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  1. And not only You so AFM is appreciate.
  2. Don't break my heart Warlord :) . In 7WEDS we are can't flying without AFM at all so don't make us wait to long .
  3. Sounds great whenever will be. "Manpads" can't wait for us so this is what we really need for sure. Thanks mate for jour job :) !
  4. Waiting for a future update we tryout this is what we got now :) . Every weapon works fine exept two things. Camera shakeing is very annoying but everyone knows that is arma3 matters. Second thing what i also want to put on to wishlist is a firing rocket control by pilot from rear cockpit. Rest of fly was a simply pleasure.
  5. Sorry :) ..... misunderstood , i still try improve my english.
  6. No , single monitor with TIR . When i sit in front cockpit there is same like other helos eg. RHS AH-64 . I had this problem during first relase NOD Apache in to arma3 and then only "solution" of this was switch ACQ sensor in FIX mode . Then head movement was ok. Since latest updates i don't have this problem. I assume You remove all old versions. Meaby try remove all NOD apche file and try again with new dawnload? Sorry i'm not good in technicals aspect arma 3 ..... but always help with flying techniqe :)
  7. Yes i remember this problem but after recent updates that was fixed ..... cant tell whats wrong :(
  8. Did you dawnload latest ver. 1.42+ ?
  9. Same as You wrote in one player onboard all weapon work exelent. Yes we test in multiplayer/multicrew. Thanks both of you for answer. While waiting to next future updates we make continue test flights to learn and skill up about this apache and find/confirm any issues . :)
  10. Me and my friend perform a flight test today. I read manual twice for sure and pay attention about details of weapon . My english in reading is enought good i think but ...... well in simple word i'm still not sure where is a problem - it's a bug , not implemented or meaby i'm doing something wrong. I give one example - firing rocket from upper cockpit (pilot-commander). Is that option is available in real AH-64 and NOD Apache ? Becouse we could't find out how it make it to allow pilot use rockets. Theres few other things that i have problem.But don't wanna write bug list until i figure out source of this - addon or my leak of knowlage ... or meaby manual must be update (in future). ANYWAY FLY THIS HELO WITH ALL HIS SYSTEMS IT'A A GREAT FUN!
  11. Yup ....is this something wrong that someone put his work at project like this?. If Nodunit and Franze don't have enought free time to pay attenion of project meaby they could approved others work like Sacha. That makes AH-64 more playable - many of us waiting for that.
  12. Small arms fire or even (sometimes) hit by manpad they do not cause explosion of helos risks at each times. The problem is the people don't pay attension to know about real life situation. But in MELB situations i think is problem is to strong armor a little bit even if rocket blow up near by helo. About "hitpoint" and tracking by rocket we must remember that MELB is a very small target as heat signature for manpads as a IR rocket as they are. So placeing hitpoint for this type weapon is good solution for me. More over we must remember one more thing. This kind of helicopter as SOF aviation has highend electronic device and jammer has it's standard equipment. Thats whats makes MELB difficult to hit ..... but meaby a little bit too difficult - difficult to judge finally. I like "as real as possible" but for me could be stay as is.
  13. Fallowing available information - no, they don't. This version is for CSAR USAF.