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  1. snkman

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    Damn he is cute!!! Yeah really impressive how A.I. technology evolved during the last decade! This really is insane! Almost looks like fake.
  2. Yes this is exactly what i already was thinking of. Well this should be pretty easy to do by checking their boundingBox / sizeOf vehicle. Thanks for your hint / thoughts on this AirShark!
  3. @x_DarkSpecter_x You're welcome! Glad it works. Damn you keep reading the ChangeLog really frequently! I added this just few hours back. Anyway... So you think none armed / none cargo A.I. helicopter(s) should stay available to get requested as reinforcement(s)? Well after what you wrote... Yes i have to agree makes pretty much sense to have them up in the air and yes they will very much help groud A.I. group(s) to keep track of their enemy(s). So i wasted 1 hour coding this for nothing... Edit: And in case of Chinook with crew only? Should they be able to do reconnaissance only as well?
  4. Thanks for your feedback AirShark! Yes i noticed that too. This may or may not could be caused because i had to disable the micro A.I. "TARGET" feature of ARMA 3 which made A.I. unit(s) stuck at their position for some time after their group leader assigned target(s) to them. Also the doTarget and doFire commands have this exact same behaviour and this is why i'm sadly not allowed to use them. Bug or very strange feature... Idk... This is one of my personal most confusing ARMA 3 A.I. behaviours so far! I don't understand what's the point in making A.I. stop not able to move somewhere where ever it get's an enemy assigned... Really very confusing behaviour... May those commands could help A.I. getting faster aim on target(s) but it is what it is... I'm still trying and testing those commands to see if there was made any changes / fixes in any the Beta / Development version(s) of ARMA 3. Yes that's true. I switched from nearestObjects command to nearestTerrainObjects command since v.1.0.19 just because its way more easyer to use and in terms of code performance way more efficient by returns terrain objects ( Trees / Stones / Rocks / Bushes / Houses ) only. You don't have to to sort tons of other none cover objects out of it but as you already noticed it really is restricted to terrain objects only which excludes vehicles and all other editor placed objects. Yeah stupid me already started with v.1.0.31 because changes of v.1.0.27 have been way too much and i dont wanted to extend it even more. Well guess i can say that i made some really very good changes and improvements in terms of A.I. movement and A.I. combat behaviour in general ( most of them based on your testings and feedback b.t.w. ) during the last week which made me not release anything so far... But really i will not add / change anything more right now just some more testings make sure everything is in place and working and releasing it! That's really my main goal right now! Just get it out FINALLY god damn it! Well v.1.0.31 will have much more cover objects available which A.I. unit(s) are able to use. I added Trees / Walls and Houses which pretty much improves A.I. cover usage especially during C.Q.B. combat situations and in urban areas. Thanks. If i remember correctly there already was someone with exactly the same problem. ( Don't know if he was able to fix it? ) If you use: this setVariable ["TCL_Disabled", True]; In the helicopters A.I. group composition field it shoud totally disable / exclude this A.I. group from getting initialized by T.C.L. and keep this A.I. group pure vanilla. But you already tryed it without success... You totally sure you did it right? Use "this" for A.I. group composition init and "group this" for A.I. unit init? If you like and you're not able to solve it you could just upload the mission somewhere and send me the link so i could check it out.
  5. snkman

    Hell Let Loose

    Guess that's the next generation of gaming... PvP only or Open World with 120+ side missions where every of them feels and works almost the same after you did the first 5. Really most parts of the gaming industry especially AAA titles has turned into something very boring... Back in the day's we had so many diffrent types of games where each was good on what it was made for. Today most games try to be good in everything which leads to those types of games we have today... Wasn't really able to enjoy any of the games which was released during the last 3 - 5 years... Damn i would really love to see a new game with a great campaigne and focused on SP only!
  6. Hey AirShark. Thanks for your feedback. Guess the error message already should be solved if i remember correctly... Good find with the movement. Well A.I. movement and finding the right calculation to decide if they should move or not in general is some kind of pain in the ass. I already changed some of the settings to make A.I. move in multiple smaller steps instead of little big ones but given to area / terrain just as you already noticed is pretty damn hard to find the right ratio... Personally i don't like to have A.I. sitting on the same spot for eternity but on the other hand... making them rush straight into their enemy(s) of course shouldn't be the right way to go as well. But at some point ( after loosing LOS / enemy knowledge ) A.I. will start to search their last known enemy position which may will lead them straight into their enemy(s) if they are already still at the same position. Yap it is indeed a bug. Anyway... Thanks for reporting giorgygr.
  7. snkman

    AI Facts & Myths Compilation List

    Yap guess not every ARMA player is a highly skilled real life soldier with all the tactical and military knowledge. Sometimes even A.I. may will behave better than any real players which would make focusing them over A.I. kind of useless. Yes that's true and the reason why i don't use it. ( May i should have mention this. ) But for this test it did what i was looking for. If you need very precise enemy results depending on knowledge and distance during the whole time than you have to write your own enemy detection function.
  8. snkman

    AI Facts & Myths Compilation List

    As far as i can tell A.I. will not priorized player(s) over other A.I. enemy(s). A.I. will always attack their closest known enemy. Would not make any sense to make A.I. priorize a player if some other A.I. enemy(s) are in a much better spot to shoot at. findNearestEnemy command will return A.I.s current real known enemy. If you ( player ) are the closest known enemy to A.I. the findNearestEnemy command will return you ( player ). As soon as any A.I. friendly to you ( player ) is closer to the enemy A.I. ( even if it's only 1 meter ) the findNearestEnemy command will return the A.I. unit instead of the player.
  9. Okay. I will defenetly keep that in mind an add it to my to do list.
  10. Yap not sure if there is something special i have to do to get this working...? So far i never used any HCs. Did you talk about Zeus A.I. in particular? If yes: I know currently A.I. in multiplayer created by Zeus are not switched to the server which makes them not initialize. ChangeLog always is here. So far there has been nothing released... I was just telling zephyrsouza that i'm already aware of his problem.
  11. Thanks good to hear! Well the flanking feature right now is pretty much minimal and ARMA A.I. engine behaviour is that all A.I. unit(s) of a A.I. group will return to their formation sooner or later. So could be after you moved to a new position ( flanked them ) they kind of re-grouped. Yes thats right. So far there is no enemy ( vehicle ) check which i have to admit is kind of dumb if the A.I. enemy(s) are infantry only... Good point! But who knows!?!?! Maybe there would have come a tank from somewhere? No one knows! So far this is one of the ARMA 3 A.I. parts i'm not aware of... Still have to read how and what exactly they do. So maybe this is the problem i guess?
  12. Too bad... Okay so i know that. Sure no problem you are welcome. Keep in mind! T.C.L. Zeus dedicated server initialize still is Beta / W.I.P. which means right now A.I. unit(s) / group(s) will be initialized only. As far as i remember manned vehicle(s) created by Zeus in multiplayer by using a dedicated server did not work properly! I have to test this befor release... To be honest... Don't know if i will be able to get this working till next release...
  13. No need to apologies. Very soon. Sorry my bad... Guess it was this one which switched A.I. unit(s) locallity: Zeus Integration with Servers and Headless Client I did not test it but from what i read it may work.
  14. Oh Zeus... If you would have told me this befor. Tactical Combat Link - ( TypeX ) v.1.0.27 ( ChangeLog ) Fixed: ( System ) Zeus: Zeus A.I. group(s) created by client(s) in multiplayer was not initialized correctly. ( Beta / W.I.P. ) So next version. If i remember right there are some other mods Achilles and/or Ares which may will solve this client / server side problem for you till than. Thanks for your feedback!
  15. Yes it is. Does the server have UserConfig > TCL folder and -filePatching enabled? Any errors related to T.C.L. in your Server.RPT ( Multiplayer.RPT )? Also you could try T.C.L. v.1.0.21