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  1. Omg dude this is perfect, thank you so much. Another quick question, sorry :/ , Is there a way I could then make it so that if it starts the sound the action changes to "Stop Sound" which will turn the sound effect off?
  2. I was attempting to make a simple mission file script which adds a new scroll action to the driver of a vehicle. When this option is selected i want it to play a sound effect from my description.ext file, so that everyone in the vehicle hears the sound effect coming from the vehicle. I tried a few different things but none of them really worked out, any help?
  3. The last steam update has completely broken my work drive and arma 3 tools. Most importantly I can no longer open ArmA 3 as bulldozer. When starting bulldozer it says "failed to start arma 3 (error code 86)". This error only occurs in terrain builder and not object builder even though they both have to eaxt same bulldozer settings. I have tried re-running mikero's arma3p but it just errors saying "Steam/Mikero tools WILL NOT WORK until you fix this error! [K]?" without saying what the error is. I am getting really annoyed as every time BI releases any sort of update for arma 3 or the tools it completely breaks everything. It takes me hours and hours every time to fix everything and I am having to do this at least once a month. I have verified arma 3 game cache I have verified arma 3 tools game cache Mikero tools ArmA3P: This will alter some content on the P drive. Are you sure? (y/n): y C:\Program Files (x86)\Mikero\DePboTools\bin searching registry for the arma3 path C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3 (my arma 3 game isn't located at this directory, not sure why it says this) removing folders. Expect this to take some time...... removing a3... extracting the addons folder.... failed Steam/Mikero tools WILL NOT WORK until you fix this error! [K]?
  4. I understand all the circumstances as to them taking it offline and I realize the need to temporarily do this after they had been victim to a hacking attempt. However why is the website down after this long. The website states "We hope to restore the Feedback Tracker systems, or implement suitable replacements, as soon as possible." I thought maybe the website would be down for a couple of days but damn xd.
  5. So yesterday I downloaded CUP, I got the full terrain version as it wasn't much bigger and I read somewhere that you actually need it in full. I want to be able to use th arma 2 models on my terrain, however what i have tried so far gets all the mods listed in the library but when you place them in bulldozer they are just invisible. What am I doing wrong, is anyone able to explain full how to get CUP working with terrain builder?
  6. When I left yesterday the map was fine, no problems, but when I logged in to my pc today and loaded everything up I found my map had completely disappeared. I know that terrain builder is a very buggy application but loosing an entire map is a whole new level. I noticed that it has created a new mapframe but i also still see the mapframe for my terrain, however when i try to click on my mapframe it just switches the selection back to this new one. It also wont let my delete this random mapframe. If i go in bulldozer my map now consist of just ocean, but i still see my height maps in the layers, although it appears that it has made a plain black generic heightmap my default terrain. UPDATE: I found a recent backup which I have reverted to.
  7. Is there a problem with geometry and floors, as all of my walls work fine but the raised floor does not work.
  8. I have a convex component with the geo LOD assigned and 9999999999999+ mass but still half of it you can just walk straight through. The places that you do collide with, my character seems to vibrate and the screen shakes.
  9. When I start up terrain builder it immediately starts to slow my entire PC down, I am assuming it is being extremely CPU intensive. After just a few minutes it will completely freeze my PC and I will have to reboot. This issue was posted on the arma 3 feedback site but that has been down for weeks so I decided to post here. I am running this on an i7 / GTX980 I have tried running as administrator, didn't help...
  10. After applying mass to a recent model, my player is still able to walk through most of the object. Mass has been applied to all components but when walking through the object there seems to be invisible walls in certain areas rather than the whole object having mass.
  11. I love that there is a mod to switch to the other font but... this is a community mod. Therefore any server with signature verification (most servers) will not allow users with this mod on. BI needs to add the switching font option to the game itself.
  12. Its been like 15 minutes and I already want to stop playing, this is unreadable, I have to stare into the screen to try and work out what half the stuff says! Looks like they took Chinese font and tried typing in English with it. At least have an option to change between fonts so the 90% of the community can switch back to purista.
  13. jabeds

    New font is jagged.

    Nooooo xd. The new font is the opposite of pleasing to the eye. It hurts my eyes trying to read it. Not to mention how weird it looks in-game, it is like taking the old font and squishing it into a space half the size before making it look slightly more old fashioned.