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  1. Xerxes-AUS

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    If I recall, the eastern rebels (or what ever they were called) were just A3 vanilla dressed guerrilla's with RHS weapons and vehicles. In which case, you could just re-dress any other units to look the same. I use Shock's redressing script, and it's allowed me to make all kinds of custom factions on the fly (African rebels, middle eastern militia etc) with just what RHS provides. In terms of vehicles, the rebel textures/paint schemes are still there and can be selected in Eden.
  2. Xerxes-AUS

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Love the work guys. Have you considered adding a Russian panama hat? It'd go great with the M88 informs and there's plenty of photo's and videos of these being commonly worn in Afghanistan. A version with the brims pinned up would look particularly bad-ass.
  3. Xerxes-AUS

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    The RHS ACE compat is made by ACE if I recall correctly. Check your @ace mod folder, there's probably an 'optional' folder with various compatability sub-mods/PBO's.
  4. Xerxes-AUS

    NIArms Release Thread

    Absolutely love your work. The FAL's have come in handy in recreating some Bushwars scenarios for my unit. I hope you one day consider adding the CETME rifles, the CETME model B in particular is beautiful rifle.
  5. Huge fan of your work guys, you're doing great service for the Arma community. Some of guys in my clan are having issues with the ACE interact system on a lot of CUP vehicles (One example they gave me was the AAVP7A1). It seems they're unable to get the interaction/repair options when using the ACE interact menu - this makes them incompatible with ACE's new logistics features. Is it just us, or are the vehicles not fully ACE compatible? Are there plans to fix this soon, or is it up to the ACE team?
  6. Xerxes-AUS

    Shock's Redressing Script

    I figured I could just add one in, but you've done all the hard work for me, thank you! :D
  7. Xerxes-AUS

    Shock's Redressing Script

    Hi John, I've been looking, but can't see that this question has been answered yet. Is there an array for faces? Using the SetFace command? If not, would you consider adding it in? Thanks!
  8. Xerxes-AUS

    [WIP] Rhodesia Bush War

    I still have all the original files and scripts I used, but they are really outdated now. It was built around an older incarnation of the OCB mission frame work, based on Patrol Ops 2, made by Roy86 especially for our mission makers. That frame work is long since gone, and myself and all the OCB members have since left to form a new Aus/NZ community. It's also built using redundant and outdated mods - at the time we were using a custom version of AGM. And to top it off, it was my very first mission. Ever. It worked as intended, but I've learned alot since then. To use this mission, you need to completely strip out just about everything except the map markers and briefing. To be honest, you'd be better off just remaking it from scratch. A lot of the missions I make are for my communtiy, and often rely on some Zeus intervention on the fly to help with balancing or unforseen bugs (No level of testing can prepare you for 50 players all joining and synching to the server at once). If you're still interested, send me a PM, and I can see about uploading what I have to dropbox. It was a heavily customised, in house version of AGM, called 'Arma Extended'. One of our guys had contributed some work to AGM, and he customised a version for our own use. One of the customisations he made was editing the flare rounds to stay in the air longer.
  9. Xerxes-AUS

    [WIP] Rhodesia Bush War

    Haha, it's a small world. That's actually my mission in that video. I used HLC SLR's, I think it was STI MAG's, FSF Uniforms and HAFM Land Rovers...even inlcuded a John Edmund song. It was actually titled "Soldiers of Misfortune", but Lyndi stuffed it up when he uploaded his video. That was part 1, based on the Altena Farm raid. I had a part 2, which focused on Fireforce. I used Huey's as a stand in for Alouettes. I even attached an AGS-17 to the side of a Huey to simulate a K-Car. I figured the 40mm grenades were the closest I'd get to replicating the K-Car's 20mm canon. The idea was to have an entire campaign that spanned maybe 4-6 missions - but my clan ended up slimming down it's mod repo and I had to shelve it for the time being.
  10. Xerxes-AUS

    [WIP] Rhodesia Bush War

    I created a BI forum account just to comment on this thread. Love the wok you've done so far, it's coming together nicely. The Rhodesian Bush War is a conflict I've had an interest in for a long time now. I'd love to help, but have no experience in modelling or coding. If you ever needed any help with research or testing however, just send me a PM. If I may, I would suggest keeping your scope very narrow for now. The weapons you need are mostly already covered in Toadies HLC packs, and CAF_AG or Leight's OPFOR both already have some decent, generic, African geurrilla's to get you started. The Allouette III's (Both G-Car and K-Car) have already been created by the ARMSCor dev, PetraCephas: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=26300 He's taken on a lot of SADF stuff, including some Rhodesian units, but the last time I checked, most of it was still very WIP. He may be worth talking to, however, as he's clearly a very talented 3D modeller. His Allouette's look amasing. Unit wise, I think what's been missing from other mods set in Africa, is shorts. There are a few mods that retexture existing BI uniforms in Rhodesian cam pattern, but they're all cargo pants - I want to see some period accurate, tactical, short-shorts :P