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    Aviation, Paintball, Eating.
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    68W Heath Care Specialist.

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    I am a 19 year old 68W for the United States Army. Currently waiting to be shipped to Grafenwoehr, Germany. I hold a fully Current PPL. Working on Dual and INS Ratings at this time.
  1. Nike619

    Operation E3

    Recoil looks really really weak...
  2. ]It's a mod. it's popular now, you will see it weed out to less and less ( Still will have a strong following but none that it's experiencing right now ) So all of you cry babies that are thinking " OH NOES1111 MY FAV0R1TE MILSIM IS LEAVING1111." It's not, It's a fad. There will still be ARMA 2 with ACE. As well, I believe that the ACE crew has said they will be making ACE3. Don't quote me on that.
  3. Great map! Just finished playing a 2 hour mission on it. one note, the AI tend to fall through floors in some houses. I'll post map coords and pictures here in a bit. New favorite map, Great work!
  4. Jesus. Slowest RS ever! :P Downloading now and going to bed! Just got out of the Avengers. Can't wait to play it tomorrow.
  5. This will be great with MCC using the Garrison action...Throw in some random IEDs. Got yourself a party! Looks Sierra Hotel (:. Keep it up.
  6. Oh lord, I hope this will be able to be added to a big mod such as ACE. Imagine the long missions. Having to get water and eat. And being a SF operator with stealing of clothes!
  7. Nike619

    EA6B Prowler Mod

    Who dare disgraces the prowler thread with the name of this growler. The whorenit will never fill the empty place in my soul. Only reserved for the Prowler.
  8. Nike619

    Oruzgan Valley 20x20 Km

    I... Feel a moderator coming on, Necro thread man.
  9. Would love to play it, Using SU, Right click and make a preset with the server addons, and the server doesn't allow the files... One of these things is not like the other...
  10. Nike619

    MCC Sandbox - The Mod

    Working fine for me after the updates.
  11. "First class UI / User Experience / Usability is paramount in the next generation of Six Updater" Thank. God. It's so clunky, very confusing for first time users. I am excited, I can not wait for the big update Sickboy. From what I read it will make things a lot more fluid, can't argue with that.
  12. The self updating auto updater only is as good as how often it auto updates itself. It has problems, Everything does. I love SU. Could be streamlined but that's just my opinion.
  13. Nike619

    ACE for OA 1.13

    I had installed before the other two CBA's had shown up! Downloading now.