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  1. 56Curious

    Viking PMC - Official Mod

    Version 1.1.7 - SUPER LATE update on this fourm page, my mistake. Viking PMC Official Mod Added: New South African Beret Added: Viking Logo Beret Added: Loki Camo Boonie Added: USA and Russian Patches for caps Added: New function VKN_fnc_formatChange to adjust data type format with given prams. See function notes for details Added: New weapons: AS VAL, Desert Eagle, Remington 870, SIG P226 and P250 Added: Beards with varying colours. Matched to custom faces. Added: Headless Client support and extended support for Werthles' Headless Module Added: Notification system on template tool that will alert user about a new update to the tool. Fixed: Cleanup on configs in VKN_Gear Fixed: Loki Gear Fixed: Naming conventions on caps Fixed: template tool not updating side from west. Fixed: Newest factions breaking Zeus. Overhauled: Image sizes of texture files Removed: Textures that are no longer used Viking PMC Official Mod - Extensions Added: New faction Modern China Added: New Faction Taiga Added: New Faction Legion Added: Loki Camo Nicecomm2 LR Radio Discuss this update in the discord here. View the code and extra info on updates via github here.
  2. 56Curious

    Viking PMC - Official Mod

    Version 1.1.5 and then 1.1.6 Released. (Mixed up changelog, sorry!) Viking PMC Official Mod Added: New function group, unit data (grab and set). Added: New caps with flags. Added: Mountain suits in various camos Added: New function to retreive faction from a side (int format) Fixed: Audio not playing on EC 365s Fixed: Various backend errors to bring them up to current standards. Fixed: Bad texture on PMC uniform Fixed: Naming of some uniforms Fixed: Allignment on mission template tool Fixed: Dynamic filtering system on template tool Fixed: squad placement on template tool Fixed: Quick Join not working from main menu (uses CBA settings now). Fixed: Functionary Suits being added without p3ds, still WIP until next major update. Overhauled: Mission template tool, will work on making it more dynamic for any user to setup settings rather than predefined. Updated: Insigina; Loki, Thor, VIS, Odin, Balder - hidden until next update due to image errors. Removed: EC-135 (Removed on the 02/06/2020) due to IP violation. Removed: Alive from ext. mod Viking PMC Official Mod - Extensions Fixed: errors on FAST helmet retextures Removed: RHS SAF from faction Discuss this update in the discord here. View the code and extra info on updates via github here.
  3. Your Path to the file looks incorrect, for textures and such you need to go from your addon name. I can't tell if you have named it custom_uniform because your folder structure is weird. \myAddonName\data\Uniform_Name\myCoolTexture.paa Would be the correct path for a texture file IF your addon does follow this path you have, then just add a \ at the start of the path to the texture and it will find it. I would suggest changing this to a simplier, more intuitive structure though, like the one I put above. Also you have a unit in the cfgPatches called "Custom_Uniform_Mod" but it doesn't exist in the config so its not needed and if you're using CUP assets add the addon to the required addon section of cfgPatches so it will load properly.
  4. 56Curious

    Viking PMC - Official Mod

    Hot fix: Removed EC-135.
  5. 56Curious

    New config causing CBA error?

    call cba_settings_fnc_init == 0 }> 23:01:10 Error position: <cba_settings_fnc_init == 0 Why is it calling a function but also checking if its equal to 0 at the same time, unless i'm wrong here? aha
  6. 56Curious

    Viking PMC - Official Mod

    Version Released. Viking PMC Official Mod Added: AK5C This update bridges the gap between .4 and .5 and also acts a little sneak peak as to whats coming 😄 Hope you enjoy, we'll be disclosing more media on the new assets arriving, its a big one! With 1000+ subscribers, I'd just like to thank each and every one of you that uses the mod and shares feedback, it really helps us progress! I hope you continue to support the mod!! Discuss this update in the discord here. View the code and extra info on updates via github here.
  7. 56Curious

    arma 3 vest retexture addons

    If you're after official content, use arma 3 tools and extract the game data. There you can find all the content with their .paa, configs etc. for you to view. Tutorials are on youtube, the fourms etc.
  8. 56Curious

    UAV Camera Turret

    If you can't find much on a UAV turret, maybe look for other turrets as an example and apply the knowledge/logic to your problem. Maybe look how BI do their UAVs and see if you can work it out. Feel free to share any info you have if you learn something new the community hasn't covered!
  9. 56Curious

    No entry - bin\config.bin

    uniformClass = "OMEGA_PV_UNIF1"; Is a reference to a cfgWeapons uniform. Uniforms require both a cfgVehicles and cfgWeapons entry, one to make the uniform and one to wear it as a reference. Both are required. If the unit you place says this has no entry you're missing the cfgWeapons, if the object is placeable, the uniform I mean, then you're missing a unit to wear the uniform, cfgVehicles. Hope this helps!
  10. Easy way of doing this would be for each unit you wanna change, adjust it's config entry then it'll make a new default uniform for example. An example of this would be: class B_Soldier_F: B_Soldier_base_F { uniformClass="U_B_CombatUniform_mcam"; //Here you change the uniform classname }; I mean this'll work to change the units clothes on any mission but will require a new addon (something you mentioned you don't know) to be made and downloaded by all users. It's fairly simple to make one now a days though! Hope this helps!
  11. 56Curious

    Viking PMC - Official Mod

    Due to an error on my part a temporary mod has been setup to allow the settings for frameworks to work without the extensions mod. This will be updated in V1.1.5, see the mod here.
  12. 56Curious

    Viking PMC - Official Mod

    Hi all! Just wanted to address the lack of an update this March. Due to the global crisis at the moment, as we all know we have been asked to work from home. While this gives devs a bit more free time to work on the mod, they still need contiune working from home. As well as this, uni work for myself and another dev hasn't changed (deadlines etc.) so we still need to be completing that. This does however mean the mod development is in a grey area. We are still planning to push updates, however they wont be scheduled until the summer (when my year is over basically). We have custom models planned for release very soon, including weapons, a new uniform and a new vehicle, all created in house. I am unsure when I will be releasing this, however I will stagger it across the time between nowe and the end of may. Obviously there will be little bits here and there in the mean time as well. Thank you for the continued support of the mod! Hope you all understand!
  13. 56Curious

    Viking PMC - Official Mod

    Version 1.1.4 Released. Viking PMC Official Mod Added: Post Process Effects Added: M9X RVMATs Added: New Identities Added: Fleece Uniforms Added: Uniform Diagonal pack Added: New cap based on offical, patch and backwards version too Added: VKN_fnc_selectRandomIndex function Updated: Amir Indentity with tattoo's Updated: Uniform Loki Fixed: Mission Template Tool with prep for next release Viking PMC Official Mod - Extensions Added: Diagonal opscore helmets Updated: Loki Vests Updated: Loki Opscore helmets Updated: M90/M98 packs (uniforms, vests, radios) Discuss this update in the discord here. View the code and extra info on updates via github here.
  14. 56Curious

    Viking PMC - Official Mod

    MERRY CHRISTMAS! Hope everyone has enjoyed it, here's an update on us! 😄 Version 1.1.3 Released. Viking PMC Official Mod Added: Standardized images for use. Added: Random Arsenal Loadout Generator. Fixed: Mission Template Tool. Fixed: Panic Button displaying to all users. Updated: Randomization system on image selections Viking PMC Official Mod - Extensions Fixed: VKN_Characters not working with ACE interaction Discuss this update in the discord here. View the code and extra info on updates via github here.
  15. Ah that makes more sense - I too am interested in how this was found - There are some other modules I will need to be setting up via script 😄 Thanks alot though, can finally release this fix hah