It's now possible to search a function in the Functions Viewer for a specific keyword - Added CfgSentences Browser *changed* - Texture Finder will no longer list some textures multiple times - Debug path attributes now uses is3DENPreview command to make sure it only runs in the editor - Debug Options use is3DENPreview now - Remove 3rdPartyTools folder from menu strip. Instead there is now a link to a Steam collection in the Help folder - Removed obsolete stuff from configs - Fixed missing string in 3den Radio - 3DEN Cam Positions will now also show the time and date when the position was saved - Fixed an issue in 3DEN Cam Positions which would show an error message when selecting a position - German translation has recieved some fixes thanks to Mr-Melker - Fixed a wrong condition in context menu causing some .rpt entries - Fixed an issue which caused CTRL + X shortcut in the Functions Viewer to cause a script error - Custom GUIs will no longer hide Eden Interface. - Fixed a bug which would cause Grid Pattern to not work - Increased max number of columns in Grid Pattern from 20 to 50 - Polish translation was updated by Krzyciu - 3DEN Cam Positions will now properly display the tooltip for each entry - Debug path attribute will only show for AI and player units now - SPR Tickets attribute will only show for objectBrain - Menu Strip was tidied up a bit
  9. Awesome, didn't know it was in VG. I've already posted this ticket on Discord but I guess here is the more appropriate place https://feedback.bistudio.com/T154057 (Regarding Compositions) On another note; the following change seems to not be present yet on RC branch.
  10. I added all animations which work out of the box and can be looped IIRC. If you find one which could also work, let me know.
  11. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2225583818 Dev Version. Keep in mind that I have not yet tested things fully and there are also still a few things on my to-do.
  12. R3vo

    R3vo's Mini Mods

    Mod is signed now. Thanks for letting me know.
  13. No pre-release builds, but I can make one tomorrow. 😉
  14. I am using some commands which will only be available then.