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  1. outlaw2101

    JSRS SOUNDMOD - CE.20.0419

    G'day @LordJarhead I don't use the forums often but I like to report a bug. When vehicles or other entities in the distance explode, the sound appears to ignore acoustic attenuation and plays as if the explosion was right next to the player. I've attached a video I took demonstrating it. Volume warning. https://www.dropbox.com/s/qy4lv4hrm0o286u/sound bug.mp4?dl=0 I'm using the following JSRS addons. JSRS Soundmod CE.20.0423 JSRS Soundmod Dependency Fixes JSRS Soundmod Global Mobilization DLC Sounds RHS AiO Mod Support CE.20.0419 CUP Weapons Support CE.20.0423 Cheers
  2. Nice to see you're still working on this map! Its been one of my favourites since its release!
  3. outlaw2101

    GF Building Replacement Script - Mod

    Oh! Sure thing. That's very generous of you. 😁 Thank you.
  4. outlaw2101

    GF Building Replacement Script - Mod

    Yes. At this stage this is the only building I want to replace on the map just to test it out.
  5. outlaw2101

    GF Building Replacement Script - Mod

    Howdy George Thank you for your fast response. I remember how to add the script's files to a mission - so I've got that up and running. It tells me the scripts are initialized so I don't think there is a problem there. I'm just trying to replace one building with another as a test but I can't seem to figure it out. Just not sure where to put the class names for the buildings. I want to replace Land_i_Shed_Ind_Old_F on the left there with Land_i_Shed_Ind_F on the right. Cheers
  6. outlaw2101

    GF Building Replacement Script - Mod

    Forgive me its been a few years since I last executed scripts. How do you go about using this script?
  7. outlaw2101


    Heyo I have a suggestion - forgive my ignorance if this has been asked previously. Unless its already possible (I haven't worked it out yet) - options in the Gear Pool Module to add custom ammunition and attachments in the module to get them to spawn would be pretty bangin'.
  8. Heyo Just got a quick query about forcing an AI controlled vessel to move in a straight line to a beach. I recently got back into tinkering with the Arma 3 editor and I thought I'd try my hand at a beach landing however I have run into a frustrating issue. I have one Landing Craft commanded by a squad of three men - driver and two gunners with a separate squad of infantry riding in it. The landing craft has a "Transport Unload" way-point on the beach - that's it. They are commanded to drive the landing craft to the beach where the infantry jump out and move to their own "Seek and Destroy" way-point inland. The problem I am facing is that the AI commandeering the landing craft has a habit of zig-zagging all over the place which often causes the AI infantry in the vessel to get killed by incoming shots so by the time it arrives at its way-point most of the infantry are dead. I just want the landing craft to drive straight to its way-point and unload its troops - no evasive manoeuvres or fancy sailing skills. I've tried setVelocity, disableAI and setting their Combat Mode to Careless - I've tried multiple scripts and even attempted to set a path via markers however I've hit a dead end. I've seen recommendations on using Bis_fnc_unitCapture and Bis_fnc_unitPlay however my scripting skills are extremely limited and I'm afraid I'd have no idea how to set that up. Cheers
  9. outlaw2101


    Tried to add a backpack to the loot table. Not sure if I did something wrong lol. Game throws these two at me and no backpacks spawn. Very annoying lol.
  10. outlaw2101

    NIArms Release Thread

    I couldn't think of any way to word this without it sounding like a request - which from what I've read toadie doesn't take lol. But is a solid stock version of the G3K RAS a possibility?
  11. outlaw2101

    (WIP) Rhodesian War

    An interesting project on a certainly overlooked conflict. Can't wait to go to battle in a pair of thigh high shorts. :P
  12. Bare tan PASGT at some point in the future? :p
  13. Yes sorry mate, I'm really dumb. I discovered it after I posted that.
  14. Just out of curiousity - were the SPC vests removed? Or can I find them elsewhere. Cheers