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  1. Ok thanks, What are the basic controls? Add Object Delete Object Rotate Object Raise and Lower Object ETC Thanks
  2. anyone else having issues with the manual? The link doesnt seem to work anymore
  3. Capt_Woods

    Roads not working

    the default addon builder, not had an issue with it before :-(
  4. Capt_Woods

    Roads not working

    Ok so I have had roads work before with no issues and on the map I'm making now it all shows up fine in bulldozer but when I pack the map and load it in game it only shows the roads I placed by hand and not the ones from the shape file. Anyone had this before? My current ideas: It's based on an Arma 2 map so maybe there is an issue with editing a "mapname_8WVR" file? I messed up with some file-path stuff. I've fixed it but maybe its still looking in the wrong place because its Arma an Arma is stupid lol I need to reinstall my whole computer because Arma is stupid Arma is stupid
  5. Capt_Woods


    And this is all thats wrong with the Arma community of mod makers. But lets not derail this topic too much. Lets hope the mighty Mod creator will grace us with updates soon!
  6. Capt_Woods


    Thats a shame, not sure why you would make something for a steam focused game and not agree with the EULA but oh well. </endminirant> Lets hope the next update makes it worth the extra effort to download and setup. I'm sure it will be as each update just gets better and better.
  7. Capt_Woods


    I love this Mod, can't wait till it "officially" comes out on steam so I can use it on my server. Can't wait for base building! then it will be truly EPIC!!!!
  8. Capt_Woods

    Dynamic Combat Generator

    The "modules" refer to addons that you can use within DCG. Because the creator has tried to have it ONLY run on the server there are no modules as such. Sadly if you run a server and have people connect via the Arma 3 Launcher it will try and get them to run the DCG addon anyway. Just remind people not to do that or turn off sig check on your server.
  9. Capt_Woods

    Dynamic Combat Generator

    Do you have any plans to make this as scripts again? The module system is nice but I much prefer the old system. Also the wiki is very empty, do you have any plans to update it with more information? Still love this, just wish it was as easy to use as it used to be.
  10. So it seems that I didn't have the default DLC enabled in tadst. Wasn't an issue before but is one now so make sure that is enabled.
  11. Introduction We are a small unit that is growing is size, we have only been going for about a month now. We run a mixture of Public(Mod Free) and Private(Modded) Operations covering a wide selection of mission types. Public Operations Our public server runs 24/7 and is a mixture of Domination and CTI missions. We run two "Official" ops on here a week but players dip in and out all week long so you are never short of people to play with. Private Operations Our Private server serves both our Private ops and as our Training server. We run a Dynamic combat system allow us to quickly jump into a mission at any time and allows new recruits to see how the pros do it! Recruitment We have a few recruitment requirements: 15+ Working Mic & Teamspeak Speak understandable English Able to commit enough time to play on a regular basis Specialist Training We have the following specialist training available to those that are committed: Helicopter Support Combat Medic EOD Special Forces For more information visit: www.natoshape.com
  12. I have started getting this since the latest update! Was it ever fixed?