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  1. All good here, thanks from cityliferpg.com
  2. No its both, and spoken to many in the community they have the same. No overlay involved what so ever.
  3. Yup, on joining a BE server, I get corrupted memory #0. Tried a few times, any ideas?
  4. This I can guarantee is down to us moving servers at the time you tried to access the site, all is back up and running on the forum side of things, sorry about that, but due to big interest (which is always good) we have gone all out to upgrade to a server that can offer much better performance when we have the bigger numbers in the server. I hope you try again. Let me know if you have any more problems with your mentioned issue above.
  5. Thank you for your comments. I understand completely what your saying. Im not saying people will like the reasons iv listed below but so far they have helped so much. We aim to be different in what we do, Organised for a start, making sure everyone is on the same wave length, with rules and procedures and what we expect. This gives everyone a better, fairer, experience on the game server. To resolve any issues that may occur with installing the mod, especially steam users more specifically, by coming into TS you have access to players that can solve the problem as they have done it themselves or access the auto set up file for the mod. The mod requires constant interaction with other players, if you have 40+ people in a server, some will be in groups some will be working alone, if everybody used side/global chat to discuss their game, the VON would be a shambles, nothing but people trying to shout over each other, in my opinion not very practical and highly annoying. The Mission is also very new at this time less than 3 days old, there's tweaks that need doing,updates etc, as there is a save system in place we need to be able to inform players easily that they need to save their progress so we can perform these tasks without out anybody being in the dark about whats happening. We are happy to set up teamspeak channels for groups of people who want to work together, pick a name and we will supply it (within reason).Once everybody knows what they are doing, and we are happy that we have reached the maximum potential of the mod we may relax the rule. But not at the moment. I hope my explanation helps somewhat.
  6. Iv done a check/test all is well and good. Sounds like a yoma URL mistake.
  7. Chernarus, with Arrowhead.
  8. Thank you ArMaTeC for all you help and everything you have done, from everyone @Citylife!!
  9. http://www.cityliferpg.com/CityLifeIIlogo512x512.png 249 kb City life 2 Mod Available For Download! The City Life RPG 2 MOD is an Online RPG built on the Armed Assault 2 engine offering an online community for you to enjoy. What sets us aside from other RPG missions is custom made addons built around our new code. Our system is built by our development team over a long period of time making it one of the longest running mods in the Armed Assault series. We rely heavily on the feedback of our players, the players are the building blocks of the mod inspiring us with ideas, and giving us new goals to reach, so I would just like to say a big thank you out loud to all the beta testers, development team and not forgetting addon makers that have allowed us to use their content in the mod. Features * One of our newest additions is making use of the new Operation Arrowhead expansion for ArmA2. This alone lets us add extra content cars, torches, thermal imaging which is used on our police helicopter, and anything else we could use! * Great player save system, we all know ArmA 2 servers can be "difficult" to put it politely at the best of times, so in case the worst happens, when a player rejoins the server he will simply login and his progress is not lost, if you have saved on a regular basis of course. * A variety of custom cars and structures that have been created for us, ambulance and fire station, very large Police headquarters with training rooms, chargers,challengers,BMW's, shooting ranges, you get the idea. http://www.cityliferpg.com/photo/data/502/medium/evo.png 313 kb http://www.cityliferpg.com/photo/data/500/medium/range.png 207 kb *As in real life, you wouldn't trust anyone to look after your rights, new players cant just jump into police slots, you have to be on the registered officers server list for it to accept you picking the police or EMT side, meaning you will always have well trained,experienced, role-playing police force or medical team looking after you, If you think you could up hold the law, then you are able to apply to join the force. * A range of jobs and situations are available to you as a civilian, from lawyer to drug baron, mayor to repo man. Up to you. http://www.cityliferpg.com/photo/data/502/medium/savanah3.png 419 kb So please join us at www.cityliferpg.com to pre download our addon pack and read our rules, server should be live around 23:59 GMT, You can get the game server password from teamspeak. Requirements Players to be aged 16+ Be a member of our forums to be able to access addons and server rules Players Must be on our teamspeak3 (with a working microphone) to play on the game server (Please use the same username) Be willing to roleplay to the max and enjoy!!
  10. We are starting to ease players on to the server this week. Basically you have to be willing to *Join our forums so you have relevant information available to you *Submit and application for beta (16+ please) *Join teamspeak using a working microphone *Speak to myself or a member of the team *Finally play the mod and help us finish it. We are looking for genuine testers and people that want to help. If you fit the criteria jonney come along.
  11. Mission looks sweet!! playing on the CAF server now!