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    CO of AB-12. Contact unit for any information.

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  1. elliottwrightt

    Arma 3 Beginners

    My advice is stop trying to police language - people can say what they want :) None of this is even relevant so unless you have suggestions on gamemodes for these friends, let's stop talking about language.
  2. elliottwrightt

    Arma 3 Beginners

    Stop getting so easily offended, Noob comes from Newbie. It's a term for a new unexperienced player, who cares who they call a noob especially when it's themselves haha. As for new gamemodes, i'd suggest Wasteland but you guys already do that - could try out Escape stratis? that's pretty fun, especially when you have no idea what you're doing!;) If you're up for it I've recently made a casual unit for people wanting to have some fun in wasteland and other coop missions, if you're interested maybe check it out? Trying to build up a playerbase at the moment - Wasteland is in dire need of people who are willing to work together! https://units.arma3.com/unit/ab-12
  3. Hey there! I've recently formed a new group, AB-12, designed for semi-casual Arma 3 players looking for a group to play with in Wasteland. I'm hoping to create a group dedicated to intense teamplay, and playing Blufor how it's meant to be played, working towards objectives as one. I'm looking for english speaking players who are team-focused, any ages and any experience levels - whether you've clocked 300+ hours or just cracked the game open, it doesn't matter, you're welcome. If you're interested, please search AB-12 on the Arma Units tab, or follow this link directly - https://units.arma3.com/unit/ab-12. Thanks for reading, Elliott AB-12