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  1. I'd say it's an oversight, both the Rhino and T-140 have the main cannon as default weapon.
  2. https://imgur.com/a/omOkt Here is some more feedback from RC Branch. Description is underneath the images. Additionally, would any dev comment on why for tanks by default the MG is selected instead of the main cannon? Interestingly that's not the case for the Rhino!
  3. Controls were changed on dev, but the key layout wasn't changed. I see alot of players struggle with that once the DLC is released.
  4. That's probably because you have the drive vehicle controls on the same keys as command vehicles. Check you control settings.
  5. I played the whole showcase as commander and had no issues with AI commanding at all. Also, I thought its pace was pretty balanced, one had always time to look for the right position to attack from and so on. Just make sure you have your controls set so you can drive the tank yourself when you are commander or gunner.
  6. Have just finished the showcase and I found it very enjoyable. Well balanced difficulty!
  7. Here are four bugs I found: 1st: Visual glitch when turning in and out at Kuma tank commander 2nd: When turned out as commander of a Kuma tank, the character isn't centered 3rd: A visual glich caused by the camo net on the barel 4th: BIS_fnc_establishingShot seems to display 4.60 o' clock instead of 5 o'clock Last but not least, has anyone else got issues with Arma freezing when alt Tabbing out of the game? It happens 4 out of 6 times for me and the only way to solve it is to close the game with the Task Manager. The issue started for me with one of the last dev updates.
  8. Just wondering, why not add the Slammer UP 120mm as new asset instead of changing the old one? Maybe there are missions out there which use the Slammer UP for that specific reason?
  9. Revive Feedback

    Instand death in vehicles was changed but the wiki has not yet been updated because the changes are not on stable. Other than that I believe everything on the wiki is still up-to-date.
  10. Any chance to see new voice acting when switching ammuntion time of the main tank cannon? Right now the character always says "Cannon", though it would be nice if it would say "HE-T", "APFSD" and so on.
  11. That's what the keybinding "Command Watch" does. Seems misleading. I though pressing the button would already tell the gunner to watch that direction. Well, at least now I know what it really does. Just took me 4 years...
  12. AI Driving - Feedback topic

    So I started working on an older mission again and I couldn't get a convoy with three T140 tanks going straight. I placed then in a row, formation column, behaviour safe and slow speed. At the beginning they wanted to overtake each other despite the fact that they were intially placed in the correct order. After that, they kept bumping into each other and eventually two tanks flipped over. Tried it several times without success. Any suggestion on the settings I should use?
  13. I totally agree. Maybe even a shortcut like we have for tactical ping.