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  1. Hey Quicksilver, Any chance you could tell me what I need to change/remove if I want to not show the large red ring around the player's position?
  2. Hello all, I'm wanting to be able to run one-life missions, so a player enters spectator mode immediately after dying, but I want some command or script the admin can run to respawn a player if they get killed due to a glitch or are disconnected. Certainly, this has to be possible somehow? Any help is appreciated.
  3. CY4

    Shift-Click Map Waypoints MP

    That works like a charm, thank you so much!
  4. CY4

    Shift-Click Map Waypoints MP

    Hmm, I tried re-typing it myself and it still didn't work. I then tried with quotation marks instead of apostrophes. Still no dice... EDIT: I feel I should add that I'm testing this on a dedicated server. EDIT 2: I've been trying various things for hours, hoping to come up with some workaround but every time, either no one can use a waypoint, or everyone can.
  5. CY4

    Shift-Click Map Waypoints MP

    Can no longer get this working. For a while, I was able to just copy and paste this and it worked like a charm. What could have changed to cause this to stop working?
  6. Thanks that works like a charm!
  7. Okay so check this out, I have been able to modify the code you provided and through a lot of trial and error here is what it looks like: Tested on a dedicated server with two friends and I'm left with only ONE more issue currently. I can't figure out how to linebreak after each player on the list. As soon as 2 or more players are in the trigger, the current linebreak between %1 and %2 doesn't even work anymore. Example of what it looks like with only 1 player named "Cypher" in the trigger: And what it looks like once there are two players named "Cypher" and "Ace" inside: Any ideas?
  8. Hi, for some reason I never got a notification that someone replied lol. That does work to show the weight! Thank you! But instead of going away like a regular hint, I'd like it to stay for as long as there are players in the trigger and I'd also like it to update each second while active as well, is that possible? EDIT: I figured this part out myself, yay! Could you instead maybe direct me on how to have the returned weight value show the weight with the proper decimal? For example, as of now, if I have "45.2lbs" of gear, it shows as "452". Any ideas?
  9. Hi, I'm trying to figure out how to make a hint that shows the inventory weight of each player inside a trigger. I'm a total novice when it comes to scripting. I've tried doing this myself for a couple of hours now and I just can't. I need the pros to help. I looked at the BIKI for load, loadAbs, hint, hintSilent, and I can't remember where else. I tried numerous google searches to find some simple answer to this but to no avail. I'd really appreciate some help, Thank you.
  10. Oh wow, thank you for all the info! I'll give the player icon color change a try tomorrow! And as for "2 - Which icon shadow are you talking about? Map or GPS?" I'm talking about on map specifically. Icons also didn't have borders on the GPS but that isn't too much of a concern for me.
  11. Hi there! This is cool but I have one small issue and then one suggestion as well. Issue: iconTextOffset option does not appear to work. I tried switching it to center, or even left and nothing changes. EDIT: Okay my bad on this one, what I was looking for was the text for the group icon, such as "Alpha 1-1" I would like to change that to center. How can I do that? EDIT2: New issue: iconShadow "border" option does not work. Suggestion: Can you add an option to change the player's icon color by itself, and another option to change the default color of others in your group? Ideally, I would want to be able to make my icon and others in my group all white if we aren't in a team color, and still have the default nato-blue color for other groups.
  12. Feature Request: Can you please add a feature to blacklist mods? I cannot figure out how to do it, and I'm sure once I do it'll still just be easier to have a tool built into FASTER to do it.
  13. Added several mods to the list and clicked update, now I'm stuck loading forever on "Loading Steam API...OK"