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  1. Hello all, I hope you're doing well. The basis of what I am trying to do is trying to change the position of a marker to another markers position via script. I have this line of code in my initServer.sqf: [] spawn {while {true} do {sleep 5; "MGIRespEastAI" setMarkerPos (getMarkerPos (selectRandom ["EastRESPmkr", "EastRESPmkr_1", "EastRESPmkr_3", "EastRESPmkr_2"]));};}; Basically, I am using PierreMGI's amazing addon "MGI Advanced Modules" and using his respawn system for AI. For my scenario, I have a sector placed and I have a trigger synced to an "Unlock" logic that is synced to the sectors module. The trigger will activate/unlock if OPFOR captures the sector. Within this trigger, I have it coded so that it creates markers ("EastRESPmkr_2", "EastRESPmkr_3") on other triggers I positioned around the AO of the sector, acting as potential positions for the "MGIRespEastAI" marker to be randomly teleported. These markers ("EastRESPmkr_2", "EastRESPmkr_3") will than be created if OPFOR captures the sector and would be deleted if OPFOR loses the sector. My other 2 markers ("EastRESPmkr", "EastRESPmkr_1") are acting as my base markers, essentially theses will already be activated upon start of my mission. Everything works as expected, where the "MGIRespEastAI" marker will teleport to either of the base markers, or if activated, would also be teleported to the captured sectors marker positions. But what sometimes happens is that the "MGIRespEastAI" marker will be sometimes positioned/teleported at the corner of the map? I was wondering if there's anything I should add or change about in my sqf file or maybe go a different route of randomly setting the position of a marker to an array of other marker positions? Any help will be greatly appreciated! If any more clarification or even a link for my mission file is needed, please let me know! Stay safe!
  2. Hey Larrow, it's a great honor to have had you solve my problem, you're a legend! Thank you so much, I really appreciate it! Have a wonderful rest of your week and stay safe boss!
  3. Hey PierreMGI, I hope all is well! I wanted to ask for some help with my trigger setup, if that's okay! Basically, I was reusing an old template I had, using the "AI can respawn" module and sectors. Essentially, I had it to where in my AO for my sector, I had an "Unlock" logic synced to my sector, and I had my 2 triggers (RespEASTpos_1, RespEASTpos_2) synced to the "Unlock" logic. Triggers are acting as positions where I want the "MGIRespEastAI" marker to move to randomly if the sector is captured/recaptured. In both triggers, I had it to where they only activate when OPFOR is present (when they capture the sector). Inside my initServer.sqf I have written, [] spawn {while {true} do {sleep 5; "MGIRespEastAI" setMarkerPos selectRandom [RespEASTpos_1,RespEASTpos_2] };}; What I notice is that the "MGIRespEastAI" marker moves to the trigger positions even when they're not activated/when the sector isn't captured by OPFOR. I have also tried using markers for possible positions to move the "MGIRespEastAI" marker, which seems to have fixed the previous issue, but I notice that sometimes the marker seems to teleport to the corner of the map and I am not sure how I would fix this, here is the code I am using, where "EastRESPmkr" and "EastRESPmkr_1" are acting as base markers and "EastRESPmkr_2" and "EastRESPmkr_3" are markers that are made once the sector is captured : [] spawn {while {true} do {sleep 5; "MGIRespEastAI" setMarkerPos (getMarkerPos (selectRandom ["EastRESPmkr", "EastRESPmkr_1", "EastRESPmkr_2", "EastRESPmkr_3"]));};}; Is there any way there might be another workaround for moving the "MGIRespEastAI" marker to captured sectors randomly? Or anything I can do fix either of the issues I am having? Thanks PierreMGI! EDIT: I fixed this problem thanks to Larrow, here is the code: [] spawn { while {true} do { sleep 5; //Only markers that currently exist _activeMarkers = [ "EastRESPmkr", "EastRESPmkr_1", "EastRESPmkr_3", "EastRESPmkr_2" ] select{ getMarkerPos _x isNotEqualTo [0,0,0] }; "MGIRespEastAI" setMarkerPos getMarkerPos(selectRandom _activeMarkers); }; }; Thanks PierreMGI, Have a great day!
  4. Hello, I hope you're doing well! For a month or so now, I have been dealing with an issue where my game severely lags/stutters every 2 - 3 seconds upon startup/launch. It also stutters/lags (but not as consistently as on startup) anytime I either fire a weapon, explosions, and or just at random times during gameplay. I primarily play in singleplayer, I haven't played on any multiplayer sessions. I have, Reset my pc, reinstalled arma, and have tried countless combinations of settings ranging from the launcher parameters to NVIDIA control panel settings. Currently, I was able to narrow down the potential problem that may be causing this with the help of some good folks on the subreddit. Basically, each time I launch Arma, Steam starts downloading something arma related (most likely workshop content) and Steam does/attempts this for about 2 minutes into my game being launched. Within those 2 or so minutes, my game stutters severely up until steam is done/stops updating/downloading whatever was arma related. Gameplay wise, my game would stutter at times, either the first few seconds of a firefight or just randomly when in the editor, but what mainly bothers me is the startup. I have tried launching the game without internet and the stuttering is gone, and the stuttering that would occur during firefights and such was drastically decreased (although it still happens, it's arma haha). Any help/ideas I can try to fix this matter will be greatly appreciated, thanks for your time! Specs: CPU: Ryzen 5 3600x GPU: GTX 1660 Super RAM: 16gb 3200Mhz Installed on an SSD (500 GB WD Blue SSD -- Read: 545MB/s, Write: 525MB/s) link to my reddit post: https://www.reddit.com/r/arma/comments/zknasr/is_this_normal/
  5. Hey Gunter Severloh! Super sorry for the late reply, I've been quite busy lately! But I hope you had a nice Christmas! So, I recently switched my arma 3 back to my SSD but to answer your concern regarding my HDD performance, I had tested the game offline on my HDD and the stuttering had been fixed, but when I launched the game on my HDD with steam online, the stuttering had returned. I had come to the conclusion that Steam had been attempting to download/update (upon my game launching) compositions that I had subscribed to on the workshop, causing massive lag/stuttering. I have tested it with having subscribed to 1 composition, and it would stutter for 2 seconds. Than I had tested with subscribing to 10 compositions, and it would stutter for 20 seconds or so. So the stuttering depends a lot on how many compositions I have subscribed to, regardless of whether they're vanilla or compositions that require mods. I was also contemplating on purchasing more ram, but I just can't help with the idea that the game really needs more than 16gb of ram. Regarding ingame performance, I have played with many mods that alter explosions/AI and I notice I have a bit of a spike/freeze for 2 seconds or so when either combat commences or if there is an explosion. But this usually only happens once and the rest is playable. But in vanilla, my ingame gameplay runs smooth as butter. I have also downloaded the updated launcher from the Discord that fixed the issue with the steam workshop mods not showing in the launcher. I just believe that Arma 3 just might not be compatible with my certain PC build regarding compositions. I have tried everything under the sun, and nothing seems to work. As of now, my game runs fine without having any compositions downloaded, but I really wish I can have subscribed compositions and such. Anyways, I truly appreciate and am super grateful for your help/time with my problem. I still love Arma 3 after all this, it's been a very toxic relationship haha. But I hope you have wonderful new years, Gunter Severloh! Please stay safe and take care!
  6. Hey Oldbear! I hope you're doing well! So, I have done what you have suggested and to no avail, the problem still pursues. But I have good news! Basically, I found out that it was subscribed steam compositions that caused the massive lagging/stuttering issues in the first few minutes of my game launching. Now, I have launched the game offline and the stuttering goes away. But I have monitored my steam while my game was stuttering and I noticed that steam was downloading my compositions again upon starting up my arma for some reason. The stuttering would last depending on how many compositions I am subscribed to, an example would be around 2 seconds of stuttering per every composition. What I've done was mention it in the arma 3 troubleshooting channel in the official arma discord, and what I was told is that it would be an issue on my hardware end. But I have talked to other people who have had the same issue as me, and they believe that it may be an issue with either BI or steam. The only fix I know is to just unsubcribe from all steam workshop compositions, which is quite unfortunate but I'd much rather have a more a stable game. I really hope in the future this issue gets resolved. But thanks for your time, Oldbear! I really appreciate your suggestions and help!
  7. Yyo

    Arma 3 game stuttering

    Thanks Gunter Severloh!
  8. Hey guys, hope you're doing well! I was directed here by Gunter Severloh to seek help on my situation. I am currently having an issue with Arma 3 and potentially steam. Basically, for about a month now or so, my game on startup/launch would severally lag/stutter for about 2 minutes each and every time. I have launched the game with and without mods, and I have recently reinstalled the game and the problem still pursues (which was really frustrating considering it took all day).I believe the issue is that Steam is attempting to download/update workshop content each time I launch my game, which causes my game to lag heavily for the first few minutes. I believe this may also be the reason why my game potentially stutters/freezes at times during gameplay. I have a video example of what's going on and a list of my specs/what I have done so far. What I've done: - Reset my PC - Reinstalled Arma 3 - Reset my NVIDIA Control Panel settings - Updated all my drivers - Moved the game to a different drive - Tried countless combinations in terms of launcher params and NVIDIA Control Panel settings - Reinstalled Steam My Specs: - Game ran on an SSD (now on an HDD) - CPU: Ryzen 5 3600x - GPU: GTX 1660 Super - RAM: 16gb 3200 Mhz - BUILD AGE: Roughly around 2 years now VIDEO LINK: Any help is greatly appreciated, I will try to be as transparent as possible and answer any questions as much I can. Thank you for your time and be safe friends.
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    Arma 3 game stuttering

    Here is a video showing the issue:
  10. I am trying to give a certain group a certain amount of respawn tickets, but I am unsure where to name/how to give a variable name to a group.
  11. Hey Pierremgi, I hope you're well! I just wanted to ask if it was possible to make it so the "AI can respawn" module can also save the custom identity/face of a unit (like how it saves the custom loadout on start) each time they respawn?
  12. Hey Pierremgi, I hope all is well. I wanted to know if there is any method/way I can make it so respawned AI are spawned in a switchable/playable state?
  13. Hey PierreMGI, thanks for the reply! Yes, that seems to do the trick! Thanks so much!
  14. Hey PierreMGI! Awesome mod, truly a necessity for me! I just had a quick question regarding the "AI can respawn" module! I just wanted to know if it was possible to have multiple, say as an example, "MGIRespWestAI" markers, instead of just having 1 marker for a side to respawn on?
  15. Hello, I keep getting this error. Is there a way I can fix this or turn this sort of debugging off? Thanks in advance! Here is the error code from my RPT file: TCL_Take_Cover_F > Error > O Alpha 1-2:1 > EAST > O Alpha 1-2 > O_R_RadioOperator_ard_F Image Ingame of the error code (in the chat box) and the "Information" tab that appears every time this error occurs (top right): https://ibb.co/KyRVZSQ
  16. Hello, I hope all is well. I need help regarding respawn tickets, more specifically giving a group (Spec Ops) of Blufor a certain amount of respawn tickets that they rely on rather than their side respawn tickets. But I would also like, for example, Blufor rifle squads to continue to rely on Blufor's side respawn tickets, as normal (if that makes sense). I believe this has something to do with the Respawn Templates and the "BIS_fnc_respawnTickets" commands but I am unsure how to make use of it. Simply put, I just want to know how to have a specific group or unit on a side to have a different amount of respawn tickets compared to their side's respawn tickets. Any help would be very appreciated!
  17. Hey sarogahtyp! I hope all is well, thank you for replying! Haha I know the biki for it is well described, and I should've been a bit more informative on what I wanted to know/need help on (I apologize). I just wanted to know, for a simple sector control mission (that has no scripts) is that what I am trying to achieve, is achievable through a description.ext file, right? But inside the description.ext file, do I have to define each side's ticket value (ie: " respawnTemplatesWest[] = { "Tickets" };) or can I continue to use the ticket respawn module in game? Basically, can I just use the description.exe file just for defining certain groups/units' respawn tickets, instead of creating from scratch a new respawn template? Secondly, for groups, Is it the group's callsign or their variable name that I put inside "yourDesiredGroup"? Thanks sarogahtyp!
  18. Hi all, I hope all is well. I guess I wanted to ask for some help or if there is another method for what I am trying to achieve. Basically, I am trying to make a respawn at a sector sort of thing. I've tried using the "Respawn Position" modules, but they don't work with ai. Maybe they do, but not with ai in a modded faction. I am using markers instead, I have set it up to where the marker only appears upon activation of a trigger (For ex: if Opfor captures the sector, a trigger will unlock, activating the respawn marker for Opfor). The issue is that no matter if the marker is hidden or not, me and the ai can still spawn on them even if they're not activated yet. I've placed inside the init.sqf this line of code, "name" setMarkerAlpha 0; which is suppose to make the marker hidden, which it does, but not for respawn markers. I can tell it works because when I spawn in, the respawn markers are hidden in the in game map. But on the respawn selection screen, they're not.
  19. Yup, after the tank respawned, the crew got on it and I destroyed it after. Killing the tank and the crew. Than, it respawned again, and the crewmen re entered the tank again.
  20. Hey Pierremgi, basically I found another way. ugh, it's just I had already replied but it didn't save and now I forgot what I had stated. sorry, anyways. Basically, I put this in the expression of the Vehicle Respawn Module, " TankCrew = crew Tank; _pos = getMarkerPos selectRandom ["respawn_vehicle_east", "respawn_vehicle_east_1"]; " I got rid of the createCrew code and just left it like that. Basically, I named the crewman group, "TankCrew" and I named the tank, "Tank". Basically, the crew will try to get in the tank as long as they are close. But an issue came to me. What if there are multiple "respawn_east" markers? Basically what I am saying is, the crewman will have spawn at other respawn markers. Which is obviously what I don't want. So than I thought to myself, hmm what would Pierremgi do next? And than, it came to me. Basically, inside the object init of the crewman, I placed this " ; _pos = getMarkerPos "respawn_east"; " which forces them to only respawn on that marker, which of course is close to where both of the vehicle respawn markers are. My only question now is, with the I have it all setup, can I make the crewman locked inside the tank once they go in it? Because I have a feeling they will bail out as soon as the tank is low on health.
  21. Yeah I just stumbled upon armaholic due to me searching up what I wanted, thought it was call it was you haha. Sorry about that. Basically, I have nothing other than what we did yesterday with the triggers. I have no other files like sqf in my mission's directory. So no scripts, unless what we did yesterday are considered scripts? But I don't think so. I am running the mission in multiplayer, all AI are playable since that's the only way they can respawn in the way I want my mission to be.
  22. Hey pierremgi, I hope all is well, I only have only question left. I was following your scripts from this post a while back, https://www.armaholic.com/forums.php?m=posts&q=31939 but I couldn't get it to work how I wanted to. My question is, is it possible to have the same crew respawn inside the same tank. I don't want to create a new crew for the tank, since they won't be synced to the spawnAI module (which makes them attack sectors). I have tried for the past hour using this method " createVehicleCrew _newVeh; _newCrew = crew _newVeh;" it did make a new crew for the vehicle(already inside the respawned tank) but the old crew respawned outside of the tank. Basically, I want the units who were inside the tank initially to also respawn inside the tank, since they are already synced to the spawnAI module. Because if the original crew is not respawned inside the tank, they'll have a high chance of respawning on other respawn markers. Unless there is a way to make newly created AI synced to a module? Sort of like how the spawnAI units automatically attack sectors once they've spawned in the mission.
  23. Hi all, I hope all is well. I made a conquest sort of mode with respawn markers and such. After I finished with making the respawn markers and making them hidden in the init.sqf file, it seems to work on the original mission I made the "conquest" mode on. I made the mode into a composition so that I can transfer it to another mission/map. I also copied the codes I used in the init.sqf file into a new sqf file inside another mission, where I intended to play the mode on. I get an error message everytime I start the mission, and I don't know what I am doing wrong. If there is another way to transfer modules/markers from one mission to another, please let me know. I don't know if I am doing something wrong since I am new to this sqf file stuff. I made another mission with the method I used to transfer the mode and copied the file from the original mission into this one so that the markers work as I want them to, the only problem is that I can't start the mission and I get an error code. here is the dummy mission https://www.dropbox.com/t/r46GhCFPIxs8nK2R
  24. Hey ZaellixA, I hope all is well. I saw that you were in my other topic that was regarding this issue, pierremgi had helped me and fixed this issue I was having. But before with the error message, I had posted it in my topic statement later on, but I guess it never saved. I want to apologize because I should have deleted this topic but I forgot. I am new to all this but it is common knowledge to pretty much try it yourself before asking others, and I'm sorry for my negligence. But now I know, thanks ZaellixA.