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  1. azz_er

    A3 Launcher

    Thanks a lot for this mate, its awesome!
  2. In the case of the Apache, it launches the appropriate counter measures automatically depending on the incoming weapon, whether it be radar tracking or heat seeking etc.
  3. Well that depends who you're fighting against..
  4. No, its a radar, it gathers enemy units locations on its own. Radar dish? What... ArmA isn't about whats "fair" or "balance" so something can't be "overpowered" in a sense.
  5. Pretty sure the Apaches radar system is similar to ones in ArmA 3. They can see everything, prioritise targets and be ready to fire in seconds and send the data to any other Apaches so its not that unrealistic...
  6. Anyone able to port this to A3 would be a hero!
  7. Updated to v1.1 Change log: - Increased difficulty, added more enemies and added fortifications. - Added an optic crate at player start. - Updated to run with the current stable build. Add to your Missions or MPMissions folder depending if you want to play SP or COOP. First page updated. Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/uhvkf8gh6etlfdq/co5_Op_White_Noise_expo_v1%252e1.Stratis.pbo
  8. azz_er

    [SP @I44] Northern Wind

    Yeah I'm not sure whats causing it. I can play through the majority of other missions in Vanilla without any problems at all and for it to suffer so much in i44 is weird.
  9. azz_er

    [SP @I44] Northern Wind

    Just played through most of it and its a really good mission. My PC performance towards the end got pretty bad for some reason (I checked and my GPU usage dropped to like 5%?) and then ArmA crashed haha. But good mission regardless :D I'm looking forward to playing your new stuff :)
  10. azz_er

    [SP @I44] Northern Wind

    I seem to be having real trouble getting the AI to follow my orders (Or even to just follow me!) they just seem to want to stay on the defensive line. Weird. :( But first impressions are that its going to be a great mission. I really like the level of detail you've gone into regarding the briefing and the conversations between the men. Only thing that would make it better is voice acting but I know how long it can take to get that done haha! Really good stuff so far, you should do an i44 campaign! :D
  11. azz_er

    [SP @I44] Northern Wind

    I will do! Regarding the i44 patches, I use this mod on Six Updater. Any idea if the mod on Six Updater includes all these patches or do I have to download them all and install manually?
  12. azz_er

    [SP @I44] Northern Wind

    Gonna try this out!
  13. I think UPSMON covers most of those things.
  14. azz_er

    [CAMP] 100 Days

    Really enjoying this so far! I'm up to day 31 but had to post as its one of the best campaigns I've ever played! Everything is awesome, the missions, BAF, the support scripts, voice acting... Really great work, I wish I was this good in the editor! Can't wait to play any future work :D
  15. Alias: eXpo Age: 22 Country: UK Mic: Yes Mods: Used ACE and ACRE in the past. Installing them via Six Updater or manually isn't a problem. Games: ArmA 2 CO + BAF and ArmA 3. Role: I usually run infantry (Rifleman, Medic or LMG Gunner) and I can fly helos a bit as well. :D Your group: An organised weekly op and mid week stuff thrown in Use real tactics, formations etc in realistic missions Either co-op or TvT based. Using ACRE is a must, ACE is preferable. Having a laugh isn't a bad thing. Message me if you can find a place for me! Cheers :D