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  1. Hi SNKMAN, are you still active in ArmA?

  2. Sure that's why i have designed the modules to be free of any other AddOn requirements.
  3. Well under some conditions the player side may will switch. So to make sure 100% you could get the side number from the config. 0 = EAST 1 = WEST 2 = GUER 3 = CIV _side = getNumber (configFile >> "CfgVehicles" >> (typeOf _player) >> "side"); if (_side == 1) then // This means if side player == WEST { [player] joinSilent alpha; } else { [player] joinSilent bravo; };
  4. addEventHandler ["HandleDamage", {_this execVM "scripts\unitnearlykilled.sqf"}] It should be: this addEventHandler ["HandleDamage", {_this execVM "scripts\unitnearlykilled.sqf"}] Also wouldn't it be easyer to use: this allowDamage False; ;)
  5. @domokun Well i would love to make a fix and improvement release for A2 but like i said the new scripting commands are highly recommend and things are coded all into each other that it would need a few weeks ( months ) to get a clean and stable bugfix only release. So i guess you need to move to O.A. too. ;) @CombatComm The distance you can set in the settings is in km. Well you can initialize the "Reinforcement" system of Group Link 4 with multiple way's. Default ( in combination with C.B.A. ) every enemy A.I. group on the map will be initialized automatically. You can use the "Custom" module to choose specific enemy A.I. groups which should be initialized with the "Reinforcement" system of Group Link 4 only by synchronizing them with the "Custom" module. Another way is to use the "System" module. This do nothing else what the "Default" initialize do it simply pick the enemy side ( wich was synchronized with it ) and initialize all enemy A.I. groups to the given side. Yeah may a bit confusing but to me so far the best way to make things customizable. :) @Lugiahua 1. So you have disabled the "Body Remove" feature in the settings? Did you remove the "//" in front of the variable? 2. Should be fixed in the next version. @twisted + Muahaha Yeah it's damn close!! I already can hear it. ;)
  6. Overwhelming ocean sound?

    Well guess it's from the class "CfgEnvSounds". Default: class CfgEnvSounds { class Sea { name = $STR_DN_SEA; sound[] = {"\ca\Sounds\Enviroment\wave_break_01", 0.1, 1}; soundNight[] = {"\ca\Sounds\Enviroment\wave_break_02", 0.177828, 1}; }; Edited: ( The 3. value set how far the sound can be heared from it's source ) class CfgEnvSounds { class Sea { name = $STR_DN_SEA; sound[] = {"\ca\Sounds\Enviroment\wave_break_01", 0.1, 1, [color="Red"][b]50[/b][/color]}; soundNight[] = {"\ca\Sounds\Enviroment\wave_break_02", 0.177828, 1, [color="Red"][b]50[/b][/color]}; }; Now it can be heared within 50 meters. Hopt this is what you are looking for. ;)
  7. Some feedback... You have done very well!! Everything fit's greate and the island look's very naturally. Frames are very good too. ;) Once again! Thanks for this beautiful island!
  8. Nice ( Robber ) Hotzenplotz. :D I really love the good old O.F.P. islands. The size is perfect and the terrain is exactly my taste. Well let's see what you have made there. :) Many thank's for sharing with the community! - Best Regards
  9. Nope it should work like explained. It's enough to disable/change the given feature in the "GL4_Global.sqf" settings. Where did you try it in mp or sp? Normally there should be no different becouse the way how thing's get read by the engine never will change or only by a none noticable delay. Which other mod's do you use and how do you initialize Group Link 4? Without modules by using C.B.A.?
  10. @Muahaha Hmm... Yeah nice idea agree. ;) Well i will see what i can do to make specific groups check buildings for a specific amount of time only. @FelixK44 In the "GL4_Global.sqf" which you have posted in the spoiler the "Surrender" feature was not disabled. The "//" are still there. Check the lines marked with red. GL4_Global.sqf
  11. @domokun If you use A2 standalone ( without O.A. ) then you will have no luck with the next version ( Triforce ) of Group Link 4. The Triforce Edition do only work with A2 CO ( A2 + O.A. ) or O.A. standalone. This is becouse i'm using a lot of the new scripting commands which came with O.A. and the O.A. beta patches. @mrcash2009 Fixed @Muahaha Sorry but what do you mean by this? Don't get it... :) Done Thank's for the feedback and suggestions/informations guy's. ;)
  12. Well from the current point of view i would say somewhen in 2010 i guess but may only after the next stable B.I.S. patch. The betas have a good ( very good ) and a let's call it "not that good" side. Every new beta provide multiple bug fixes and engine enhancement's but sometimes something was changed and things do not work anymore like they was coded with the last beta patch. So this means if you want to make sure everything still works like expected you need to test most of the features after each beta patch...
  13. ARMA 2:OA beta patch 74858

    Still no names in action menu of spawned units in multiplayer and the voice still is slowed down. Someone please can confirm this? My post in the old "Beta Patch" thread.
  14. Well guess i found two bug. Don't know if thouse was addressed already... This only happend in multiplayer with spawned units. 1.: In multiplayer the spawned units has NO name in the added actions. Example: Correct would be: Also the same to actions i add manually to a spawned unit. Example: Correct would be: 2.: If i talk with a spawned unit like for example ask for the weather or something like this the voice is pitched down which means the sound is played way too slow.
  15. Thank's guy's. :) Well the main reason for the delay is that Group Link 4 is grow'n to a damn complex modification and testing all the different systems specially the functionality in multiplayer and J.I.P. need the main amount of time.