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  1. Heyo Just got a quick query about forcing an AI controlled vessel to move in a straight line to a beach. I recently got back into tinkering with the Arma 3 editor and I thought I'd try my hand at a beach landing however I have run into a frustrating issue. I have one Landing Craft commanded by a squad of three men - driver and two gunners with a separate squad of infantry riding in it. The landing craft has a "Transport Unload" way-point on the beach - that's it. They are commanded to drive the landing craft to the beach where the infantry jump out and move to their own "Seek and Destroy" way-point inland. The problem I am facing is that the AI commandeering the landing craft has a habit of zig-zagging all over the place which often causes the AI infantry in the vessel to get killed by incoming shots so by the time it arrives at its way-point most of the infantry are dead. I just want the landing craft to drive straight to its way-point and unload its troops - no evasive manoeuvres or fancy sailing skills. I've tried setVelocity, disableAI and setting their Combat Mode to Careless - I've tried multiple scripts and even attempted to set a path via markers however I've hit a dead end. I've seen recommendations on using Bis_fnc_unitCapture and Bis_fnc_unitPlay however my scripting skills are extremely limited and I'm afraid I'd have no idea how to set that up. Cheers
  2. outlaw2101


    Tried to add a backpack to the loot table. Not sure if I did something wrong lol. Game throws these two at me and no backpacks spawn. Very annoying lol.
  3. outlaw2101

    NIArms Release Thread

    I couldn't think of any way to word this without it sounding like a request - which from what I've read toadie doesn't take lol. But is a solid stock version of the G3K RAS a possibility?
  4. outlaw2101

    (WIP) Rhodesian War

    An interesting project on a certainly overlooked conflict. Can't wait to go to battle in a pair of thigh high shorts. :P
  5. Bare tan PASGT at some point in the future? :p
  6. Yes sorry mate, I'm really dumb. I discovered it after I posted that.
  7. Just out of curiousity - were the SPC vests removed? Or can I find them elsewhere. Cheers
  8. outlaw2101


    Throwable items can be tossed whether they are on your uniform, in your vest or in your backpack. RHS Grenades, CUP Grenades, any third-party throwables do not register and cannot be thrown even if they are in my inventory. But when I disable Ravage they start working again. Its super weird.
  9. outlaw2101


    A question for @Haleks What causes all the throwables to cease functioning when Ravage is enabled? The only thing I can seem to throw are chemlights and roadflares, other than that no other throwables work. Tested it with just Ravage enabled with RHS, CUP individually - none of the throwables can be cycled with Ctrl+G and don't appear in the HUD. Just wondering if there's a fix for it? I've seen other people having the same problem but thus far no solution. Cheers
  10. Haven't been able to find any other posts related to this. This pops up whenever I load Arma with Lythium loaded. I've downloaded JBAD and reinstalled it numerous times but it appears to only happen when Lythium is enabled in addons.
  11. Just bumping to see if this project is still active!
  12. Me again - a few more suggestions for you. :p A Russian camouflage in service with the KSOR Collective Rapid Reaction Force - issued in both horizontal and vertical patterns. Issued stricly for arid environments. Would work well with the M93 and M88 uniforms. Two variants of EMR - I'm imagining for use in arid and transitional environments for units deployed outside Russia. A rather new pixelated version of the Russian copy of Flektarn called "Flectar" has been recently observed in service with Russian VDV Units - 7th Guards Mountain Air Assault Division I think. A very unique pattern that emerged sometime in 2016 used by Russian Forces in Syria. I also found this camouflage that originated from Iran - not sure if it would be of any interest. And of course, being an Aussie - can you please put DPCU on the Frog and the RHS US Army Combat Uniform? :P Also going to request DPCU PASGTs hah. AND if its not too much of a hassle, may I ask for more 6Bxx helmets and other RHS gear in different camouflages? Please take your time. :] There is no rush.