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  1. both I want to put many vehicles on the map, all vehicles are enemies of each other. The spawn script I want to use is having some problems. Spawning does not work because of the AI leaving the damaged vehicle If I block the ejection, I might stop the problems.
  2. Hello guys What I need to do to disable the ejection of AI that are in jets and helicopters. the vehicles will be spawned in the eden editor. I would also like to know how to prevent AI from leaving ground vehicles Thanks
  3. But in the mission it is executed only once. So I'm asking for an example mission, so I can see where I'm going wrong
  4. Hello guys I decided to do a mission from the beginning. I previously managed to make this script work. I can not do more now It spawns two vehicles and their respective crews. as the vehicles spawn in the same position, both explode Do you have any mission with the script included? This way it's easier for me
  5. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ybABhJ-2hwYIw2ivLm95zsMzHQpVtdLA/view?usp=sharing Thank you for your help
  6. it worked! But the mission I'm using is not working very well ... I got a mission from a guy. The author allowed me to include and change his scripts, as long as I keep the respective credits It's a deathmatch. players are blufor and kill another player gives positive score At the beginning of the mission the vehicle spawns right. After blowing up the vehicle, it spawns without AI and gives "Bad Vehicle Type". If the vehicle explodes there is no new spawn
  7. Hello guys I am totally lay with programming and I need help to do an aerial combat training mission for me and my friends to play I'm not able to make the script work. I do not know what I'm doing wrong. I destroy the AI vehicle and it does not spawn again I just need to follow the steps in the video and create two .sqf files (MGI_fnc_getVehicleLoadout and MGI_setVehicleLoadout) in the root folder, right? Do you have any mission as an example for me to look at? I would like to spawn AI vehicles that are the enemy of everyone, including AI previously spawned thank you
  8. I do not know if I'm posting in the right place. if I'm sorry, guys. I got a DM mission that AI is disabled. I wanted to play this mission as a single-player, so I activated AI in the description.ext. It worked. in the mission the player rolls the scroll and a random vehicle appears. AI are using the vehicles very well But it is showing a window of "generic error in expression" every time an AI orders a vehicle Anyone have any idea what I need to do? Ty! Best regards!
  9. hello guys I want to put AI patrolling the whole map, shooting at any player or other AI. can someone help me and explain the way I should go Ty!!
  10. I searched on google for module on Arma 3 and found. ty!
  11. Hello Guys how do I set vehicles in the 2D editor to appear again after being destroyed? I have seen many scripts. But I did not understand. Anyone can help me? Ty guys!!