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    Spawn Unit with init

    perfect, thanks a lot
  2. Hi, I need some help to put an init code on a spawned unit for a counter sniper mission. Init of unit "x": _nil = [this,"marker_0"] execVM "v_sniper_logic.sqf"; Is there any way to achieve this? thanks a lot
  3. Hi,


    thanks for your amazing work and effort on all the Zero Dark Zero Stuff, it´s simply amazing and put the immersion to another level.

    Unfortunately it seems I´m a bit late cause your uploaded missions got deleted from dropbox. Is there any chance that you could send me a link or reupload the mission, GameMode (Word Doc), AAR (Word Doc) and the Rulebook Warzone from this post again?

    Or maybe something similar from newer mission?

    That would be really appreciated

    1. Von Quest

      Von Quest




      The old stuff is long gone. Super old. LOL. Here is the newer Example Setup Map/Mission, etc.

      Its usually best to follow my Steam Workshop :



      The entire thing (now being called Zero Dark Zero) has been broken down into smaller sub-projects.

    2. Scalan


      thank you

  4. Scalan

    Heros Survive

    i would like to add mre´s & drinks from ace3, is it possible and how can i archieve that? Thanks a lot for your help
  5. Hi guys, i´m struggeling to make an object loadable in ACE3 Logistics, put a foodbox into cargo space of a Fennek. I´ve found this code on ACE website https://ace3mod.com/wiki/framework/cargo-framework.html#1-config-values class staticBananaLauncher { class yourVehicleBaseClass { ace_cargo_size = 4; // Cargo space the object takes ace_cargo_canLoad = 1; // Enables the object to be loaded (1-yes, 0-no) }; }; can somebody help me out where i have to paste this code? i assume class staticBananaLauncher { is class plp_ct_BoxFoodSmallD { and class yourVehicleBaseClass { is class CUP_B_FENNEK_GER_Wdl { Thanks for your help Steve