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    CUP AK Top Rails

    Long story short, you wont be able to. If they are set up how I think they are the rails are permanently hidden unless an optic is mounted on the weapon. Well, you could technically, but it would require you making an invisible scope attachment set up in such a way that the "eye" memory point simply aligns with the iron-sights of the AK and at the correct position. Alternatively you could define the hidden rail as a hiddenselection in the config and try forcing it into view, but I have no idea if that would work or if it would be overwritten by the animation source within the model.cfg. It would also require you to know the named-selection in the model which unless CUP are willing to part with that info could theoretically be anything.
  2. Jackal326

    Connection failed

    What? The whole thing?! That seems a little...extreme...Though I did wonder why my internet dropped out earlier... Anyway, is it just one particular server that is affected or is it any/all servers?
  3. Jackal326

    Error in CfgWeapons during build

    Its because you have a ( in the middle of a classname, or what I guess is supposed to be a classname... //Core Items /*extern*/ class EGVAR(core,1Rnd); /*extern*/ class EGVAR(core,10Rnd); /*extern*/ class EGVAR(core,20Rnd); /*extern*/ class EGVAR(core,30Rnd); /*extern*/ class EGVAR(core,40Rnd); /*extern*/ class EGVAR(core,50Rnd); /*extern*/ class EGVAR(core,60Rnd); To the best of my knowledge, you can't have ( or ) in classnames, so why are they there? I can't imagine the PBO you're referencing those external classnames from packed if they are indeed the classnames you used.
  4. Jackal326

    Knock People Unconscious

    One can safely assume that is because the original mod came out over 6 years ago and the last update for it was ~2.5 years ago...Its a wonder it still works at all.
  5. Its possibly not a config issue and could well be an issue with the Geometry/PhysX lods...
  6. Jackal326

    SJB SAS Pack

    Sadly no, I've been through 2 new systems and numerous re-builds since they came out. You might get lucky searching over at this thread but no guarantees.
  7. SJB proudly presents v1.04 of the SAS Addon for ArmA2. The pack now also contains SBS and SFSG units, using the new MTP Camo. The new MTP Camo being worn by the SFSG Units in v1.04 of the pack A few images of the othe runits included. Woodland SAS Units In Action (1) Woodland SAS Units In Action (2) Desert SAS Units In Action (1) Desert SAS Units In Action (2) SBS Units (1) SBS Units (2) The SJB SAS Pack v1.031 contains Special Air Service (SAS) operators in both Patrol Kit and Assault Kit with the requisite camouflages for use in both temperate woodland and arid region environments. The pack now also includes Special Boat Service (SBS) units in generic civilian clothing, as well as Special Forces Support Group (SFSG) units in Multicam. These units are high fidelity representations of modern SAS operators circa 2006-present, using equipment sourced from photographs and information proprietary to the SJB mod team. In order to pre-empt some misplaced analysis from the community, the mod team wishes to make clear the following: Since the collaboration of Coalition forces in Iraq and Afghanistan it has not been uncommon for military personnel, including Special Forces, from the United Kingdom and the United States, to cooperate closely during operations. Various uniform components of other nations may be worn by UKSF for a variety of reasons during these operations. Some of these reasons include operational security, reasons of Identification Friend/Foe, interoperability or even just personal preference of the man in the uniform. The equipment worn by each of these units is not only intended to give the user a high quality representation of UKSF operators in game, but the mod team has also taken into account that the units should be applicable to all types of missions associated with Armed Assault 2. These units are not what one would call stereotypical SAS, but the mod team wishes to assure you that the units are an accurate representative of modern operators to the best of their knowledge. The units feature a few custom touches (unique editor icons, command-bar icons, custom night-vision and pistol proxies etc). The addon also includes two custom ammo crates (EMPTY > AMMO > Ammo and Weapons Stash Woodland/Desert). These should come in handy for creating LUPs etc. Addon Contents: - SJB_SAS.pbo - The unit PBO - SJB_SAS.pbo.SJB.bisign - The signature file - SJB.bikey - The SJB Key, for use on dedicated servers *** OPTIONAL FILES *** - SJB_SAS_Headgear.pbo - This PBO contains a small range of headgear for players to use with the 'MP' units. - SJB_SAS_Headgear.pbo.SJB.bisign - The signature file - As Above. - SJB_SAS_ACEcfg.pbo - The 'ACE' unit PBO - If you don't use ACE, DO NOT install this file. - SJB_SAS_ACEcfg.pbo.SJB.bisign - The signature file - As Above. - SJB_SAS_MPcfg.pbo - The 'MP' unit PBO - Added units without headgear for use with the UKSF 'glasses' (custom headgear), primarily for use in MP, but can also be used in SP. - SJB_SAS_MPcfg.pbo.SJB.bisign - The signature file - As Above. - SJB_SAS_ACEMPcfg.pbo - As above, but using ACE weapons and features, as well as hiding the default headgear and backpacks. - SJB_SAS_ACEMPcfg.pbo.SJB.bisign - The signature file - As Above. Credits: Jackal326: Model editing and new normal-maps. SafetyCatch: Mega work on the textures. Again. Johnny: Original models and textures, and permission to port from ArmA1 to ArmA2. Ardvark: Hood model donation, and general modelling advise. Jennifer/Neph/Retro (Same person, different nicknames) & Dasquade: Original night-vision and headmount models and textures. TF86 Squad: BETA Testing. Just a few points to make about the v1.04 release of the units. Firstly, the 'SJB_SAS_ACEcfg.pbo' and 'SJB_SAS_ACEcfg.pbo.SJB.bisign' should only be installed if you use the ACE Mod. If you do not use the ACE Mod, do NOT install these two files as they will cause issues for you. Also, the ACE units require ACEX for the additional weapons they now use. Change Log: > PUBLIC RELEASE V1.04 (10/04/2010): - Added MP units config. This basically removes all headgear from the units, allowing for custom glasses-type headgear to be used, a few are included in a seperate PBO. - Tweaked ACE config, adding support for the new AI talk module (units _should_ talk in English rather than in Russian/not at all). - Adjusted camo ratings for some patrol units. - The SFSG Units now use MTP camo instead of Multicam (the SAS/SBS still retain what Multicam they previously had). > PUBLIC RELEASE V1.031 (25/02/2010): - Re-Updated textures on desert SAS and SBS units, as I previosuly overwrote the incorrect textures. Whoops! lol. - Updated SFSG Textures (these were the ones I was supposed to update before, but instead decided to overwirte the SBS Textures. Whoops again!). - Fixed Desert Patrol MG'ers missing kneepad model (previously, it was simply textured on). - Attempted to re-position and somewhat resize the bush-hats in an attempt to reduce clipping when using black faces (their head-shape is different ingame). > PUBLIC RELEASE V1.03 (28/01/10): - Updated textures on desert SAS and SBS units (editing UBACS Multicam top on SBS, and various tweaks to the SAS textures). - Added P226 to 'ACE Config' Units. > PUBLIC RELEASE V1.02 (11/01/10): - Added 'ACE' Units, that having hidden backpacks (as with ArmA1 version of the pack), and use ACEx weapons and items. All within a seperate config. Don't have ACE/ACEx? Don't install the two ACE files. - Tweaked a few models, adding a bit more variety to the units wearing gloves etc. - Fixed 'Russian speaking units' issue. - Resolved the slight proxy mis-alignment on the custom NVGs leading to glasses etc to clip slightly into the side of almost every unit's head (especially noticable with ACE balaclavas). - Fixed the issues involving the respawn loadouts of a few units (i.e. not having the ability to access the map, compass or radio/GPS etc). > PUBLIC RELEASE V1.01 (29/12/09): - Fixed a small, but annoying config error that resulted in an on-screen popup caused by a last-minute, unchecked, presumed to work, config edit. > BETA v1.0 (20/12/2009): - Original port from ArmA1. - Added SBS and SFSG Units. - Numerous model edits across the board, too many to list. If you used the ArmA1 version of the units, then you'll more than likely spot the changes. - Huge update on the textures, most were re-done from scratch with new DPM swatches etc. Thanks go to SafetyCatch once again. Anyway, now the important thing, the download link (mirrors are very welcome, and will be added here as and when they are posted, thanks in advance): v1.04 IS LIVE Mirrors: - Armaholic.com (v1.04) - Arma2Base.de (v1.04) - eprison.de (v1.04)
  8. Jackal326

    SJB Assault Rifles Pack

    So, its been 18 months of trials and tribulations in my real-life. I've still been around and active on here but have lacked motivation to work on much of anything. I wont go into details but suffice it to say that I'm now back to having some more free time to put into working on the update. Without further delay, here is what is planned for the next version of the AR Pack - no idea on a release yet, still a lot of stuff to hash-out but hopefully it'll be before Arma4... --- FIXES/TWEAKS --- - Adjusted saturation of OD furniture on Diemaco/Colt-Canada (C7/C8) rifles - Fixed a few janky part animations on various rifles (bolt return lever, triggers etc) - Huge overhaul to rvmats and materials to give a more uniform and realistic look to metals, plastics etc. --- ADDITIONS --- - AK74M - FN FAL & FN FAL PARA - G3A3 - G3-SG1 - M110 (I know its *technically* a sniper-rifle but it shares common elements with AR-10 based rifles so...) - M4A1 DMR Variant with MAGPUL Stock, extended barrel and new foregrip (because I was bored). Oh, and a brand new model for the L119A2s courtesy of Joris Chambard. It now also has an SFW configuration too 👍
  9. SJB Assault Rifles v1.0 After a few years out of the modding scene I am proud to present a pack of assault rifles that I have had in the works for what feels like decades. In reality its more like about 9 years, so its close enough. CONTENTS: The pack contains 25 variants of 10 famous rifles with more planned to be added in the future. A full list of the pack's contents can be found below: - AKM/AKMS - C7A2 (Canadian version of the M16A2 with OD furniture and TRI-AD I rail adaptor) - C8A3 (Canadian version and upgrade of the M4A1 with similar additions as the C7A2) - HK416 (10" and 14.5" variants) - HK417 (16" and 20" DMR variants*) - L119A1 (In CQB and SFW variants with various furniture - 6 versions and 2 with UGL - 8 total) - L119A2 (Only one CQB model so far, more versions with various barrel lengths are planned as well as various furniture) - M4 - M4A1 (3 versions with diffrent furniture and one with a grip-pod foregrip) - M16A2 (An old classic with an M203 version) - M16A4 (A more modernised M16A2 with RIS foregrip and an M203 version). * I realise a DMR isn't technically an assault rifle, but I already had the model done as part of a weapon pack I helped develop for my old squad so I decided to include it. FUTURE PLANS: I do plan to include other rifles in future versions, as well as more variants of currently included rifles - most are in the "one day, when I have the time!" stage. Throughout development I have been in two-minds as to whether or not to use custom sound files for the weapons firing sounds. I already use a few custom sounds for the bolt opening/closing and selector switches being used when switching firing modes. However, inheriting default weapon sounds from the base game's weapons allows users to use their own preferred sound mod and have this pack integrate seemlessly with other addons that do the same. If demand is high enough I may well implement custom sounds, or perhaps an alternate config to allow for choice but as of right now the weapons use sounds from the base-game's weapons. CREDITS: Without the help, advice and permissions of the people listed below this pack would not have been possible, so a huge thank you needs to be extended to the following people: - Twinke Masta (Johan Santana) - (M4A1 base model/textures) - Krycek - (M16A2 model pieces) - Da12thMonkey/UKF - (FA556-212 Suppressor base-model/textures) - Frimenitnet - (AKM base model) - Stefan Engdahl - (M203 textures and base-model) - PuFu - (PuFu's sarcasm rivals my own and the forum post made by PuFu often kept me amused and motivated) - Eddie Price - (Massive amount of work on the textures of most rifles and attachments and a lot of suggestions for model tweaks) VERSION HISTORY: v1.0 - This release Q&A: - What does this mod require? Please see the "'REQUIREMENTS' section below - Do you plan to add <insert weapon name here>? Maybe, but don't ask/demand/request/pleased/offer bribes for......infact bribes might work... - When will the next update/addition be released? When its ready... - Can I make a mission/campaign/showcase for your addon? Go for it. Being used in missions is why I released the addon in the first place. THE ALL IMPORTANT DOWNLOAD LINKS: SJB ASSAULT RIFLES V1.00 - STEAM WORKSHOP - Mirrors to follow SJB WEAPONS CORE V1.00 - STEAM WORKSHOP - Mirrors to follow REQUIREMENTS: Arma3 with the latest update This addon makes use of CBA's ASDG-JR (Joint Rails) and as a result requires CBA for Arma3 to function properly (read: at all as its listed as a required addon in the config). This addon also requires 'SJB Weapons Core v1.0' which contains all of the ammunition, magazine defines and magazine proxies for use across all of my planned weapon packs.
  10. I'm no expert when it comes to vehicle configs/models but only two things I can think of come to mind as possible explanations: The first is that the fire memory points ("usti hlavne" and "konec hlavne") aren't part of the animated turret named selection, however I'm fairly sure that would break the muzzle-flash (not the particle effects as they're defined separately) so its probably not the case. The second, and again this is purely supposition and me thinking out loud, but is it possible the large object geometry issue that is caused by objects being above a certain size are breaking the selections/memory point definitions and defaulting the position and not the direction of the memory points/animations? Again, I'm just spit-balling here.
  11. Jackal326

    Buldozer not loaded properly

    But you didn't say what you changed from your first post to your second, only that you were "able to solve" the text issue. If you aren't detailed in your steps to "solving" your issue, how can we help figure out what you broke in the process?
  12. Jackal326

    Buldozer not loaded properly

    ...but everything isn't correctly installed/extracted to the P drive, or some other such setting is wrong as the textures (and objects) aren't being loaded.
  13. As far as I am aware you can name the memory points whatever you want in both the model and the config.cpp provided that they both marry-up and match. If they aren't defined correctly then of course they wont work... Lets not forget you would also need to define the other connected things such as muzzle-flash affects, gas ejection ports etc. for the full effect.
  14. Its because you're referencing class assembleInfo; as an external class, when its a sub-class definition. Try the following (not tested): class CfgVehicles { class UAV_01_base_F; class B_UAV_01_backpack_F { class assembleInfo; }; If that doesn't work, try: class CfgVehicles { class UAV_01_base_F; class B_UAV_01_backpack_F; class ASTR_UAV_01_F: UAV_01_base_F { _generalmacro = "ASTR_UAV_01_F"; accuracy = 0.5; author = "DreamRebel"; crew = "O_UAV_AI"; displayname = "Tayran AR-2"; faction = "ASTR"; hiddenselectionstextures[] = {"ASTR\Data\ASTR_Quadcopter.paa"}; scope = 2; side = 0; typicalcargo[] = {"O_UAV_AI"}; class assembleInfo { assembleto = ""; base = ""; displayname = ""; dissasembleto[] = {"ASTR_UAV_01_backpack_F"}; primary = 1; }; }; class ASTR_UAV_01_backpack_F: B_UAV_01_backpack_F { _generalmacro = "ASTR_UAV_01_backpack_F"; author = "DreamRebel"; faction = "ASTR"; hiddenselectionstextures[] = {"\A3\Drones_F\Weapons_F_Gamma\Ammoboxes\Bags\data\UAV_backpack_cbr_co.paa"}; picture = "\A3\Drones_F\Weapons_F_Gamma\ammoboxes\bags\data\ui\icon_B_C_UAV_cbr_ca"; side = 0; class assembleInfo { assembleto = "ASTR_UAV_01_F"; base = ""; displayname = "Tayran AR-2"; }; }; }; EDIT: Just noticed the OP is from 2015, god damn you @AirsoftArmoury15_97 for necro'ing the thread
  15. Jackal326

    Retexture of Helicopter Rotor Blades

    For the 'setObjectTextureGlobal' command to work, the part you want to assign textures to must have hiddenselections assigned to them (via a combination of model and config work). As we don't have access to the models, due to them being Binarized, I doubt you'll have much luck in this endeavour. You could, theoretically at least, hex-edit the model(s) to use your new textures but that is a very grey-area around these parts...
  16. Jackal326

    Arma Reforger/Arma4 VR Support

    Other than the direction of the game not fitting with VR inclusion. By your definition 'Stray' should have VR. I don't hate VR, I just don't feel it "fits" with Arma given how it feels like a gimmick when you look how VR games are designed for it. Games such as 'Half-Life: Alyx', 'Boneworks', 'Hard Bullet', 'Blood Trail' etc have it as such an integral part of the game functionality itself. I don't want to lie on the floor of my room to go prone in a video game, whilst that might appeal to many people you again limit those who have VR but play games using it in confined spaces. Whilst many games offer this an option, given the many mechanics at play in Arma I just can't see its full-implementation the way a few here seem to see it. Whilst there are games that support VR and have non-VR (and more main-stream) versions (Skyrim, Fallout 4 etc) they require seperate versions to play using VR. The "main/regular" games don't support VR and you can't play the VR versions like the regular versions without VR equipment. Ergo, for "proper" and "from the ground up" support for VR you'd require 2 albeit similar games developed in tandem, requiring the division of the development team to necessitate the dual-development. Otherwise, you end up with a disparity of versions where the VR version lags behind with fixes and updates where-by you would lose the "dreamed of" cross-compatibility everyone would cry out for. I wouldn't mind seeing a smaller-scale Arma title developed solely for VR, I just don't see it being practical for inclusion in the "mainstream" version...
  17. This. You only need to define an external (or otherwise already defined classname) once, and you don't need to re-reference it later. I haven't tested this code and knocked it together quick so don't overwrite your existing config for fear I've missed something or broken it: class CfgPatches { class Spielwiese_Cayuse { author = "SirBassi | Arma Spielwiese"; name = "Cayuse mit GPS"; url = "https://discord.gg/...."; units[] = {}; weapons[] = {}; requiredVersion = 0.1; requiredAddons[] = {"loadorder_f_vietnam"}; }; }; class CfgVehicles { class vn_air_oh6a_cargo_base; // not sure if this is defined in another config, if it is you'll need to add its cfgPatches name in to requiredAddons field above (unless its defined in "loadorder_f_vietnam" in which case you are good to go. If its not an external reference it'll throw an 'undefined base class error' class vn_b_air_oh6a_01_asw: vn_air_oh6a_cargo_base { enableGPS = 1; }; class vn_air_oh6a_base; class vn_b_air_oh6a_03_asw: vn_air_oh6a_base { enableGPS = 1; }; class vn_b_air_oh6a_04; class vn_b_air_oh6a_05_asw: vn_b_air_oh6a_04 { enableGPS = 1; }; class vn_b_air_oh6a_06_asw: vn_b_air_oh6a_04 { enableGPS = 1; }; class vn_b_air_oh6a_07_asw: vn_b_air_oh6a_04 { enableGPS = 1; }; class vn_b_air_oh6a_02; class vn_b_air_oh6a_04_asw: vn_b_air_oh6a_02 { enableGPS = 1; }; class vn_b_air_oh6a_base; class vn_b_air_oh6a_02_asw: vn_b_air_oh6a_base { enableGPS = 1; }; }; Take note of the commented // parts
  18. Jackal326

    I Need some help with config

    Your cfgPatches section is b0rked and isn't closed properly - its missing a ; after one of the } class CfgPatches { class 427 { author = "427th Dev Team"; name = "427th Aux Mod"; units[] = {}; weapons[] = { }; requiredAddons[] = { "A3_Characters_F", }; }; // added in the missing ; for you }; If you press CTRL+G in Notepad you can type in what line you have the issue on from the error message, in this case line 22, and it will take you right to the line, though you'll need to actually look to see what is causing the error...
  19. Jackal326

    Arma Reforger/Arma4 VR Support

    A long list of reasons why VR will (most likely) never be a fully supported feature in an Arma game.
  20. Jackal326

    Launcher goes straight to Multiplayer game

    Well it didn't get there by itself. You said yourself the last time you played was 8 months ago. I can't remember every little thing I did 8 hours ago, let alone 8 months ago so either you have the greatest memory in the World and the game launcher modified its own launch parameters or you put it in the command line and simply forgot about it...
  21. Jackal326

    Launcher goes straight to Multiplayer game

    ...because you put it there...
  22. Jackal326

    Issues with VON

    Didn't they turn VON off on official servers for some reason? I remember reading a post somewhere about it but can't seem to find it now...oh wait, here it is. As there is no mention of them having turned it back on, I assume that is your issue.... Disregard, I missed the part where you said you can hear others talking...
  23. I'm no scripting genius but wont that execution method only work if you ARE PLAYING AS the whiteboard?
  24. Whatever tool you're using to unpack the PBO isn't worth the bytes of information that form its whole. Download Mikero's tools suite and it will automatically convert the config.bin to a config.cpp when you unpack PBOs. Config.cpp can easily be read in Notepad (or similar).