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  1. How can I use a load out I made in virtual arsenal in a wasteland server ? Any help would be awesome thank you ! If it has to be certain servers can you comments wasteland were I could use my own personal load out ? Thank you!
  2. Hello I've made custom load outs in virtual arsenal and there's nothing I wasn't more then to be able to use one of these load outs in a wasteland server or at least my outfit ! Is there anyway I can do this ? Use a personal load out to a official waste land server ? Also do you know any specific servers I can do this ? Or how do I tell if I can on a certain server ?
  3. Awesome man I really appreciate it and yea CAG is awesome do you play Xbox also like a gamertag I could reach you at or a steam id?
  4. Just awesome thank you ranger was my example but I actually want to make a delta force operator load out any tips on that ?
  5. Hey please help , new guy here and I'm wanting to know how the load out and gameplay work, so can I make a load out for example make my guy look like a army ranger and then join any server like wasteland and use that load out with that ranger look ? Any advice is awesome !