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Found 7 results

  1. I am trying to get to the bottom of why not all assets from some mods are made available for a zeus curator when initiated through an in-game script. Note that this is not related to needing to adjust the module to read "all addons including unofficial ones" in the editor. I have a script which creates a curator module and assigns it to the designated player (usually me), and is supposed to add all addons to it. This works fine with almost everything; all vanilla factions are added without fault and almost all downloaded mods. However, for a couple of faction mods, some assets are not being added even when some of them are. While it is usually quite consistent which fail to add, it is not always completely. At first I assumed it was a case of some assets in the mod having scopeCurator set such that this was intended, but even having been into the configs and successfully changed it, it still fails most the time. It also wouldn't explain why on some occasions these assets do get added. Here is the script I have been using to add the curator and configure it in singleplayer: _unit = player; // Exit if unit is already curator if (!isNull (getAssignedCuratorLogic _unit)) exitWith { systemChat format["[Zeus] Logic already assigned to %1, remove it first",name _unit]; }; private _curator = missionNamespace getVariable [format["f_zeusCurator_%1",getPlayerUID _unit],objNull]; // Check curator exists, if not create it if !(isNull _curator) then { format["[Zeus] Curator variable already assigned to %1, reassigning", name _unit] remoteExec ["systemChat",_unit]; unassignCurator _curator; deleteVehicle _curator; sleep 1; } else { //format["No Curator.", _curator] remoteExec ["systemChat",_unit]; unassignCurator _curator; f_var_sideCenter = createCenter sideLogic; format["Creating....", _curator] remoteExec ["systemChat",_unit] }; _var = missionNameSpace getVariable ["l_var_sideLogic","Fail"]; // Create a new curator logic _curator = (createGroup f_var_sideCenter) createUnit ["ModuleCurator_F",[0,0,0],[],0,""]; _curator setVariable ["owner",format["%1",getPlayerUID _unit],true]; _curator setVariable ["showNotification",false,true]; _curator setVariable ["Addons",3,true]; //Set Zeus Vision Modes [_curator, [-1, -2, 0]] call bis_fnc_setcuratorvisionmodes; // Assign the passed unit as curator //_unit assignCurator _curator; _unit assignCurator _curator; private _curator = getAssignedCuratorLogic _unit; systemChat format["Curator: %1", _curator];; if (isNull _curator) then { _curator = _unit; }; // If curator is null or not the correct logic exit with an error message. if (isNull _curator || typeOf _curator != "ModuleCurator_F") exitWith { systemChat format["Failed to resolve curator for %1", _unit]; }; // Decide which addons to add based on passed mode _mode = True; _addons = []; switch (typeName _mode) do { case "ARRAY"; case "STRING": { if (_mode isEqualType "") then { if (_mode == "basic") then { // Load predefined basic modules _mode = ["A3_Data_F","A3_Data_F_Curator","A3_Functions_F_Curator","A3_Misc_F","A3_Modules_F_EPB","A3_Ui_F_Curator","A3_Modules_F_Curator","A3_Modules_F_Curator_Misc","CuratorOnly_Modules_F_Curator_Chemlights","CuratorOnly_Modules_F_Curator_Environment","CuratorOnly_Modules_F_Curator_Flares","CuratorOnly_Modules_F_Curator_Ordnance","CuratorOnly_Modules_F_Curator_Smokeshells","A3_Modules_F_Bootcamp","A3_Modules_F_Bootcamp_Misc"]; } else { // Convert to array _mode = [_mode]; }; }; { if (isClass (configFile >> "cfgPatches" >> _x)) then { _addons pushBack (configName (configFile >> "cfgPatches" >>_x)); }; } forEach _mode; }; case "BOOL": { if (_mode) then { // If true was passed, add all available addons to curator list _cfgPatches = configFile >> "cfgPatches"; for "_i" from 0 to (count _cfgPatches - 1) do { _class = _cfgPatches select _i; if (isClass _class) then { _addons pushBack (configName _class); }; }; } else { removeAllCuratorAddons _curator; }; }; }; // Nothing to add! if (count _addons == 0) exitWith {}; // Remove existing addons removeAllCuratorAddons _curator; _curator addCuratorAddons _addons; systemChat format["[Zeus] Added %1 addons",count _addons]; // Reduce costs for all actions _curator setCuratorWaypointCost 0; { _curator setCuratorCoef [_x,0]; } forEach ["place","edit","delete","destroy","group","synchronize"]; systemChat format["[Zeus] Curator set-up complete for %1.",name _unit]; _unit assignCurator _curator; I have checked my patch file that is supposed to be fixing this to ensure that the vehicles are listed in cfgPatches, and that the assets I am looking for have scopeCurator = 2. I am not getting any error messages other than: This confuses me because I read on a biki page that addons can be added "on the fly" for a curator, and it works despite this error message for most addons. So I'm not entirely sure what to be looking for from here. Pointers appreciated. Cheers, Law
  2. Dariego99

    add friends?

    Hey, i'm new in argo, how can i add a friend or make a clan or somthing to play with him?
  3. Download: MIL_Priorities - Dropbox/Armaholic Description: MIL_Priorities is a simple script to add actions to a player that indicate what addActions are sitting where on the priority order. This script is likely to only be useful for organising your own addAction priorities or to determine other scripts/mods addAction priorities. Features: - Creates addActions with priorites from 0 to 6. - User can set the interval between each priority. To use: - Copy the file MIL_Priorities.sqf to your mission folder. - Run the script using: - nul = [_interval] execVM "MIL_Priorities.sqf"; - _interval - number (optional) - default: 0.5 - addActions will spawn from 0 to 6 using the interval - Example: - nul = [1] execVM "MIL_Priorities.sqf"; - addActions will be created with a priority interval of 1 - i.e. 0,1,2,3,4,5 and 6 If anyone finds any problems please let me know. Thank you.
  4. I read in a dev branch update that += can be used to add an entry to a CFG field without knowing it's contents. I have been trying to add a custom magazine to SPAR variants, and figured that it made most sense to modify the SPAR base class, rather than each SPAR variant individually. Thus far I have successfully created a new ammo type, and magazine containing this ammo. Currently I have the following in CfgWeapons.hpp class CfgWeapons { class GrenadeLauncher; class Rifle_Base_F; class Rifle_Long_Base_F; class Launcher_Base_F; class arifle_SPAR_01_base_F: Rifle_Base_F { magazines[] += {"law_30rnd_556x45_mss"}; }; }; However, when I examine the magazines field for arifle_SPAR_01_base_F with the mod loaded, it comes up with the default magazines but not the new magazine. This might suggest that the =+ operator does not work, however, I also attempted the following: class CfgWeapons { class GrenadeLauncher; class Rifle_Base_F; class Rifle_Long_Base_F; class Launcher_Base_F; class arifle_SPAR_01_base_F: Rifle_Base_F { magazines[] += {"law_30rnd_556x45_mss"}; }; class arifle_SPAR_01_blk_F: arifle_SPAR_01_base_F { magazines[] += {"law_30rnd_556x45_mss"}; }; }; In the above example; arifle_SPAR_01_base_F retains it's original array of vanilla magazines, with no modded mag. arifle_SPAR_01_blk_F contains no vanilla magazines, but TWO entries of law_30rnd_556x45_mss I'm not really understanding why the change is not being applied to the base class, but is being applied to it's child, or why the magazine appears twice in the child. Clearly I've not quite understood everything about CFG editing yet, and need some help figuring this (because my head hurts and I'm frustrated now). Cheers, Law
  5. First of all sorry to disturb you but this is the first time I create a map. I built all the Heightfield/satellite/normal maps on L3DT however I need to build the mark map. So for what I’ve understood (correct me if I’m wrong) the mark map is the tool used to order teambuilder to put the texture X when he sees the corresponding color on the mark map. All the corresponding colors are put in the layers.cfg file. The layers.cfg file also indicates which paa and rvmat files are linked to a X texture. So now there is my problem (and I’m sure this won’t be the last). I’m using the atlas guide to build this map. However, in the files he gives us some textures are missing (i think he only put the ones he needed for the guide). So I’ve been planning to modify the layers.cfg file and add the missing texture directly. I’ve managed to find the paa files I need in the a3 file (P:\a3\map_data) however I think I need the rvmat files and didn’t manage to find them. So I have several questions. First of all am I doing the right thing or is there no need to do all the modifications on the layers.cfg file? If I am doing the right thing, do you have any idea where I could find the rvmat files? If i'm not doing it right, what should i do according to your experience? Again sorry to disturb you, I tried to search a topic like that on the forum but didn’t find any (maybe because it's too basic). Thank you for your answers. Arquilius
  6. I was attempting to make a simple mission file script which adds a new scroll action to the driver of a vehicle. When this option is selected i want it to play a sound effect from my description.ext file, so that everyone in the vehicle hears the sound effect coming from the vehicle. I tried a few different things but none of them really worked out, any help?
  7. fn_arrayValues.sqf - v1.2 What? This script gives you the possibility to get, set, add and remove elements from and in an array by using unique IDs (strings) for each array element without having to worry about indexes. The logic behind it is totally simple. Why? TL;DR: I don't know if some people already created and use something like this, but either way, it's useful and took less than an hour to write. Slightly longer version: While developing some multiplayer missions now and then, I was moving data back and forth between client and server, sometimes using relatively large arrays. At some point, I found it annoying having to be careful about what value is at which index and when I somehow change the array, I had to double check again if the correct indexes are read and written. Coming from object-oriented programming languages, I always found it not satisfactory being unable to create custom objects in SQF. I know there is a „pseudo OO“ framework by code34, but that's just too heavy for my needs. All I wanted was being able to have one thing where I can get, set, add and remove values without having to care about anything but identifiers, just like the getters and setters in an object. And that's the idea of this script. How? This script MUST NOT be spawned, because it's got return values (no shit! ;)). Be aware of that when using remote execution. Every ID has to be a string and can only exist once throughout the whole array. Parameters and which are optional (or not) is described in the top of the script so I'll leave that out here. Examples: All examples are assuming “someId†exists, except if mentioned differently. //Creating a new array of this kind: _array = [[], []]; //Getting a value: _value = [_array, "someId"] call fnc_arrayValue; //Setting a value: _array = [_array, "someId", 123] call fnc_arrayValue; //Adding a value (assuming “someId†does not exist): _array = [_array, "someId", 123, true] call fnc_arrayValue; //Removing a value: _array = [_array, "someId", nil, false] call fnc_arrayValue; //Removing a value, only if it is 3: _array = [_array, "someId", 3, false] call fnc_arrayValue; //Setting a value explicitly to nil, instead of removing it from the array: _array = [_array, "someId", nil, true] call fnc_arrayValue; Kudos to Killzone_Kid for his SQF to BBCode Converter. It doesn't matter how much the array changes. You'll always get the desired value behind the same ID, independent from which index it currently has got. Unfortunately, last time I checked, SQF does not allow arrays like this: [123, , true] which is why there has to be a value (e.g. nil) even if you want to delete something from the array. If you did not pass the “isAdd†parameter, hence accidently try to set a value for an ID which does not exist, for instance due to a typo, the value won't be set. Some might consider it a feature if it would, some might not. I personally like my scripts in a way that only very few things happen implicitly, but I'd like to know what you think about that. Download the file here (SpiderOak)