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  1. Hello Bohemia Community; I recently ran into a really confusing and frustrating issue with Arma 3 servers, and I'm hoping for some potential insight. What's happening is that, when I connect to certain servers, the game loads into a place devoid of objects, terrain details, and even my own 1st/3rd person character model; the only things that I can see are the grass and the terrain color/texture itself (I've attached some image links). I'm absolutely certain that these images are not in debug areas too. I've connected to a good variety of servers with the same sort of outcome. Here is a small list of servers I experienced this issue: Trailerpark Wasteland on Tanoa (A3 Wasteland Version 1.3B) BIB Wasteland (A3 Wasteland Version 1.3C) BFC Exile Esseker US #2 EXP Exile Chernarus EXP Exile Napf However, to make it more confusing, these results are rather inconsistent. For instance, I can load into an A3Armory (runs A3 Wasteland Version 1.3C) hosted server, and everything would load in fine: I see buildings, terrain details like rocks and underbrush, trees, etc., vehicles, weapons, and my character model. As potential fixes to this problem, I've tried: Reverifying my game cache of Arma 3 on Steam A clean reinstall of the game itself A clean reinstall of my game mods Isolating mods reported to have issues (a Steam forum page noted that the "CUP Terrain - Maps" mod specifically had this rendering issue - the forum suggested the "Auto Detect" button in the Arma 3 video settings, but that didn't work). I'm unsure of what else I could possibly do, and so now I turn to a community that knows much more than me, at least. I hope to hear back from those of you who could possibly help. BFC Exile Essker US #2: Trailerpark Wasteland on Tanoa: