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  1. mortalkombat323

    Disable Zoom Huron

    I noticed that the view in 1st person changes when flying at speeds above approx. 20 km/h. While staying below 20 km/h there is a slight zoom so that you can see almost nothing of the cockpit interior whereas when flying it is zoomed out so you can see about a fourth of the cockpit interior. I only noticed this change of view in the huron, it doesnt occur in the pawnee for example. I want to either invert this so I am zoomed out when landing (flying below 20 km/h) for better situational awereness or deactivate it. Is there an option to do so?
  2. My server is experiencing a heavy bug, which makes it freeze (not crash) and has to be restarted. Everytime after restarting the server (running on a virtual machine) it freezes after a random time (approx. 2 mins), which results in the player not being able to connect (but getting no connection timeout), slot, continue or spawn entities on the server. If a player made it in time on the running mission he is able to move and shoot. Is there a known fix for this and if there isn't how can I find out what's the issue scince the server is not crashing and therefore not creating a crash report. Many thanks in advance.
  3. mortalkombat323

    Scripting for Multiplayer

    So basically all I want to do is execute very simple scripts having the same effect for everyone in mp. Question is, can I somehow call the ares "execute code" module in editor to execute those scripts, because they seem to work fine with it? If this doesnt work, how can I achieve it otherwise?
  4. I have a question regarding Multiplayer scripting. I'm building a mission for multiplayer with some very basic scripts (example) But even those simple scripts seem not to work smoothly. Most of the time it's someone not seeing the script effect or running the script later than others. I tried for example to fly my players in with precaptured (unitcapture) helicopters. But when calling those with triggers (and nul = execVM "script.sqf") players said they arrived at different times, which led the to the conclusion that they all locally executed the execVM with a slight delay between each player. However when I executed the execVM with the Zeus-Ares Module "Execute Code Module" and picked "global" as the running Mode everything worked fine. The question is how can I achive that "global execute Mode" for my scripts without having to execute through Ares but being activated and executed by trigger.
  5. mortalkombat323


    You can also use TextView2 for Converting.
  6. mortalkombat323

    Capture The Flag

    True, CTF would be awesome.
  7. mortalkombat323

    Spawn custom composition?

    I also had no luck finding it in the Editor
  8. mortalkombat323

    Latest Arma 3 update: Gains not worth the loss

    Scince when do the helicopters feel this heavy? Is it just me or did they also add Inertia to the helicopters. I find it way more difficult to fly the humming for example. The roll rate seems a lot lower compared to a few weeks ago.