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  1. Bode_DHSF

    Flight Deck Crew Unit Addon WIP

    Loving it.. just now starting to get my wings & it turns out I love flying jets.. Any chance u might have or have come across any animation scripts for these guys? just to make the flight deck a little more alive..
  2. I’m building a small mission, only placed a few units, vehicles & arsenal.. as soon as I jump into one of the vehicles, EVERYTHING disappears.. if I get close to it, they will pop in, but the assets I placed & buildings on the map disappear from view.. I know u will prob need more info, so just let me know what would help me to give u a better idea.. idk if it’s a mod or what.. thanks in advance.. EDIT: Sorry guys, I fixed it.. Please disregard.. I’m not sure how to erase this post so I put this notice here until I do..
  3. Bode_DHSF

    Player Icons

    I would like to get rid of the hexagon that shows up on squad members & replace it. I want to know how to make the voice wav when they speak above their names.. Is this a mod? because I haven't found it in the settings. I would like to be able to see rank/name & the voice wav & nothing else. Please help, I'm almost done setting up my first official campaign & little things like this are the only thing holding me back..Thanks
  4. WOW!! This looks great.. What is the name of this terrain? I saw u were talking abt 3 dif ones up top, but I couldn't tell which this was.. Do u have a link to your other mods? Thanks & great work
  5. Bode_DHSF

    Zero Dark Thirty

    thanks guys.. I was just clicking the links under the banner
  6. Bode_DHSF

    Zero Dark Thirty

    Sorry, I know this is prob my inability to figure it out, but how do I get it? All the links are 404.. I don't see any other places to get it.. Can I get a link.. thanks
  7. Can u set this to squads? I plan to have 20-40 enemy units & I don’t want to have to set each individual unit with the script..
  8. Bode_DHSF

    Scripts work in SP but not in MP

    @pierremgi that did it! just switched from playmove to switch move & any player slot I choose deletes the unit & lets me spawn in its place(at my player spawn).. u have help me out immensely.. I appreciate u taking the time to do that
  9. Bode_DHSF

    Scripts work in SP but not in MP

    Sure, I have set up a MP mission & in order to have the open slot for all the players needed for mission, I have to put the physical unit in the editor. So I have 20 units set as "playable" in editor & I've scripted them to "at ease" so they're not just standing around.. I also have a unit set as "player", which the one I use.. If I enter the mission using the "player" unit, the physical unit I set in the editor disappears & I spawn at my spawn point which I have designated for ALL players in the mission, BUT if I choose any of the other "playable" units I've set in editor, the unit persist mission as well as spawning at the spawn point.. So the unit duplicates itself, the one I choose from the available slots & the one I spawn into.. So, if I were to fill up all the slots with players, I would have 20 players spawning in at spawn point & still have the 20 unit standing at ease at the position I set them. Doubling the amount of assets in the mission.. Only scripts I'm using are the ones above, but only the at ease applies here. I do not teleport anyone, I just have a respawn point for players when they get in game or die.. So they join mission, hit respawn & pop up at base
  10. Bode_DHSF

    Scripts work in SP but not in MP

    @JohnKalo@pierremgiok, I will keep this in mind,but for me it's working perfect.. The pushup units can stay on loop they're just there to give the scene some life & the units at ease (which are playable units) seem to allow me to use them, no problem.. Only issue I'm running into is, when I use one of the "at ease" units they spawn at my spawn point (as they should) but the unit stays where I placed it in editor, duplicating the unit. I was hoping to have it replace the unit like it does with the "player" unit I created.. when I choose that one it disappears from where I placed it & I spawn at the spawn point like it should.
  11. Bode_DHSF

    Scripts work in SP but not in MP

    ok, thanks for your help @pierremgi not only did u help me fix it but u explained it so I can learn from it..
  12. Bode_DHSF

    ArmA 3 Mission Intro Text Help

    I didn't check to see if u found the answer but I was just working on this & found this which helped me out:
  13. Bode_DHSF

    Scripts work in SP but not in MP

    Worked perfect, thank u.. Im assuming its not interchangeable with the at ease pose. I tried to replace the "Amov" portion from "exercisePushup" to "Ease" & the guy is still doing push ups lol.. Is that related to the fn_pump? thanks again tho, if nothing else I got my guys doing push ups.. also, to clarify..the units doing pushups are AI & the units at ease are playable characters which will be used by anyone jumping in the game, but If the slots don't fill up I wanted them to stand at ease in there original position.. the players who join have a spawn point they will start from..
  14. Bode_DHSF

    Scripts work in SP but not in MP

    @pierremgi ..this is the code.. if (local this) then {removeVest this; removeBackpack this; removeAllAssignedItems this; removeAllWeapons this; this playMove "AmovPercMstpSnonWnonDnon_exercisePushup"; this disableAI "ANIM";}; I was told to add the "if (local this)" to get it to work in multiplayer but it still wasn't working.. I also had another to stand at ease.. this playMove "AmovPercMstpSnonWnonDnon_Ease"; this disableAI "ANIM"; & it also set to default in MP.. I never added the "if (local this)" because I never got the push ups to work.. both of theses scripts are on 2 different sets of units, in 2 different areas of the maps I know they're are simple scripts that don't affect the gameplay of the campaign, but I'm trying to set a scene for the players that join. @JohnKalo Yea, if u don't know everything they know, all they do is tell u what u did wrong & then never help u get on track..I'm new to most of the scripting & they expect everyone to have a degree in Arma 3 before they talk without judging u..lol.. I will try the sqf also..thanks
  15. Bode_DHSF

    Scripts work in SP but not in MP

    @pierremgiThank u for saying that & I apologize, those guys in discord had me so irritated I forgot to add the code I will soon as I jump in Arma.. thanks for the response, I hope u can help