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  1. You'll have to define an animation in your model and configs. http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/ArmA:_How_to_animate_a_model#User_Animation
  2. Sjonkovic

    Invasion 1944 V3.0

    Great news that you guys started the move to Arma 3...Loved it in A2, so A3 it will be awesome. :)
  3. Sjonkovic

    How to shoot lying?

    I assume he means lying on your back as well, like so: http://www.cityliferpg.com/forum/uploads/gallery/album_12/med_gallery_2082_12_2907060.png (324 kB) Afaik it's: Press Z --> (Right) Ctrl + W
  4. Sjonkovic

    City Life 2 RPG MOD (WIP)

    Yay, my drinking buddy joined too ! :)
  5. Sjonkovic

    Question about Camera.sqs

    I always use it by placing this in the init of my unit, then i can use it whenever i want/need it. Looks like it's working in A3 as well. :) player addAction ["Photo", "camera.sqs"]
  6. You could try this: this addPrimaryWeaponItem "acc_flashlight"; Or indeed as said just add a weapon with it already attached.
  7. I would love to see acceleration more realistic (power to weight ratio) in ArmA 3. like now a Ural initially get's of the line as quick as a skoda or motorcycle. I think a motorcycle of about 180kg would accelerate much quicker then Ural of several 1000kg's. So if the acceleration could be configed/defined in models so the game engine knows the difference between the capabilities of Ural and for instance a skoda or motorcycle would be great. (not to mention an addon of a lamborghini) :) Anyways just my two cents, Greetz: Sjonkovic
  8. Sjonkovic

    the FEW

    Very nice planes! Time for some classic dogfighting!
  9. Too bad the link doesn't work anymore... :386: But what i can see from the pictures it indeed needs some tlc and some config work, but i agree with Mr. I3lueVein... :D If you contact one of us we should be able to help. :moto: Greetz: Sjonkovic Edit: "Looks like the link on Armaholic (mirror 2) still works!"
  10. Same problem here...'Kicked by BE: Corrupted Memory #0' Running Win7 64-bit. Disk version of both Arma2 and OA. BE version: 1.145
  11. Since the Arma 2: Official Tools, i only use BinPBO... :D
  12. Some more info would help. Like is the AI unit part of your group or an AI on it own? Like chris said, your probably looking for the "action" command. There's no actions list for arma 2 (not yet afaik), so until then this should also work:Armed Assault: Actions List If the action your looking for is not in there, then you may have to create a new action. More info here: addAction So it all depends on what exactly you would like the unit to do... :rolleyes: I hope this info helpes you, good luck... :bounce3:
  13. Thnx, great tutorial. Time to do some reading... :bounce3: it means "and so on" aka "etc." :)
  14. I also tried, but the last link is dead. :( (It's the link to six-updater.yml)
  15. I'm not sure this works on a dedicated server, but i used this in a trigger to give a shilka unlimited ammo. It should reload when it's empty. You could place a hint after it to verify if it works... :) Condition: not (someAmmo mortar1); Activation: mortar1 setVehicleAmmo 1; hint "Reloading Mortar 1 completed" Good luck! >>> EDIT <<< If setVehicleAmmo doesn't work, then maybe setAmmoCargo works.