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  1. Civilian Presence Module

  2. 3den Enhanced

    Eden Enhanced v2.7 TESTVERSION Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qscjr250i3ci5xc/%403denEnhanced_v2.7_TESTVERSION.rar?dl=0 Changelog: v2.7 *added* - it's now possible to either export GUI base classes of Eden, default or all - added missing translation - tool to quickly clear chat. Very handy when debugging via systemChat in the Editor - tool to quickly delete all empty layers - added grid pattern tool - added tool to export all Arsenal loadout templates for backup - On preview debug (Those settings will only work during mission preview and won't influence the published scenario) - show all units on map - disable damage - toggle captive mode - enable bullet tracing - enable Virtual Garage - enable Virtual Arsenal - disable stamina - enable Zeus - show awareness of all sides *changed* - removed obsolete function call from Enh_Changelog GUI - Changed/removed some icons from menu strip - reordered menu strip tools for easier access - fixed alot of missing/incorrect translations(German) - The debug tool "Log Game Info" will now also copy the list of mods used - some improvements to the location list - increased size of Module Description GUI to improve legibility - GUI of pattern tools was improved. Unused controls are now 50% faded and disabled. Used controls are now focused when GUI is opened for quicker usage. - some config cleanup - translation cleanup *removed* - export/import camera parameters (Functionality is available through the vanilla "Splendid Camera") - obsolete translations - FPS gauge in Eden (It's available now during preview) - removed debug triggers (They are available now during preview, see "Preferences") I am looking forward to your feedback. Have a nice weekend!
  3. Also, could you look at the MB 4WD? The suspension seems to be very stiff for an offroader.
  4. When using the Garage during a scenario, the "Try" button has no text.
  5. Can we get some more information about those changes? Is pixelPrecision a parameter which needs to be applied to the control?
  6. On dev the function viewer seems to use a undefined stringtable entry
  7. Tanks DLC Feedback

    Totally agree. It looks too "perfect".
  8. I gave up reporting on the tracker after it was moved to a new platform. None of my tickets have been looked at or commented. That's very frustrating so I rather spend my time on other things instead of searching for a way to reproduced a bug.
  9. That might be true, but for me sample 1 & 2 produce artifacts.
  10. Could a dev please take a look at the thunder_01.wss and thunder_02.wss sound samples? They seem to be too loud. Here's a video.
  11. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setPlateNumber I added them to the Wiki yesterday.
  12. Are you talking about placing a composition randomly in the Eden Editor? Because then you could use https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/create3DENComposition
  13. I doubt it would be possible to have a smooth transition between two textures. So please don't.
  14. [Official] Launcher Feedback

    Totally possible. Easiest way is to go to F:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3 (Will be different on your pc depending on where you installed it) an make a shortcut of arma3_x64.exe or arma3.exe The game should start without launcher that way. In the shortcut you can still use https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Startup_Parameters