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  1. Edit: Please move to addons: config & scripting, sry. Hi, I have a combo box where should be static values from the configfile and mission based extra entries. With the following config, only the values from "Values" are loaded in the combo box. The Entries from the mission are not present. displayName etc. are defined elsewhere for the category. It's working except for the mission entries. I already searched in the BI's code for errors, but I'm sure I've done it right. Please correct me that I'm wrong and why :D // my_addon\config.cpp class Cfg3DEN { class Object { class AttributeCategories { class PREFIX { class Attributes { class GVAR(type) { displayName = "Type"; tooltip = "tooltip"; property = QGVAR(type); // emod_units_type condition = "objectControllable"; control = "Combo"; expression = "_this setVariable ['%s', _value];"; defaultValue = "rifleman"; typeName = "STRING"; class Values { class Rifleman { name = "Rifleman"; value = "rifleman"; }; class Medic { name = "Medic"; value = "medic"; }; }; class ItemsConfig { path[] = { "Editor_Types" }; localConfig = 1; propertyText = "text"; propertyData = "data"; }; }; }; }; }; }; }; And the following entries in my missions description.ext // description.ext class Editor_Types { class Test { text = "Test"; data = "test"; }; };
  2. Insnee

    MagazineGroup standard?

    Anything new about this?
  3. I think it has sth. to do with the fact that we have steam installed on the server
  4. Problem persists on all steamCMD installed servers
  5. @KBS_Server not found is irrellevant cause I've renamed/disabled those folder in order to find the reason for the error. The problem is that the server loads the ./Addons folder from the steam directory (insteat of the server installation directory). So I ask how to resolve this problem.
  6. Hi, Situation: - installed A3 development branch with SteamCMD ( +"app_update 107410 -beta development" validate ) - reinstalled this 3-4 times already - try to start server with: "arma3server_dev.exe" -port=2351 -profiles=profiles -name=Devserver "-serverMod=@Server" -enableHT -exThreads=7 -maxMem=1024 -nosplash -noSound -cfg=config\basic.cfg -config=config\server.cfg -autoinit Problem: - when the server starts, multiple errors appearing in windows promt (e.g No entry 'config.bin/CfgVideoOptions/DefaultSettings.ppSSAOQualityAlternative') - mission is unable to load because some classnames are missing Logfile: http://pastebin.com/raw/uXFnYJ3r I dont really now whats wrong there.. I want to point out that on this windows server is steam installed + arma 3 client in development branch (we want to use steamcmd now) The setup script is working on another dedicated server/machine.. but for some reason not on this one.. Hope you have some ideas how to fix this :) Edit: aww I see sth. in the logfile now ArmA wants to use the Addon path from Steam directory.. how can I tell the server not to do this? Kind regards, Insane
  7. Adding more <br/> tags (maaany more :D) seems to work. Don't really know what causes this, but its better than not having those linebreak(s). It's a bit messy.. _ctrl = findDisplay 46 ctrlCreate ["RscStructuredText", 1001]; _ctrl ctrlSetPosition[ safeZoneX, safeZoneY, safeZoneWAbs, safeZoneH ]; _ctrl ctrlCommit 0; _ctrl ctrlSetStructuredText parseText format[ "<t size='8'>SMS von %1</t><br/><t size='8'>Nummer: %2</t><br/><br/><br/><br/><br/><br/><t color='#ff0000' size='8'>%3</t>", 1, 2, "brbr"];
  8. Please rename my account from tdc-insane to Insane or (if isnt free) KBS_Insane Thanks! oops.. https://account.bistudio.com
  9. Hello, when I try to set the structured text with parseText <t size='22' font='PuristaMedium'>SMS von %1</t><br/><t size='19' font='PuristaMedium'>Nummer: %2</t><br/><br/><t color='#ff979ba1' size='19' font='PuristaLight'>%3</t> it only renders ONE (!) linebreak. I have to use parseText and I want to have a double linebreak (so, a "blank" line).. Is that even possible and how? Regards, Insane
  10. Insnee

    Workshop download twice

    Wow thanks! /irony off Updated our arma3sync repository, so the name of every addon fits with the actual at steam workshop so players dont have to have addons twice on their drive. Today: If you subscribe to e.g. Cup Terrains Core and you have this in your arma 3 installation directory - feel free to download it again! After launching ArmA3Launcher I have to download every mod again! THANK YOU http://puu.sh/pcerw/8ffb9c9000.png This Update made ArmA 3 Steam Workshop useless for me! Please revert this!
  11. Insnee

    Mikero's Dos Tools

    Hi, there are some optiones which are greyed out.. http://puu.sh/mvjzW/fcb18fbd5c.png - Sign Pbo - Compress - Obfuscate What do I have to change in options or somewhere else to enable them? Greetings
  12. Edit: fixed the problem ;D Please delete
  13. Insnee

    ACRE2 Public Beta Release

    Nothing related to ACRE radios, player strip down to uniform, vest, map and compass
  14. Insnee

    ACRE2 Public Beta Release

    Received Error, PRC 343 not working after respawn 21:48:09 Out of path-planning region for Agent 0xc8be2400 at 3388.0,5467.0, node type 21:49:01 Error in expression <ct 2+1; };; _val = nil; try { if(((typeName (_hash)) == "ARRAY" && {(count > 21:49:01 Error position: <typeName (_hash)) == "ARRAY" && {(count > 21:49:01 Error Allgemeiner Fehler in Ausdruck 21:49:01 File idi\clients\global\addons\game\XEH_pre_init.sqf, line 49 21:50:16 Warning: no idc entry inside class RscDisplayDiary/objects/Compass 21:50:40 Out of path-planning region for Agent 0xaad88a00 at 3388.0,5467.0, node type 21:50:50 Error in expression <ct 2+1; };; _val = nil; try { if(((typeName (_hash)) == "ARRAY" && {(count > 21:50:50 Error position: <typeName (_hash)) == "ARRAY" && {(count > 21:50:50 Error Allgemeiner Fehler in Ausdruck 21:50:50 File idi\clients\global\addons\game\XEH_pre_init.sqf, line 49 21:50:54 Error in expression <ct 2+1; };; _val = nil; try { if(((typeName (_hash)) == "ARRAY" && {(count > 21:50:54 Error position: <typeName (_hash)) == "ARRAY" && {(count > 21:50:54 Error Allgemeiner Fehler in Ausdruck 21:50:54 File idi\clients\global\addons\game\XEH_pre_init.sqf, line 49 21:51:00 Error in expression <ct 2+1; };; _val = nil; try { if(((typeName (_hash)) == "ARRAY" && {(count > 21:51:00 Error position: <typeName (_hash)) == "ARRAY" && {(count > 21:51:00 Error Allgemeiner Fehler in Ausdruck 21:51:00 File idi\clients\global\addons\game\XEH_pre_init.sqf, line 49 21:51:01 Error in expression <ct 2+1; };; _val = nil; try { if(((typeName (_hash)) == "ARRAY" && {(count > 21:51:01 Error position: <typeName (_hash)) == "ARRAY" && {(count > 21:51:01 Error Allgemeiner Fehler in Ausdruck 21:51:01 File idi\clients\global\addons\game\XEH_pre_init.sqf, line 49 21:51:15 Error in expression <ct 2+1; };; _val = nil; try { if(((typeName (_hash)) == "ARRAY" && {(count > 21:51:15 Error position: <typeName (_hash)) == "ARRAY" && {(count > 21:51:15 Error Allgemeiner Fehler in Ausdruck