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  1. armatoday

    Random Tasks for DS [SOLVED]

    Thank you both of you for your valuable help. I really hope to see you at my next question :) The topic is now changed to solved.
  2. armatoday

    Random Tasks for DS [SOLVED]

    Thank you davidoss once again :) Edited : But it is not repeating tasks , right? Edited : Tested and that's OK. Thank you :) To sum up for anyone would need this: initServer.sqf missions = [1,2,3]; nul = []execVM "RandomTasks.sqf"; RandomTasks.sqf if (missions isEqualTo []) exitWith {"EveryoneWon" call BIS_fnc_endMissionServer}; _selectedmission = selectRandom missions; if (_selectedmission == 1) then {[] execVM "tasks\task1.sqf"}; if (_selectedmission == 2) then {[] execVM "tasks\task2.sqf"}; if (_selectedmission == 3) then {[] execVM "tasks\task3.sqf"}; missions = missions - [_selectedmission];
  3. Hi there, I have following scripts running on: initServer.sqf missions = [1,2,3]; nul = []execVM "RandomTasks.sqf"; RandomTasks.sqf if ((count missions) == 0) then {[call bis_fnc_endMission] call bis_fnc_MP}; _selectedmission = missions select (floor(random(count missions))); if (_selectedmission == 1) then {[] execVM "tasks\task1.sqf"}; if (_selectedmission == 2) then {[] execVM "tasks\task2.sqf"}; if (_selectedmission == 3) then {[] execVM "tasks\task3.sqf"}; missions = missions - [_selectedmission]; It is running for selecting random task but returns the following error on mission end Image of error Thank you for your help in advance.
  4. Now, it is good to know the logic. Thank you for the information davidoss
  5. OK, i got it now and it is SOLVED! Now the code turns to be like below: _SubTask1ATitle = ["Title of SubTask",[["Task1A","meet"] call BIS_fnc_taskSetType]]; [[west, ["Task1A","Task1"], [" <br /> Sub-Task Description Here. <br /> ", _SubTask1ATitle, ""], (getMarkerPos "Task1MeetingPoint"), true] spawn BIS_fnc_taskCreate] call BIS_fnc_MP; R3vo, thank you for your help.
  6. Hi R3vo, Thank you for your kind reply. I tried as follow: _subTask1ATitle = ["AttackMike26"] call BIS_fnc_taskType; [[west, ["Task1A","Task1"], [" <br /> Sub-Task Description Here. <br /> ", _subTask1ATitle , ""], (getMarkerPos "Task1MeetingPoint"), true] spawn BIS_fnc_taskCreate] call BIS_fnc_MP; and it didn't work. Any idea? Edited: After view mins, i realized that "AttackMike25" should be the TASKID which is Task1A and icon is working. It's written on the referance page and truely that is my bad! Now trying to figure out how to locate the TASK TITLE ? Any prompt help really be appreciated, Thanks in advance.
  7. Thank you Larrow once again for this such detailed help. Will inform you about the result. Edited: Larrow, Thank you very much for your help. And now, i owe you a drink.
  8. Hi everyone, Here is the code i use to create task -childtask here for meeting point- for the dedicated server: [[west, ["Task1A","Task1"], [" <br /> Sub-Task Description Here. <br /> ", "Sub-Task Title", ""], (getMarkerPos "Task1MeetingPoint"), true] spawn BIS_fnc_taskCreate] call BIS_fnc_MP; I guess Arma 3 Tasks Overhaul somehow are used for notification icons. I wonder if i could use image below with the above code and how? https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/File:bis_tasktype_meet.png Thank you for your help in advance.
  9. Larrow, Good news is your script is working on DS for "driver" only. But, i could not use the vehicle slots with your script as it used to -like: BAKE_VREST_RESTRICTIONS = [ ["ghost1"], [ [['["driver"]'], ["helipilot"], "Notification comes here. "] ], ["ghost1"], [ [['["turret",[0]]'], ["helipilot","helicrew"], "Notification comes here. "] ], ["ghost1"], [ [['["turret",[1]]'], ["helipilot","sl","tl"], "Notification comes here."] ], ["ghost1"], [ [['["turret",[2]]'], ["helipilot","sl","tl"], "Notification comes here."] ], ["apc"], [ [['["driver"]'], ["crewman"], "Notification comes here. "] ], ["apc"], [ [['["turret",[0,0]]'], ["sl","tl"], "Notification comes here. "] ] ]; As shown above, - Pilot slot ("driver") fly the aircraft. CoPilot (Helicopter Crew) slot ["turret",[0]] can be used by both Helicopter Pilot and Helicopter Crew roles. - For the APC , "driver" is a Crewman and the slot ["turret",[0,0]] which is Commander's Seat is reserved for Squad Leader or TeamLeader (respresented by "sl" and "tl") I really insist on this script because, this one is the easiest-customizable-codding free one i guess. :=) On the other hand, With your script or ARMA update - i dont know which of them - the slot names are changed from "turret" to "gunner". "driver" has no problem but i tried with both "gunner" and "turret" with no luck. But the problem is, i guess, i could not implement the correct use of brackets and quatations for formats like ["gunner",[0]] - which i am really confused. Thank you for all kind responses in advance.
  10. Larrow thank you for your time. Will inform you if it works
  11. Hi, Below script -published here- turns not working with Dedicated Server after 1.66 Update. Any help really be appreciated Mission init.sqf [] execVM "scripts\Restrictions\Restrictions.sqf"; scripts\Restrictions\Restrictions.sqf BAKE_VREST_RESTRICTIONS = [ ["blackHawk", "a10"], [ [['["Driver"]'], ["pilot_1", "pilot_2"], "Pilots only."], ], ["a10"], [ [['["Driver"]'], ["123", "456"], "Members only."] ] ]; execVM "scripts\Restrictions\init.sqf"; scripts\Restrictions\init.sqf if (isDedicated) exitWith {}; waitUntil {!isNull player}; BAKE_VREST_RESTRICTIONS = missionNamespace getVariable ["BAKE_VREST_RESTRICTIONS", []]; BAKE_VREST_CHECK_INTERVAL = missionNamespace getVariable ["BAKE_VREST_CHECK_INTERVAL", 0.1]; BAKE_VREST_SHOW_ROLE = missionNamespace getVariable ["BAKE_VREST_SHOW_ROLE", false]; while {true} do { _vehicle = vehicle player; if (_vehicle != player) then { _role = str assignedVehicleRole player; if (BAKE_VREST_SHOW_ROLE) then { hintSilent _role; copyToClipboard _role; }; for "_i" from 1 to count BAKE_VREST_RESTRICTIONS step 2 do { if (str _vehicle in (BAKE_VREST_RESTRICTIONS select (_i - 1))) then { { _restrictedRoles = _x select 0; _playerWhitelist = _x select 1; if (_role in _restrictedRoles && !(str player in _playerWhitelist) && !(getPlayerUID player in _playerWhitelist)) exitWith { moveOut player; titleText [_x select 2, "PLAIN", 0.2]; }; } forEach (BAKE_VREST_RESTRICTIONS select _i); }; }; }; sleep BAKE_VREST_CHECK_INTERVAL; }; Thank you for your help in advance
  12. Squad name: ARMATODAY Timezone/location: GMT+2 Istanbul, TURKEY Gamemode preference: COOP Contact email: join@arma.today Website address: join.arma.today Language: Turkish
  13. armatoday

    Arma 3 Units - Feedback thread

    +1 on custom insignia Servers tab on UNITS page returns with : Could not reach server: 'Nickname' in MP with active UNIT should be same as 'UNITS member name' on web'. So the UNIT administrator could able to locate players on MP, find and invite members on web with the nickname. (I really don't know if its like that or not) http://units.arma3.com/<unitname> is how it should be i guess. Actually it is http://arma3.com/units/unit/<unitname>
  14. so old post but it is still working script. on the other hand, it is not working on Dedicated Server and after respawn. any idea about how to modify? thanks in advance.
  15. Hi, I don't know much about scripting and have no idea about developing kind of stuff but i can say i am a good EDEN user. Both "PRESENT" and "NOT PRESENT" settings -i guess whole trigger thing- are not working on Dedicated Server at 1.62 Is it a known bug or something i miss? Because it is working at local. Any help would really be appreciated, thanks in advance. (FYI, Steam ARMA3 1.62.x also DEV user at 1.65.138056 )