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  1. hello gents and ladys I'm sure everyone want's to know whats happening and to let you all know the mod is still around and we are not giving up on this addon Right now Lord has the model and were patiently waiting for him to hand it over to the rest of us to finish. last reported he was working on getting the lod's done and then its ours.. Like the rest of us the family and work comes first and we do what we can when we can. So its going to be slower than we want but rest assure we will get this done come hell or high water..
  2. that's the plan... not sure yet how it.s going to go but yes we want to change it.
  3. The plan is to have fully functional MFD. it wont be a BIS layout... I don't want to say what will be in it and what will be left out. Have to keep somethings a surprise... Since Warlord like to talk haha
  4. it puts the lotion on its skin!!
  5. That's because I put you their and I wont let you out
  6. you do bates no worries
  7. Read the first post. ---------- Post added at 19:51 ---------- Previous post was at 19:49 ---------- Hasn't been discussed. as of now its a start up like the rest of the heli's ---------- Post added at 19:58 ---------- Previous post was at 19:51 ---------- nothing has been discussed on the venom. as far as the mounts go no it wont be like the one in the huey
  8. Mh-60's are coming first. then the lil guys. or both at once. after that nothing is set maybe the chinook ---------- Post added at 20:45 ---------- Previous post was at 20:40 ---------- lol alpha was 4 months ago....
  9. you haven't seen nothing yet
  10. Good evening Gents. Here is the first version of the M230 we will be using on our DAP. Now just keep in mind you all are seeing this before the rest of the SOAS guys gets to see it ;)
  11. lol never fails someone gonna ask for a release date.. ---------- Post added at 17:02 ---------- Previous post was at 16:50 ---------- We plan on leaving the targeting up to the copilot, when it comes to the hellfire's. Targeting will be done threw the FLIR pod
  12. Sorry for that but warlord likes to keep changing everything all the time... so you know...