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    Ex British Army, Royal Dragoon Guards. Love Arma, Love Tanks,Fast Cars and Tank History.

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  1. brooks143

    L85a2 v3

    Hello kiory, great mod love the amount of detail put in. Is a bayonet going to be included in future release?
  2. brooks143

    Harrier GR9

    any chance you can share these skin with everyone. i am loving the look of them.
  3. brooks143


    I have gave my chieftain model too the warming hand of Egg Beast and his group to finish off. Unfortunately i could not finish by myself, i just don't have the time or knowledge to finish off. But i have had a long chat with Eggbeast and spoke too him on what my plans were on the model in future and we both had the same ideas for it. overall i think its new home is perfect for it and cant wait too see the finished results.
  4. brooks143


    if anyone want the files for this mod pls message and will send them.
  5. brooks143


    il will have a look thanks
  6. brooks143


    Does anyone know how to apply your own texture to there own model and have them in game too see. i am abit stuck on this one.
  7. brooks143


    abit more uv mapping and then textures. PM bud
  8. brooks143


    i might be putting the mod up unfinished for others too complete as i don't have the knowledge to do certain task to complete the project. if there are any interest private message me.
  9. brooks143


    i am looking at doing that. as i cant texture every variant of camo. it would take me a while as this mod is a 1 man band build.
  10. brooks143


    yes there is a chance
  11. brooks143


    i am going to have 2 camo with the vehicle. Not shore how long this is going to take but i might do something after this. something a bit smaller.
  12. brooks143


    Update in game photo's. just texturing too do:D [/img] [/img] [/img] [/img]
  13. brooks143


    Can someone reply on this, so i can get started if it the case of importing again.
  14. brooks143


    is it possible, too import just the uv mapping from 3dsmax too oxygen 2. Or will i have too import the hole model again.
  15. brooks143


    Hcpookie you are correct sir it was the RVmat Being stupid. so i did what you said and it works. many thanks