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    Common AddOns Folder

    In that case it is pretty easy :D I use a program called SymLinker to create the symbolic link. Just follow the steps below: (For this example, I am assuming your mods are stored under C:/Arma/Mods and your servers C:/Arma/Servers/Server1 and C:/Arma/Servers/Server2 ) Move your @Mod folders into a common mods folder (EG: C:/Arma/Mods ) Download and unzip symlinker from their github page: https://github.com/amd989/Symlinker/releases Run symlinker (AKA symlink creator) The type of symlink we are creating is folder symbolic link In the link folder section, in the "place where you want your link" box, enter the path to your first server ( C:/Arma/Servers/Server1 ) In the "name the link" box, enter "mods" (without the " " ) In the destination folder section, in the "path to real folder" box, enter the path to your mods folder ( C:/Arma/Mods ) Click create link and you should get a popup that says your link has been created. Repeat steps 4 to 8 for server 2 Now that links are created, you can verify the folders are linked by going into one of your server folders and trying to open the newly created "mods" folder. it should open the folder where all of your @mod folders are. Now you can add the mods you want to load on your servers using the usual launch parameters ( -mod=mods\@mod1;mods\@mod2;mods\@mod..... ) Let me know how you go :D
  2. dash

    Common AddOns Folder

    If you can create symbolic links in the file system then yes. It all depends on what type of server you have. Can you access your server through remote desktop?
  3. dash

    (STI) A-10 for ARMA 3

    Hi guys! Awesome job with the A10, it works great in single player! I have a problem with it on our dedicated server though... I have the same problem as Heyvern69: It explodes the moment you get into it. (You play the get in animation, and get a flash of the cockpit before it explodes) I have already tried rising the aircraft off of the ground by 0.5 meters. It seems to be hit or miss when moving a player into the aircraft with the moveInDriver command. Tested both in and out of a hangar.
  4. Is it possible to get items to show up in the ammo box editor? I have a custom PDA device that gives players who have it access to a bunch of features such as a 3d hud showing player names, ability to set view distance etc.. Currently I defined the custom class as follows: I cant get this to show in the ammobox editor in zeus, but it does show up in tonic's VAS (side note: when I try add the item, I get the option to add it to inventory or attach to my weapon?) Any Ideas?
  5. About to download and test this out :) As for switching radios over using separate key bindings for the different radio types, would it be possible to make another key called "Transmit on selected radio" This will let people who like the current method of using different bindings to continue to do so and also please those who prefer the acre style of switching to a radio before using it. Without looking at the source code, that is how I would do it
  6. I must be doing something wrong... I run a mission on a dedicated server and I get the actions to open, close etc the ramp as the pilot, but I can see a Vehicle Ammo Box attached to the back of the bird and I don't get any actions to get in the beck either?
  7. Awesome. Just confirming that is in the arma 3 server.cfg, NOT the Teamspeak 3 server.cfg
  8. What did you set the min/max bandwidth settings to exactly out of curiosity?
  9. Is there anyway to create a repository on a remote ftp server? Our tactical group have a limited amount of bandwidth we can use per month and we can't afford to host the mods for download from our normal server. I tried using a free ftp host, but I kept getting errors saying serverInfo can not be found when I try getting the list of addons on the server