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  1. OK justa couple of pointers (BTW he sent me the table via PM) As a rule of thumb, each box in O2 represents a meter, so your table would have been around 200 meters long I haven't had time to complete the table but I will if you like, what I have done is a simple box/cube that will work and shows the basics https://www.dropbox.com/s/ecl2uvcgs8r8fnk/my_box.zip?dl=0 Thanks
  2. Hi, send me the file and I'll do it for you and send it back so you can see how Thanks
  3. I have tried this and the vehicle being towed gets dragged literally. The hand break is on and it spasticates all over the place and rolls on corners. However works really nice in water pulling another boat lol There was something for ARMA 2 made but in MP was dreadful
  4. Well its in the code for ARMA 3.... But not enabled so I guess we sit back and wait if (_followTowingVeh && // something is towing us FutureVisualState().Speed().SquareSize() > 0.00001f && // we are moving !((PilotUnit() && PilotUnit()->IsAnyPlayer()) || // we are not a player (_attachedNonPhysXVeh && _attachedNonPhysXVeh->PilotUnit() && _attachedNonPhysXVeh->PilotUnit()->IsAnyPlayer()))) // or in attached non-physX vehicle isn't a player {
  5. i3luevein

    Legal Violations by CL3 - Citylife 3 Mod

    Hi, on looking at your image. The folder structure you have "renamed" to forza with a team named slightly mad studios. However on researching that team they had nothing to do with forza?? So why are you re naming folders and linking pirate websites? Regards
  6. i3luevein

    Legal Violations by CL3 - Citylife 3 Mod

    Hi - thanks for the information however Apache's lead role is to make animations & RTM files for us. He has recently assisted me in light bars and making it animate better as he is far superior than I am in this field. I will however ask him about this but as far as I can see from a quick Google search Forza Horizon's cars are way out of the ARMA 3 game engine league and the time one would spend reducing it you may of well make it from blue prints http://cdn4.dualshockers.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/Photo_3026.jpg?eaa32f If you know our T&C with BIS please state them. No one is forced to donate and is completely voluntary. Nothing is pay to win it is all in game Regards
  7. i3luevein

    Legal Violations by CL3 - Citylife 3 Mod

    Hi all, thanks for bringing this to my attention I would like to add that there is no fee to play and join City Life all we have is a strict set of rules. Joe bloggs can register, validate, interview and have boots on the ground for $0 and they can continue to play forever for $0 as long as they do not break the server rules. We do not encourage our members to donate, even if they dont all content is available in game as Easter eggs where you would have to build it in the factory. All donations are completely voluntary and I will say 90% of those that do donate are long term members. All of last years P&L from our donations from City Life 2 where we had a BIS agreement was sent to them as far as I am aware and with the release of ARMA 3 the T&C changed and they asked us to change our donation store accordingly to which I am aware what we have done is approved. We rely on our donations and money from all of our own pockets to provide a server with anti DDOS due to the levels of attack we get which is not cheap. If a BIS member reading this disagrees with what I am saying please let me know so we can correct this to remain compliant. GySgt_Mel, please tell me who you are referring to about the forza files as I would be interested to know. Please enjoy this video of our head of animations hard at work dancing in his living room Regards
  8. Me like Features: Multi-Part Messages (i.e if output > outputsize set by arma)
  9. What help do you need mate? It was a very quick port, maybe 1 hours work with some fine tuning on the physx If you need anything mate send me a PM I'll be glad to help
  10. OK - sorry for the title name in advanced for those that were expecting to assist my erectile dysfunction Any way to the point. We all know switchmove and playmove and can call the [] call BIS_fnc_animViewer; I was wondering if there was a new way to make the player limp like just go into the ragdoll as if they have been knocked out, like when they are hit by a car they just drop to the floor. Is there a way to call this? Thanks in advanced
  11. i3luevein


    Do you have a model cfg?
  12. i3luevein

    Driver position Proxy ca/temp

    Hmm, Tried his method but it makes the O2 model look kind of retarded rather than in any cargo/driving position. I have all the RTM files un-bin and had the same effect. Any one know of a solution? Or a way to get this working
  13. i3luevein

    Ragdolls = In .... Realistic wounds ???

    A reference to them would be nice. As I conceder this one area that needs improvement and looking at the poll - 438 other people share the same view ;)
  14. i3luevein

    Memory Points, hand & feet in vehicles

    Something along these lines? Spoiler image is 386 KB But yeh, eventually all of those points would be nice !!