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  1. Cobra is looking gorgeous Max
  2. wow that mastiff is next level :omg: its like a big sexy school bus... from hell !
  3. Excellent looking finish Max this link http://762precision.wordpress.com/custom-duracoat-firearm-finishes/snakeskin-finishes/ has some "interesting" paint finishes available to those with $$ the snakeskin glock needs a wipe clean.. i think i may have ........ :p
  4. Great stuff , well done getting to this stage :)
  5. its certainly working for me :p seasons greets RKSL , hope next year is fruitful and positive
  6. sounds really complex yep... how does that translate into the game world , is it lines of code or does something happen to the model...what do you see ? got to agree with Kristian a video would be cool , its rare i pimp for news on addons but whos going to blame me for being eager to see anything r.e this beast .:cool:
  7. Texture and model paths maybe ? Are they local (like in the addon folder ) or are they called from game data like ca/tracked/blar... ?
  8. A proxy called "\ca\wheeled\flag_alone" is added to models for capture the flag games , or do you mean the type used on parades or like standard bearers ?
  9. this is my shadow LOD , no proxies . this is it in bulldozer, as you can see the crew shadow is displayed properly .:butbut: Yep Gnat you are 100% on the shadow LOD , if the crew proxy isnt present it draws the low res style shadow in game . *edit ..i just added the crew to the shadow LOD and tested in game but the same low res shadow was being cast even with shadow set to very high ... go figure : / seems they dont really do anything when added to the shadow LOD ? @namman i am still sure you dont need to put them in the hitpoints LOD for hit detection , just the fire geo ...but hey i could be wrong about that too and @ blink ...sorry for the total threadjack :/
  10. Unless someone comes up with a solution straight away we will need more info about the model . If it was a cfg error i imagine it would flag as it loaded so a crash smells like a model error . How many texture files any materials (rvamt's) what LOD's present (geo etc ) section count face count ....spose if its an ofp model face count wont be too high Run another check through everything .. names etc i did spot in your cfg... model=\idp_a139\idp_agusta_mesh_MLOD; think it needs some "" ... ? model = "\idp_a139\idp_agusta_mesh_MLOD"; ---------- Post added at 04:26 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:14 PM ---------- @namman afaik you should only need to put proxies in the view LOD's and FireGeometry ( and these should only be crew or cargo type in the FireGeo) , not in shadow lods ...proxies have their own shadow lods , proxies also have no geometry lod so any proxy geometry has to be acounted for in the main model geo lod . please correct me if i'm wrong coz it means im doing it the wrong way :D
  11. Shadows are part of the LOD family within the addon , the shadow LOD's get progressively less detail just like the view LOD's but the standard seems to be just 2 with BIS models as apposed to 5 or 6 view LOD's . When you set shadows to high the engine will use the most detailed LOD when it can , dropping down to the lower one if the scene demands . Set to low the engine will use the lower LOD . The shadow is not measured in texture size rather model complexity . ...i think :butbut:
  12. Hi .. i tried this and got a massive fps boost , i deleted all the lods from the trees and bushes and just drew some onto my monitor with felt tip .
  13. orson

    M2a2 model strangeness

    Massive lol ! :D "cut his index and middle finger off so that he can never model again, then shoot him" bit harsh ?