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  1. Bill70 EW

    Tanks - Fire-control system

    I'm glad the Dev's have brought this in ,, as an Ex tanker I learn t to to estimate ranges which is quite possible within the game mechanics of Arma 2 and 3 ,, but having now a reliable way to lase targets ( without having to use ACE !! ) is fantastic ,, good work and thank you !!
  2. For the devs working on the TANK DLC , , I hope you's make a good job of it , being an Ex tanker of a UK Regiment , I do miss the "real " feeling of being back in tanks ,, one thing that has annoyed me when playing either Arma 2 or 3 in tanks is the lack of a "turret" indicator for , Driver ,Commander , Gunner ( yes the gunner had an indicator as well tho most of us experienced gunners rarely used it as we knew exactly where the barrel was in relation to vehicle hull ;) )positions this was a safety item on our tanks . I 've seen it being incorporated into a few of the tanks mods out there but haven't seen it on the vanilla tanks , rather annoying when you are closed down in a fight trying to get the tank into a better firing position so as not to catch the barrel on buildings or trees when driving around ,usually means we've taken longer to get somewhere or we've lost the vehicle.......... Also if possible please sort the physics ,as some people have stated already there are times when the vehicles catch come small bush or a wall or some item that's in/ on terrain and launches the vehicle into the air , which has also meant losing the vehicle due to it suddenly being exposed to enemy units ........ Vehicle handling could be improved as well ,its a very fiddly process when driving tracked vehicles in game as the response's of using a mouse keyboard system to drive hasn't got that , analogue feeling , its either on or off when trying to turn ,ok for cross country but when driving on roads it just isn't " Real life feeling "...... Another thing I'd like to see is better viewing capability from drivers position for driving closed down ,, its pretty darn useless in arma 2 or 3 , in RL in my Chieftain back in the day , we had the capability of seeing both front mudguards from drivers seat , appx 45 ° angle .... And please lets forget the Russian tanks for gawds sake ( lol) am sick of them !!! Would be nice to see Challenger 1 and 2 's being developed and brought into the game !! ( lol ok so I'm biast on that topic heehee)
  3. I have both helicopters and marksmen DLC's , both are fun to play around with .... For the price atm I would say go buy 'em !!! regards Bill70 ;)
  4. Bill70 EW

    Domination Redux by Champy and Tankbuster

    Would just like to point out that we are not part of |GITS| Anymore ................. We are now part of Battlegroup-=EXTRA=- ;) Regards Bill70
  5. Rob m8 good job on 1.7 I'm loving it and thanks for sorting the ruddy depression of some of the weapon systems ,, finally we can use the IFV's in proper positions ....... As for those Hinds ,,,, eeeekkk lol love the camo and animation beut job !!! 'Now go fix the "airsbase spawn " ;) lol
  6. Bill70 EW

    FRL_Air mod WIP

    Oops I believe that was my TB that nearly hit you m8y :devil::nuts: was good fun though ;)
  7. Bill70 EW

    FRL_Air mod WIP

    As if we didn't have enough problems with darn air contacts lmao ......... :j: Me thinks I'm going to have to go get me 2nd computer setup for FIRE Support :raisebrow: Certainly is going to make our lives alot harder heehee knowing that we's gonna be spanked by "Bears" FPDR... Next you'll be bringing ruddi UFO's in lmao
  8. Bill70 EW

    Weird features in British Armored vehicles

    lol bin there seen it done it m8 ,,,, lmao ...... !!
  9. Bill70 EW

    Weird features in British Armored vehicles

    The "BV" was a darn good idea back then on tanks ,its a frigging life saver when you are on the move for 3 days + with little or no sleep !!! either on exercise or on ops ! having served 13 years in a Tank Reg I can say it was a godsend bout the best bit of kit "inside" the Chieftain .......... !! Not only can you boil water but you could put the canes of food inside the BV so they were heated up by the time we stopped , plus of course a nice cup o coffee after eating the food went down well .. Oh and for anyone wanting to know why it was decided to install a "BV" ,, quite simple back in the day of development of the chieftain series the MOD ( as far as I've been told anyway!) was told they could either have an AC system or a water boiling system but not both .. ---------- Post added at 13:03 ---------- Previous post was at 12:59 ---------- Accttuuuaaallly me old fruit bat for the times I was "working " on foot I was quite happy for me "hexi burner" ,, they are also a godsend and dont take that long to boil water or heat up food ,if you know what you are doing with them ;) heehee ......
  10. Bill70 EW

    SpeedofSound - Missing Files

    I have to agree with Egg on this one ,, after reading through the previous posts you all dont exactly give enthusiasm For our good friend BigPickles to even consider replying ,maybe a new strategy on your part would be advisable , Both Egg and I know Bigpickles very well and have helped / watched with his mod giving him enthusiasm to bring it to what it is ! Though yet again people like yourselves demanding a response from the author is something that is killing the Modding scene for Arma altogether , in the last few weeks speaking to modders on TS and hearing how they are considering stopping modding altogether due to sh..te they have to read through on there posts , maybe you should trying being more appreciative to the Author !!! Then JUST maybe he will be encouraged to give a reply ,, Maybe ............
  11. Bill70 EW


    As an Ex chieftain crew member I can say that Brooks143 ,has done an extremely immaculate model .. I for one am looking forward to trying this model out !!!!
  12. Bill70 EW

    FRL_Air mod WIP

    OMFG............ nice one Rob ...... I know I've said this often enough in the past but Many thanks m8 for your time and effort ..... I am certainly looking forward to trying these out hurrhurr .......... Bill !!!
  13. Pmsfl ......... . looking forward to this one ;) (amazingly no replies from "rivet pickers" heehee)
  14. Hmmmmmm I have a "Barge poll" with your name on it ;) mon Sir
  15. I would just like to Apologise to all who may read this post lol my swearing was a bit over the top ..... ( Blushing ) ... but it was funny as hell ,, looking forward to the next Chapter of " pirating" !!!!! lol Bill70