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  1. jakes

    Sling Load Rigging

    thank you sir!
  2. jakes

    Sling Load Rigging

    Awesome mod ... is there a way add cargo points to other aircraft liek VTOL for instance (it has a hook)
  3. Yeah saw that was hoping to get lucky...any idea on how i can get hold of him. Which platform is he active on, any idea?
  4. Hey ruPal, could i ask for permission to reupload your M32 MGL, M79 & Mk13 as part of my South African Forces mod. Offcourse i will be crediting you for the use of your mod. Just for transparency i would like to upload it to steam workshop. Looking forward to your awnser...thx
  5. jakes

    Arma 3 Units - Feedback thread

    @BohemiaBeck Hi awhile ago i rejoined a unit that bi created and had the current unit owner transfer ownership back to me. Which means im on the second page of the unit, which is understandable if now rank was assigned but now the one lvl 7 member is on page one and im on page 2 as the only other lvl 7 rank. Also the unit page keeps asking me to apply to the unit of which im the owner and if i click aplly it then realizes im already part of the unit. If i try to manage the unit i have to go to the second page first before editing option becomes available, its like i need to remind it that im the owner of the unit. this problem was not present when i created the unit it would seem its only after i rejoined and had ownership transferred also why would it make 2 pages with 2 sets of ranks, arnet they suppose to be on one page (if they all fit on one page as is the higher ranks with 2-4 members in) when you rank someone up.? thanks for your time
  6. jakes

    [R3F] Logistics

    HI, great mod guys...looking to adding more logistic features too my mission. With that in mind is there a way to make the placed item persistent similar to what Liberation does?
  7. Just did reinstall will try again thx for feedback
  8. Hi FFAA guys , great mod its really one of the best out there for compilations. One mayor problem....i get this error when i launch only the mod with a minimal map (only re-spawn module, BAM, a FFAA chopper and one playable character). Dedicated server...getting this error....only have CBA and FFAA running
  9. jakes

    Werthles' Headless Module

    Hi all, if setup the scripted HC but it keep getting kicked for steam ticket failed....any ideas on how to fix this?
  10. Hi all, im still having issues with difficulty setting when using TADST to launch my server. I can launch mission fine with TASDT but as soon as the admin changes the mission via "#missions" the next mission is back to default difficulty. Has anyone found a solution for this or am i missing something simple?
  11. jakes

    ArmA 3 Custom Buildings

    is there a code for the soldiers init field so a blufor soldier (guard) is the only one that can activate the doors. Thx :)
  12. Problem is you'll have to add ACE which adds the revive script, for now i have to add BTC revive to my mission. Was hoping Eden had a revive option that actually worked and is configurable. End game revive looks really great but it nullifies the medic slots