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    This is already possible. Open up a unit in 3DEN and look for the GreenMag multipliers!
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    Sadly, that's not possible as far as I know, because the item weight is a config entry that cannot be changed midgame.
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    [W] GreenMag aims to improve ammunition handling in Arma 3. Steam Workshop What does it do? With GreenMag, your empty magazines stay in your inventory after reloading instead of dissapearing into the void. These Magazines (and any othr Mag with missing ammo) can be refilled with the new bullet items if it's a magazine and belts if it's a magazine for machineguns. These bullets are available in packages ranging from 10 to 60 bullets wich can be unpacked through ace or in the inventory to get the actual bullets. Magazines can be refilled and unloaded through the ace selfinteraction menu. Ace magazinerepack does get deactivated by GreenMag, so repacking magazines has to be done through unloading a mag and refilling another with the ammunition you aquired through unloading the first one. Magazines that require belts can be refilled with the belt items. Those are available from the range of one bullet to 200. If the needed ammunition is less then the size of the used belt, the remaining lenght of the belt will remain in your inventory and can be attached to another belt to regain a larger belt item. Features - Load / Unload magazines - Ammunition, Ammunition packages and belt items - bullets can be taken out of belts to fill magazines with them - configurable through CBA settings CBA Settings GreenMag provides multiple ways to customize your experience. From completely disabeling the mod to customizing how many magazines you want to be shown in the ace interactions. For mission creaters can also choose if they want a basic system or a advanced system for ammunition handling. While the basic system differs just by caliber, the advanced system also differs by type, e.g. tracer and non tracer. Compat patches Collection Patches are available for: - RHS USAF (more to come) Do other mod items work? Most of the time they do, but limited. Mods that do not have a compat patch will most of the time work with the basic system, because the caliber can usually be read from the magazine classname. This can only be impaired if the magazine does inherit wrong GreenMag values from another magazine. To register a non-supported magazine as one that needs belts to work, use this: [["Magazin_A", "Magazin_B"]] call greenmag_main_fnc_addBelt; If they requiered caliber does not exist, it won't work obviously. Known Issues - Removing an empty magazine from the weapons magazine slot through drag & drop will make the magazine vanish into the void. Licensing GreenMag is licenced under APL-ND. See https://www.bohemia.net/community/licenses/arma-public-license-nd for more information
  4. After all the suffering our own people had to endure during the reign of the military regime in the year 2035, the altian people know how important democracy can be and - most importantly - how fragile it actually is. We, the altian government, have sworn to protect this achievement of civilization. Due to this oath, the Republic of Altis and Stratis will provide a large contingent of troops and, thanks to our old and new american friends, materials to the United Nations. We want to help other nations to protect and maintain or even restore this very freedom we have lost a long time ago. Godspeed." Achilios Demetriou, President of the Republic of Altis and Stratis, 07. July 2040 This mod aims to add UN styled gear and vehicles into Arma 3's arsenal. All objects are retextured original Arma 3 assets. I do not intend to include any dependencies. All Vests / Headgears / Uniforms have the original Arma 3 armor / weight / supply values. All units are available in Zeus. This mod currently provides strings for English/German users. Media (4k): Download: Steam Workshop List of content: Uniforms: - AAF Combat Uniform (Green Digi/Desert Digi) (UN Flag) Vests: - Ballistic Vest - Ballistic Vest (Medic) - Plate Carrier (Light/Normal) (Desert/Woodland) - Tactical Vest Headgear: - Beret - PASGT Helmet - Combat Helmet - Crew Helmet Backpacks: - Compact Bag (Desert Digital) - Kitbag (Green Digital / Desert Digital) Weapons: - Mk20 (all variants) (Desert Digital) Vehicles: - Oshkosh M-ATV (UN) (Unarmed/HMG/GMG) - HEMTT (UN) (mover/transport/covered/fuel/ammo/repair/box) - Offroad (UN) (normal/HMG/AT) Armor: - [UN] Namer APC - [UN] Namer APC (unarmed) - [UN] Namer APC (Medevac) - [UN] Badger IFV - [UN] Patria AMV - [UN] Patria AMV (Medevac) - [UN] Leopard 2A4 Known Errors: - The commander turret on the Namer APC family differs from the A3 version and doesn't provide an interior view. This is due to removing all turrets by a script and re-adding the commander optic by hand. This results in some visual glitches when turning the optic to the rear of the vehicle. (This will most likely be fixed in a later update) Changelog: