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  1. Just copy/paste the downloadlink into your windows explorers address field and press enter. Via Filezilla would go via anonymous user (pw field empty). Edit. Nevermind. Should have checked if there was a new page 😅
  2. +1. More options to fill the M260/261 would always be nice. If there would be other rocket types as well, that wouuld be splendid (Flechette, WP) Will it be used every time, of course not. But would give the pilot an option and let him adjust to mission difficulties presented by the mission designer.
  3. Well, I think we can do it by simply watch how we number them. If only 20 guys are needed, than we start filling up the cargo area with a seat empty between the passengers. When we filled up everything, we fill in the blanks. Whole Ranger Sections would fit (would certainly clip, but I think thats a fair tradeoff) and it would still look cool for smaller units. The Chinook will be interesting anyway to configure... Cargo, Passenger, Medical or a mix of all of them. Maybe we will "attachto" different modules to make the stuff work. Depending on the modules we attachto, there could be spaces between the passengers or a full capacity loadout. We will see when we start implementing it. Will be definitly fun :)
  4. On most helicopters, the main and tailrotors is hidden and replaced with a proxy model. The proxy model is actually a very blurred low poly model to keep the performance up. Helicopters like Yurapetrov UH60's and SmileyNIck RAF Chinook / Konyo's MH47 disable that and animate (aka bend) the rotorblades instead. Depending on the script, it's performing great (Yurapetrov) or draining a lot of fps (Konyo's & Smileynicks Chinook). Best would be to look up their way of dooing it. Can check my old files in the evening, if you don't find anything. PS: if you didnt, you need to define those config lines to control this behavior: selectionHRotorStill = "mainRotorStatic"; selectionHRotorMove = "mainRotorBlurred"; selectionVRotorStill = "tailRotorStatic"; selectionVRotorMove = "tailRotorBlurred"; Maybe this helps:
  5. Gruman

    Task Force Radio v0.9.12

    First of all... What version of Teamspeak are you using? Did you upgrade to 3.1 yet? If yes, the TFAR Plugins changed when compared to the old version. When you finished sync the repository, cancel the A3Sync TFAR Installer and just go to your arma directory \Arma 3\@TaskForceArrowhead\Teamspeak\... and doubleclick the TS Plugin. It will automaticly install into the correct folder. Start Teamspeak and you should be good to go. If your unit still distributes the old 0.9.12 with the old plugins for TS 3.0, go to the TFAR webpage and manually download the propper version. But in any case your unit admin should really be able to help you with that simple matter... Hope it helps.
  6. Same problem here. It's been an issue since couple months. Plus the camera at the moment is very unstable and ground tracking is sadly not as smooth as it was before :(. Maybe the dev's overhaul the system when BIS releases their Targeting Enhancements with the Jet DLC. That would be nice. :) But still the best bird out there :)
  7. Well. It's a MH-60M. Ether a new Mike or a converted Lima. Kilo's were not upgraded, so they would still have the old FLIR Pod. If it would be a Lima, Warlord would put stuff on there, which would fit the time era. Since Lima and Kilo's are only in the Package if there is a need for a "older" scenario.
  8. Hey Shepard, I have an issue with one of our players. He downloaded my provided auto-config. When he tries to import it, he gets the following message: (Top is on the server side -> Filezilla & his IP. Below is his error message he receives) The repo otherwise works smoothly. 25 other guys running without an issue, Myself included. Do you have an idea what is going wrong? Thanks Best regards
  9. Congrats on the release. Great to hear that now most of the 64 critical mods are allready prepared :) Thanks a lot.
  10. That looks awesome. Thanks for adding this. I guess you still need to be inside the Target Screen to move the targeting pod, right? Some Slew commands to move the TGP arround without beeing in that view would been handy. Then you could basicly just disable that view altogether and and only use the Cockpit MFCD. (Yeah, I'm dreaming).
  11. He also mentioned Joy2Key. it's Donationware. You find it on google (something joy2key.net/en or similiar) Great tool, works with every DX Compatible Joystick. Different profiles you can switch between. Great software. IMHO a lot better and easier than those tools by Saitek / Thrustmaster and they work for EVERY device. Not just their own brand.
  12. Gruman

    Release Candidate Branch Discussion

    About the keybinds for weapon selection... They added (Version 1.54 or 1.56) the ability to assign fixed keyboards to each type of weapon (example: 1 = Rifle, 2 = Pistol. Same as for the Vehicle Weapons) The User Action gets removed, if you have those weapon selection assigned. If you remove those bindings, you should get your missing useraction menu back. I personnely like that the useraction is gone, since we have the Option (No ACE Required) to have FPS-Like Weapon selection.
  13. Gruman

    HTC VIVE in Arma?

    Can only talk about the RIFT, but HTC Vive shouldnt be a big difference... Is it usable out of the box? Nope Can you use work arrounds to get it working? Yes Will you enjoy it? Probably not... Somehow the resolution you need to run will make it a pain to identify anything on the screen. Wasnt happy and I sold my Rift. And I'm just talking about the seated configuration. If you like something like a Onward implementation I wouldnt hold my breath.
  14. My personnel experience flying the MELB in a hot enviroment... If I fail to evade and defeat the SA-Missile, I normaly have a indirect hit as well. Most of the time I got a fuelleak after the impact and loose arround 3/4 of the fuel. A second missile will normaly cause an instant defect Main Rotor (But then the ZEUS Operator just spammed way to many Manpads... ). Auto-Rotations because of an engine failure is most of the time just caused by small arms fire. But I will be honest... the MELB is a small target with a even smaller heat signature. So I actually like the behavior a lot more than the instant blowing up and no chance for survival feel the vanilla vehicles give... ;-)