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  1. @Dragon_GER Thanks for your feedback! @oldy41 Okay i was able to rebuild and test the scenario. Agree the A.P.C. gunner has knowledge about you and already aiming at your position even if without line of sight and behind a view blocker. The reason why it is like this is because the A.P.C. already was requested as reinforcement by the single A.I. unit which has spotted you and already shared their enemy knowledge with the A.P.C. crew. To me personal it looks pretty normal that way but i can try to add a tweak to disable / lower this part of infosharing. The idea behind this is to make requesting A.I. share informations with requested A.I. as soon as they arrive at the position where they was requested to. Instead of driving / walking blind into the battlefield requested reinforcement(s) will receive informations about the enemy(s) from the A.I. group(s) already fighting their enemy(s) as soon as close ( within 200 - 300 meters ) to the battlefield. Just for testing: Disable the A.I. Communication feature as already done previously. // ============================================================== // T.C.L. A.I. Communication: ( Knowledge ) // ============================================================== // Choose knowledge friendly A.I. group(s) need to have from each other to communicate with each other. // Note: If this value was set to 4 A.I. group(s) are not able to communicate with each other. // Description: A.I. group(s) communication includes enemy(s) reveal and enemy(s) synchronization between friendly A.I. group(s). // 0 - 4, default is > 0 TCL_Tweak set [5, 4]; Do the exact same V.R. setup but this time you v.s. A.I. group of 4 A.I. unit(s) instead of 1 A.I. unit just to prevent the A.I. group to request reinforcement(s). There is a rating system which makes 1 player unit v.s. A.I. group(s) with up to 3 A.I. unit(s) = request reinforcement(s) 1 player unit v.s. A.I. group(s) with more than 3 A.I. unit(s) = no reinforcement request because the A.I. group will be rated as not overpowered by the single player unit. This way you will see that the A.P.C. will have 0 knowledge about you!
  2. @tanin69 Yes synchronize it to any unit of the A.I. group. Disabled A.I. group(s) will have no map markers. @oldy41 This would have been my next question how you set it up. Well okay thanks i will test and see what cause it. Guess some doWatch command or something like this...
  3. @oldy41 Well the A.I. Communication feature should not be the main reason to this behaviour i guess... You changed it to this? // ============================================================== // T.C.L. A.I. Communication: ( Knowledge ) // ============================================================== // Choose knowledge friendly A.I. group(s) need to have from each other to communicate with each other. // Note: If this value was set to 4 A.I. group(s) are not able to communicate with each other. // Description: A.I. group(s) communication includes enemy(s) reveal and enemy(s) synchronization between friendly A.I. group(s). // 0 - 4, default is > 0 TCL_Tweak set [5, 4]; Removed the "//" and set it to 4? Are you sure it happends with T.C.L. only? Right now i'm not really sure what else could trigger this behaviour but i will test it and see what i can do to solve it.
  4. @tanin69 Thanks! Glad to hear everything worked well for you! No need to say sorry! I know there are some things may not be easy to understand. Okay there we go! 1. Debug System: T.C.L. Map Marker Debug: ( System ) This is a pretty basic marker debug showing the target / enemy spot marker and the A.I. group(s) movement marker(s) only. T.C.L. Map Marker Debug: ( Objects ) This enables A.I. unit(s) / A.I. group(s) map markers debug depending on what was set right below by T.C.L. Map Marker Debug Type: ( Units / Groups ) T.C.L. Cursor Debug: ( System ) If enabled this will show a hint with informations about the object ( unit ) you are aiming at e.g. unit(s) name, unit(s) behaviour, unit(s) combat mode, unit(s) distance to you, unit(s) knowledge about you and so on... T.C.L. Mission Debug: ( System ) This debug will show a hint where you can see how many A.I. group(s) and A.I. unit(s) are aware of you. T.C.L. Development Debug: ( System ) This debug includes in - game A.I. Take Cover marker(s) and Bullet Whiz By indicators. ( Visual Markers ) 2. Visual Markers: Purple = A.I. group(s) current move position. Blue = A.I. unit(s) cover object. Green = A.I. unit(s) at / reached cover position / object. Red = If A.I. unit(s) cover position is within 100 meters to their current movement position than they have a 50% chance to stay in cover for much longer time in this case the marker will turn red! Right! Red = A.I. unit(s) have line of sight to their enemy. White = A.I. unit(s) don't have line of sight to their enemy. Guess i would be confused as well if i would not have made it myself... Well... Red = A.I. group leader. Yellow = None A.I. group leader. Green = A.I. group(s) which are using any specific A.I. group types e.g. A.I. Hold Group(s), A.I. Defend Group(s), A.I. Location Group(s) and so on... If A.I. unit(s) are in a vehicle: White = Driver Blue = Gunner Hope this could help you at least a bit to figure out how and what it all does. You mean to exclude the A.I. group from being initialized by T.C.L. completely? If yes: 1.: Create a trigger. 2.: In the text field of the created trigger write "TCL_Disabled" without <" ">. 3.: Synchronize given A.I. group(s) with the trigger to exclude them from T.C.L. initialize.
  5. @ayoung Thanks! @domokun Did you already check the "UserConfig > TCL > TCL_AI.sqf" settings? There you can tweak radio ranges for specific vehicle types. // ============================================================== // T.C.L. A.I. Reinforcement Request: ( Distance ) // ============================================================== // Choose distance within A.I. group(s) are able to request reinforcement(s). // 0 - 50000, default is [3000, 5000, 7000, 10000, 13000] - [Man, Car, Tank, Air, Ship] // TCL_AI set [3, [3000, 5000, 7000, 10000, 13000] ]; Also time needed for A.I. to request reinforcement(s) can be tweaked too. "UserConfig > TCL > TCL_Tweak.sqf" settings. // ============================================================== // T.C.L. A.I. Request: ( Time ) // ============================================================== // Choose how much time A.I. group(s) should need to request reinforcement(s). // Note: This value will be recalculated with the knowledge of the requesting A.I. group(s) about their enemy(s). // 0 - 70, default is 15 seconds // TCL_Tweak set [0, 15]; Of course several minutes would be much more realistic for A.I. to request reinforcement(s) but increasing it that much may would result in A.I. never requesting reinforcement(s) because they will get killed in most cases befor the 1 - 2 minutes are over i guess...
  6. Well... Pretty sorry for not updating T.C.L. for quite a while... Currently time for modding has become very little... But! Finally! It's time for an update! Lot of stuff has been fixed and optimized. Please make sure to check the ReadMe folder for further informations! As always... Please post any bugs and / or requests in this thread! Tactical Combat Link - ( TypeX ) Beta v.1.0.19 ============================================== Download: ( drive.google.com ) Tactical Combat Link - ( TypeX ) Beta v.1.0.19
  7. @oldy41 Well this is some general ARMA A.I. behaviour... As soon as 1 A.I. unit has knowledge about an enemy the knowledge will be shared with the entire group. Guess the Infosharing ( Communication ) feature of T.C.L. will increase this behaviour. Did you already check the TCL_Tweak.sqf settings? Bottom of the file there are 2 settings to tweak or disable this feature. Maybe it will help solve this problem or at least lower it. Agree 100%! I will try to improve it! @Defunkt Well so far i'm not using any command to order A.I. to fire! The way of how A.I. unit(s) shoot their enemy(s) is kind of native ARMA 3 A.I. combat behavior. Maybe tweaking their skill in the editor can help lowering / increasing it? Oh well... Yes i know... Bit late to the party... ARMA 3 developement almost has reached it's end and IF there will be another ARMA game it will by very high chance use the Enfusion engine which will make T.C.L. kind of useless because of the new enfusion script language.. Pretty sad... @froggyluv See @Defunkt replay. @ricoarma Thanks! Sure it would be possible! The main idea behind not using modules is to keep the mod free of any AddOn requirement. You can use / create trigger(s) to initialize specific A.I. group(s) with specific A.I. group types as well! Trigger(s) can be created once and used / synchronized with as many A.I. group(s) as you need. @kothen I will add a divider setting so users can set how much additional skill A.I. unit(s) should have. @AirShark To be honest with you! I did not check this feature for month's! But now that i know it... When i started to create T.C.L. i was thinking of doing a sweet little pretty basic A.I. mod. But well... As usuall... It's already grown to a damn complexe kind of thing which already is pretty hard to develope and keep track of... I already did this mistake with GL4... Adding bunch of features not spending much time with code optimization and testing... Right my goal is to improve and optimize what's already there and of course try to tweak things requested by the community! This didn't mean i will never add new features but right now that's what i'm able to do with the time i'm able to spend on modding... @chrisb Thank's for your replay! I know you spend a lot of time with GL4 helping people to set up Group Link and explaining how it works! Well a lot of thing's have been changed from GL4 to T.C.L. It still use many ideas and features from back than but the whole system has been build from scratch to solve some limitations GL4 had and to improve the system in general. Also with T.C.L. i really focused on A.I. improvement instead of working on multiple types of things at the same time. Yes that's right! With T.C.L. most of those problems should be solved because you are able to use T.C.L. without any A.I. movement and / or reinforcement request. It can be set to use A.I. combat behaviours only for example. Many thank's chrisb! And well... Yes pretty much the same except some year's older...
  8. @TPM_Aus Zeus yes as it initialize spawned A.I. unit(s) / group(s) automatically. Headless Clients... Still doesn't really know what exactly this is used for... @kothen Where or how do you change the "Accuracy" in game? Guess you are using the A.I. group / unit skill slider in Eden Editor? Yes the lower the A.I. skill the lower all the skillArray / Sub-Skill values will be e.g. Aiming Shake / Aiming Accuracy / Spot Distance and so on... Sub_Skill WIKI You mean they kind of 1 shot you even with low values? @tanin69 Thanks! Sure! I'm always open for help and suggestions! So far i did it on my own and never messed around with any kind like G.I.T. repository. I know it from other software i'm using and clearly see the benefit of using such repository. So sure! If you like to do it! Would be much apprichiated! @AirShark Thanks! Those * are place holder for upcomming feature settings. Yeah would love to have it this way as well but when it comes to GUI / Interface modding i'm lost... So far i didn't really spend much time on it. Would love to have the "TCL_AI" settings selectable directly from within the A.I. group(s) Eden Editor composition field or at least have some of the basic settings changeable directly from somewhere in - game. But it is what it is... To me using "UserConfig" folder is the easyest way right now to provide custom settings. @otarius-big Right now there are no such plans.
  9. Yap it really is! Thanks! Will do... @domokun Oh okay sorry than i read it wrong... Which scenario did you set up to get this result? Well there are some A.I. features which make A.I. much more intelligent. E.g.: A.I. weapon fire detection and A.I. communication feature. Those features were made to make A.I. react so specific events much more faster and realistic and of course those features will make A.I. aware of combat situations close to them and even if not involved directly! Also it depends if A.I. unit(s) are in a group or solo? I've already tested and used the newer targetKnowledge command which i have to admit is pretty nice as well and which returns last time enemy(s) was spotted and last time attacked by enemy(s) but this maybe would require another big re-wrote and testing cycle.
  10. @kothen Thanks! Yes this was one of my main goals! Which A.I. skill options do you mean? General skill set in the editor or sub-skills? If you are talking about the general A.I. unit skill set in eden editor than yes it still can be used to change specific A.I. unit(s) skill levels but T.C.L. will randomize given value. Example: If you set 40% ( 0.40 ) T.C.L. will use this value and randomly increase it with this value. So at the end the A.I. unit will have a skill between 0.40 and 0.80 given on the random result. @velzevul Artillery still is bugged and i started working on some artillery Fire For Effect feature requested by Machiya. @domokun Well i've started this back in ArmA 2: O.A. so this mod wasn't created in just couple days or weeks or did i just get you wrong? It is beta right now. Don't know exactly so far i don't have plans to do so. Maybe yes?
  11. Well the mod itself could be seen as stable. The "Beta" stage mainly comes from lack of documentations and some setting files i still have to finish... Yes that's right. There is a bug in the current released version which i already fixed. Yes that's exactly how mine looks right now for testing purpose! Yes even script based version will read and set all files and settings from "UserConfig/TCL/" as long as -filePatching is enabled. That's clear. But'd like anyway to point some related points later.  You mean change some of the settings at a later point during mission? I will change this so "TCL_AI" settings can be used same way as for "TCL_Debug" settings right from within the mission "Init.sqf". As you can see, I could get into the system a little better and "transplant" the userconfig to Init.sqf in a way that seemed correct. I got no error message, but I still had more than 1or 2 reinforcement groups inside the mission besides that I defined so on TCL_AI parameters (showed in debug markers text). Now I see that's probably you just pointed the reason, I was actually playing with the default parameters!!! Thanks to clarify and propose to change that! Yap. Right now in this version it's not possible to overwrite the "TCL_AI" settings. There you go! Yes that's correct! All none "Custom" A.I. group(s) will be excluded from T.C.L. initialize and therefor just like vanilla A.I. group(s). We are still talking about "Custom" A.I. group(s) right? Yes those A.I. Group Types will be initialized always even if "Cutom" A.I. group(s) are used. You can use "Custom" A.I. group(s) and "Hold" "Location" and "Defend" A.I. group(s) all at the same time. For testing and if you are not sure! Just define your A.I. group(s) the way you like it and enable the full debug marker system and have a look at the map. The markers will clearly show which A.I. group was initialized by which group type. Also none initialized A.I. group(s) will have no markers! Just give it a try! Guess that's the best and easiest way to learn how this mod works and how to use it the way you need it. I can tell... Without the detailed marker debug system i would never be able to create this mod as is. To me it was and still is one of the most important features when it comes to A.I. modding! You mean having kind of vanilla A.I. group(s) which use all combat features ( take cover, house search, static weapon, throw smoke e.t.c. ) but excluded from reinforcement request feature? If yes! That's what i'm working on right now! You could but it would need a Description.ext in the mission where all the sounds are defined to make them available. I'd use that!!! Consciously abusing your good will (or any else here who would do that with one tied hand)... ...mind on, when possible, writing this lines for "code-illiterates" like me? Sure i can do this. Guess should be some kind of copy > past job.
  12. If you like to use it script based just unPBO the "TCL_System.pbo" and copy the unPboed "TCL_System" folder into your mission root folder and initialize it by using the way from the ReadMe.pdf. Yes even script based version will read and set all files and settings from "UserConfig/TCL/" as long as -filePatching is enabled. The idea behind script based version is to have a version free of any AddOns/Mods requirements so everyone even without @TCL installed will be able to join the mission. Right now there are some bugs with the script based version which i already fixed... Hopefully i will have the time to release an update this weekend. Already fixed a lot of stuff... Hmm... Good point! Guess so far i wasn't aware of this. Right now all A.I. settings "UserConfig/TCL/TCL_AI.sqf" will be modified by the server only. Means settings used by local hosted servers / dedicated server will be used which of course makes no sense with script based version... I will change this so "TCL_AI" settings can be used same way as for "TCL_Debug" settings right from within the mission "Init.sqf". Well right now this works with settings from "TCL_System" and "TCL_Debug". Sadly have to say right now "TCL_AI" doesn't work because i missed to include to allow to create it once only check. As said... Will be working in the next update... Correct! Hmm... Another good point... Right now you could use the "TCL_Defense" group type to prevent given A.I. group(s) from getting requested. Damn... Looks like i have to add some more conditions to fit everyones needs! Almost! It's exactly the other way around! If you use "TCL_Custom" A.I. group(s) all other none "Custom" A.I. group(s) will be excludet from being initialized. Nope it doesn't work this way! You could but it would need a Description.ext in the mission where all the sounds are defined to make them available. Agree! This always was the case for most users not happy with how the reinforcement request breaks / mess up missions. Guess i will include a switch to disable it at least. Edit: Guess a switch to disable A.I. movement also would fit many users needs... Damn this means some big A.I. re-wrote... It's always good to hear the point of view from other people! So many thanks for all your requests and questions charlis! They really gave me a lot to think about!
  13. Hi charlis! You should be able to use them as long as you have -filePatching. Doesn't matter if AddOn or Script Based. Sure! They are exactly the same as in "UserConfig\TCL\TCL_Debug.sqf". From left to right 0 - 6. I could write them like this: TCL_Debug = [ True, True, True, True, True, True, True ]; Hope this helps you understanding? Thats one of the more complicated parts right now... You could set the A.I. group settings in the editor. Default A.I. group settings are: [0,0.15,3,[3000, 5000, 7000, 10000, 13000],False,1,700,True,True,170,False]; Change 3 to 0: [0,0.15,0,[3000, 5000, 7000, 10000, 13000],False,1,700,True,True,170,False]; In the editor go to the given A.I. group(s) composition init and write: this setVariable ["TCL_AI", [0,0.15,0,[3000, 5000, 7000, 10000, 13000],False,1,700,True,True,170,False] ]; to overwrite default A.I. group settings on individual A.I. group(s). This will change allowed requested reinforcement(s) for given A.I. group from 3 A.I. group(s) to 0 A.I. group(s). Yeah bit confusing i guess... Lets say you have 10 A.I. group(s) on the map but you like to use T.C.L. with 3 of them only. Instead of disabeling the other 7 A.I. groups you can use the "TCL_Custom" with the 3 A.I. group(s) you like to get initialized and all other A.I. group(s) not using the "TCL_Custom" will be excluded from initialize automatically. Hope i could help you at least a bit...
  14. Nice! Glad to hear it works for you! Well... Do you try to use Static Weapons with a player group? If yes it only works for A.I. group(s). Have to test it myself right now just to be sure.
  15. @Machiya Just thought about your request of not moving A.I. unit(s) / group(s). Did you already try the "TCL_Hold" group type? It keeps A.I. unit(s) / group(s) where ever they are also those A.I. unit(s) / group(s) are not allowed to get requested as reinforcement(s). Guess this should fit your needs?