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  1. You can change in in settings - time for paradrop also weight of each cargo item with space inside
  2. Can't wait to see it on action. Last year our community made 60+ JO with two LCAC and LPD and nie with VIV and (Maybe?) Mk10 would be hell of a USMC landing operation to make :-)
  3. Weird nut sometimes i do not hear sound od radio when broadcasting
  4. One thing that should be done - adding keybind for relase all rope on case of emergency
  5. HAFM Submarines V2.0

    Thx for fast replay - keep good work up :) Great mod once again :)
  6. HAFM Submarines V2.0

    Great work - but! :) Is there a way to lift weapons officer periscope/camera up like commanding officer?
  7. Hi, is there a way to make object or radio play specific frequency from mission start with loudspeaker on - used as radio station for command post only for cosmetics, for example few communications officers could listen to few radios and give orders to specific groups/radio channelsa only without having multiple radios instead
  8. Project OPFOR

    New RHS and we lost option to give some decals to helicopters and other stuff any update?
  9. Advanced Rappelling

    Like i said - it is not ALIVE issue, only AR oon linux dedicated server thats all, previous version without custom animations works well, newest not. And it is connected to: dynamic simulation, DAC or ALIVE, everything using simulation breaks when using thi nice mod
  10. Advanced Rappelling

    https://github.com/sethduda/AdvancedRappelling/releases/tag/1.2 - this version works fine, probably animations are gamebreaking
  11. Advanced Rappelling

    Alive or without it - AR damages simulation in some way on linux servers, so yea i can confirm it
  12. Advanced Rappelling

    Is there any chance, that it will be repaired for Linux servers? Still like on github there is issue for this mod, it causes simulation do weird things for DAC, ALIVE and dynamic simulation :/ for linux servers, probably for animations