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  1. Hi, is this the guy who makes mods? If so, I used your white phos nvgs & now I can’t get rid of the error msg it caused.. I unsubscribed from the mod & I still get it.. I need u to help me fix this.. 

  2. Bode_DHSF

    Player Icons

    I would like to get rid of the hexagon that shows up on squad members & replace it. I want to know how to make the voice wav when they speak above their names.. Is this a mod? because I haven't found it in the settings. I would like to be able to see rank/name & the voice wav & nothing else. Please help, I'm almost done setting up my first official campaign & little things like this are the only thing holding me back..Thanks
  3. WOW!! This looks great.. What is the name of this terrain? I saw u were talking abt 3 dif ones up top, but I couldn't tell which this was.. Do u have a link to your other mods? Thanks & great work
  4. Bode_DHSF

    Zero Dark Thirty

    thanks guys.. I was just clicking the links under the banner
  5. Bode_DHSF

    Zero Dark Thirty

    Sorry, I know this is prob my inability to figure it out, but how do I get it? All the links are 404.. I don't see any other places to get it.. Can I get a link.. thanks
  6. Can u set this to squads? I plan to have 20-40 enemy units & I don’t want to have to set each individual unit with the script..
  7. Bode_DHSF

    Scripts work in SP but not in MP

    @pierremgi that did it! just switched from playmove to switch move & any player slot I choose deletes the unit & lets me spawn in its place(at my player spawn).. u have help me out immensely.. I appreciate u taking the time to do that
  8. Bode_DHSF

    Scripts work in SP but not in MP

    Sure, I have set up a MP mission & in order to have the open slot for all the players needed for mission, I have to put the physical unit in the editor. So I have 20 units set as "playable" in editor & I've scripted them to "at ease" so they're not just standing around.. I also have a unit set as "player", which the one I use.. If I enter the mission using the "player" unit, the physical unit I set in the editor disappears & I spawn at my spawn point which I have designated for ALL players in the mission, BUT if I choose any of the other "playable" units I've set in editor, the unit persist mission as well as spawning at the spawn point.. So the unit duplicates itself, the one I choose from the available slots & the one I spawn into.. So, if I were to fill up all the slots with players, I would have 20 players spawning in at spawn point & still have the 20 unit standing at ease at the position I set them. Doubling the amount of assets in the mission.. Only scripts I'm using are the ones above, but only the at ease applies here. I do not teleport anyone, I just have a respawn point for players when they get in game or die.. So they join mission, hit respawn & pop up at base
  9. Bode_DHSF

    Scripts work in SP but not in MP

    @JohnKalo@pierremgiok, I will keep this in mind,but for me it's working perfect.. The pushup units can stay on loop they're just there to give the scene some life & the units at ease (which are playable units) seem to allow me to use them, no problem.. Only issue I'm running into is, when I use one of the "at ease" units they spawn at my spawn point (as they should) but the unit stays where I placed it in editor, duplicating the unit. I was hoping to have it replace the unit like it does with the "player" unit I created.. when I choose that one it disappears from where I placed it & I spawn at the spawn point like it should.
  10. Bode_DHSF

    Scripts work in SP but not in MP

    ok, thanks for your help @pierremgi not only did u help me fix it but u explained it so I can learn from it..
  11. Bode_DHSF

    ArmA 3 Mission Intro Text Help

    I didn't check to see if u found the answer but I was just working on this & found this which helped me out:
  12. Bode_DHSF

    Scripts work in SP but not in MP

    Worked perfect, thank u.. Im assuming its not interchangeable with the at ease pose. I tried to replace the "Amov" portion from "exercisePushup" to "Ease" & the guy is still doing push ups lol.. Is that related to the fn_pump? thanks again tho, if nothing else I got my guys doing push ups.. also, to clarify..the units doing pushups are AI & the units at ease are playable characters which will be used by anyone jumping in the game, but If the slots don't fill up I wanted them to stand at ease in there original position.. the players who join have a spawn point they will start from..
  13. Bode_DHSF

    Scripts work in SP but not in MP

    @pierremgi ..this is the code.. if (local this) then {removeVest this; removeBackpack this; removeAllAssignedItems this; removeAllWeapons this; this playMove "AmovPercMstpSnonWnonDnon_exercisePushup"; this disableAI "ANIM";}; I was told to add the "if (local this)" to get it to work in multiplayer but it still wasn't working.. I also had another to stand at ease.. this playMove "AmovPercMstpSnonWnonDnon_Ease"; this disableAI "ANIM"; & it also set to default in MP.. I never added the "if (local this)" because I never got the push ups to work.. both of theses scripts are on 2 different sets of units, in 2 different areas of the maps I know they're are simple scripts that don't affect the gameplay of the campaign, but I'm trying to set a scene for the players that join. @JohnKalo Yea, if u don't know everything they know, all they do is tell u what u did wrong & then never help u get on track..I'm new to most of the scripting & they expect everyone to have a degree in Arma 3 before they talk without judging u..lol.. I will try the sqf also..thanks
  14. Bode_DHSF

    Scripts work in SP but not in MP

    @pierremgiThank u for saying that & I apologize, those guys in discord had me so irritated I forgot to add the code I will soon as I jump in Arma.. thanks for the response, I hope u can help
  15. I have some units/soldiers doing push-ups & some standing at ease.. it works fine in single player but as soon as I export to Multiplayer they all default to original stance.. I was told it was a locality issue but I don’t how to address this.. all the ppl who responded only told me what the issue was then sent me links to the scripting forum which doesn’t help someone that’s new to scripting.. it’s good information but u still need some sort of understanding to even read it.. I have a simple script & need help finding a simple solution.. I would appreciate some help & not just a professional scripter telling me what I did wrong.. sorry if I sound like a dick but all I get from the scripting discord is an elitist attitude from others because I don’t EVERYTHING they do.. please help me with this