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  1. Hmmm, the chap with the L85A2 in that picture may want to have a rethink on his shooting technique, nice way to remove his teeth with the cocking handle and receiving a hot empty case in the face firing it left handed! :)
  2. Tarnish

    Rejenorst's Missions [SP/MP/COOP]

    @Rejenorst You're quite right regarding the US Army cancelling the Mk16 in favour of the Mk17. The stated reason is that the Mk16 gives no real improvement over the current in service 5.56mm weapons. Looking forward future missions from you, I'm replaying this one quite a lot.
  3. Tarnish

    Rejenorst's Missions [SP/MP/COOP]

    Short or not this is one of the best single player missions I've played in a while. The voice acting is very high quality, really adds to an already great atmosphere. Challenging but without being obscenely difficult. A big thumbs up to this one.
  4. Excellent work all round fellas, I've played through a few missions and it's been very enjoyable. A couple of minor observations so far. First the speed of the M1 Garand needs to be increased to be more like the Carbine, the M1 will fire as fast as you can squeeze the trigger. Also the anim for the Sten guns gripping the magazine, Nooooo!!! With the Sten's single column magazine that would cause a stoppage so it was a no no. The barrel shroud was the place to be. I'm an allied WW2 re-enactor as my main hobby so I've fired most of the allied personal weapons at one time or another so I'm reasonable familiar with them. Other than that and the Omaha CTD which I have after a team switch it's all pretty mega.
  5. Looking spot on, much more like the real weapon. Regards the RoF if realism is your thing and the game engine gives issues keep in mind that the M134 in its latest form the DC battery powered M134D produced by Dillon Aero has a fixed nominal rate of fire of 3000RPM. Seems no point pushing up towards 4000rpm if it will give problems. I should be getting my eyes on the M134D for real sometime before Xmas, only got some "old fashioned" AC guns at work at the moment.
  6. These units are the mutts nuts and placeholder or not I love the L129A1.
  7. Really enjoying this Alpha release so far, really bodes well for the full release, lots of atmosphere. I've been getting a few glitches, I found it impossible to keep the engine off on the M113 if I have a gunner in position. I've had a couple of "Out of Memory" CTDs and units quite regularly cease to respond to orders, they'll answer in the affirmative but simply not do anything. I've also found it annoyingly easy to lose use of my helo support by accidentally hitting the "OUT" command, if that was made a little more difficult to do that'd offset for my ineptitude! Keep up the good work.
  8. Really? So you're saying that you would be quite happy to have worked hard on a project for months to then see it stolen from you? I doubt that very much.
  9. I'm having great trouble trying to work out what Loosebruce's motivation was to behave in such a selfish and absurd way. Did he honestly think anybody would thank him for doing this? All he has achieved is to make an utter fool and pariah of himself. One has to ask if he behaves in such a manner in real life with absolutely no morals or consideration for other people? He's going to be a very lonely individual if that's the case. To the PR team, best of luck getting this frustrating and unnecessary situation corrected and I look forward with great anticipation to your mods official release.
  10. Tarnish

    dePBO not working on 1.54 content

    Calm thy self, I was making NO comment on your feelings about it simply stating my view as to why I like to have the ability to DePBO. And no I didn't read the whole thread as it all seems rather premature only one day after release of the DLC.
  11. Tarnish

    dePBO not working on 1.54 content

    It is a bit of a shame that the BAF content can't be DePBO'ed but it is BIS intellectual property after all so I can't complain. My only reason for wanting to unpack PBOs is to have the ability to take exisiting missions and plonk 3rd party units in the try them out in a proper single player mission enviroment. I loved "Battlesfields" in OFP Resistance for that very reason. It would be nice to have the PUKF weapons and kit in the BAF missions and campaign. C'est la vie.
  12. Yeah I'll happily concede that one mate, it's big, black, heavy and often a tw@t to fit if it's feeling like it! The pod itself can still fire standard US 2.75" rockets, although would be very unlikely as I think it's likely that aircraft system software was modified to account for the differing ballistics. :)
  13. UK Apache carries M261 launchers just the same as the US Army aircraft, it is just the rockets that are different. Trust me I'm an armourer and have humped the things on and off a few times. :)
  14. Ok I'm a self confessed rivet/stitch counter especially when it comes to UK military kit so I do admit to having some misgivings regards certain aspects of the unit and weapon models as portrayed in the BAF DLC. That as it may be I am still going to buy it as along with the improvements OA has already introduced those offered in the DLC can only add to it further, especially when as already pointed out I can mix and match BIS models with 3rd party stuff. I reckon the BIS British kit mixed with UKPF, RKSL and StalkerGB offerings will create quite a pleasing cocktail. As for paying for the DLC? Well I paid money for the Red Hammer and Resistance updates for Op Flash and they would be delivered as DLC rfather than on CD these days I'm sure. Royal Marines from 40 Commando on patrol in the Sangin area of Afghanistan are pictured (left) with the newly introduced L129A1 Sharpshooter 7.62mm rifle and (right) an L85A2 assault rifle. Both Marines are wearing newly issued Mk7 helmets and Mk8 Osprey body armour and are dressed in Multi Terrain Pattern (MTP) camouflage. http://www.defenceimagedatabase.mod.uk/fotoweb/Grid.fwx