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  1. Tactical Combat Link - ( TypeX ) ============================== Description: Tactical Combat Link is a highly dynamic A.I. and F.X. enhancement modification for ARMA 3. Main focus of this modification is to enhance and improve A.I. in many different ways and situations. Tactical Combat Link gives mission designers full freedom about the control and behaviour of A.I. unit(s) and A.I. group(s) by providing multiple types and ways of how A.I. unit(s) and A.I. group(s) can be initialized and behave. Tactical Combat Link works as close as possible with the ARMA 3 engines natively A.I. behaviours to keep a good and clean A.I. mission flow. The main system and almost every feature of Tactical Combat Link use highly randomized values to create unique and varied combat situations. Tactical Combat Link was designed to be as realistic as possible! A.I. is able to react to each enemy player(s) ( playable / switchable ) individual which means it is possible to have Player(s) vs A.I. combat in almost every kind and situation. Each A.I. group has the ability to start their own reinforcement request cycle. A.I. unit(s) of Tactical Combat Link have been specialized and optimized for close and long range combat. Tactical Combat Link has been optimized by using some of the latest coding and syntax optimizations to provide solid and lag free missions. A.I. Reinforcement Features: - A.I. Helicopter Paradrop - A.I. Request Reinforcement - A.I. Request Artillery Support - A.I. Assign / Unassign Vehicles A.I. Combat Features: - A.I. Rearm - A.I. Healing - A.I. Sneaking - A.I. Fire Flares - A.I. Take Cover - A.I. use Smoke - A.I. do House Search - A.I. use Static Weapons - A.I. use Tactical Movement - A.I. use Flanking Maneuvers - A.I. use Dynamic Push Movement - A.I. use Cover to Cover Movement - A.I. use Dynamic Combat Movement - A.I. do Helicopter Insertion / Extraction A.I. I.Q. Features: - A.I. React to Weapon Fire - A.I. React to Suppressive Fire - A.I. Intelligence Communication - A.I. React to Vehicle Explosions - A.I. Real Time Enemy Response and Reaction - A.I. Real Time Combat Response and Reaction - A.I. Dynamic Behaviour Assignment and Switching - A.I. Dynamic Enemy Assignment and Enemy Switching A.I. I.d.l.e. Features: - A.I. Area Observation - A.I. Garrison Buildings A.I. Special Behaviour: - A.I. group(s) which use combat mode "RED" will behave more offensive and always try to push their enemy(s) as much as possible. - A.I. group(s) which use combat mode "YELLOW" will behave more defensive push their enemy(s) less and stay in cover much longer. F.X. Features: - Church Chor - Explosion F.X. - Lighthouse Horn - Shell Whiz By F.X. - Bullet Whiz By F.X. Influences: Tactical Combat Link has been greatly inspired by Group Link 2 ( KeyCat / Toadlife ) and E.C.P. ( Enhanced Configuration Project ) which was developed for B.I.S. Operation Flashpoint - Cold War Crisis today known as ARMA: Cold War Assault. YouTube: Dear ARMA community! I'm very proud to finally release what i've started back in ARMA 2: Operation Arrowhead. Still there is much to do and still there are many things on my mind i'm planning to do. Please keep in mind this version of Tactical Combat Link is W.I.P. build and i'm still working on it daily! If you have any questions or if you find any kind of bug or syntax error please let me know so i can fix it! Please make sure to read the Tactical Combat Link - ( TypeX ).pdf which explains some of the most important features and how to use them properly. Most of the included missions was created for testing and debugging purpose in the first place but i'm sure you can get some useful stuff out of them. So far... Hope you enjoy this modification as much as i do! Best Regarde =\SNKMAN/= Download: ( drive.google.com ) ( Latest Full Build ) Tactical Combat Link - ( TypeX ) v.1.0.31 ( W.I.P. / Hotfix ) Download: ( drive.google.com ) Tactical Combat Link - ( TypeX ) v.1.0.21 ( Update ) Download: ( drive.google.com ) Tactical Combat Link - ( TypeX ) Beta v.1.0.19 Download: ( drive.google.com ) Tactical Combat Link - ( TypeX ) Beta v.1.0.00 Tactical Combat Link - ( TypeX ) Changelogs ( v.1.0.17 - v.1.x.xx ) Additional Informations: Tactical Combat Link ( TypeX ) Debug System ( How To ) Tactical Combat Link - ( TypeX ) - GitHub ( Managed by tanin69 ) Tactical Combat Link ( TypeX ) Install / Init.sqf ( How To by anfo )
  2. Group Link - X - ( Test / W.I.P. ) v.1.0.09 Description: This A.I. modification is very early stage and mainly focus on A.I. combat behaviour improvement(s). Main goal is to get back the "Get ready to feel hunted..." A.I. behaviour. GLX use a new high dynamically and random A.I. movement algorithm which allow A.I. to use very aggressive but still tactical movement. System Features: Headless Client ( H.C. ) Initialize Location A.I. ( Synchronized A.I. ) Spawned A.I. Initialize SP / MP ( Including Zeus A.I. ) A.I. Features: A.I. use Cover A.I. use Smoke ( At Day ) A.I. use Flares ( At Night ) A.I. Request Reinforcement A.I. use Cover to Cover movement A.I. mount / unmount empty vehicle A.I. use high dynamically movement A.I. use Flanking and Tactical Movement A.I. Helicopter Insertion / Extraction ( Paradrop ) There we go! New A.I. system with lot of new and optimized code. Main change of GLX is the new A.I. movement system. I choosed to use GL ( Group Link ) tag to not confuse users too much. Many scripts and functions have been simplified by removing lot of not too important code and conditions. Also UserConfig settings have been pretty much limited down to use some of the most important settings only. This version of GLX use fully randomized A.I. movement algorithm but still testing and playing around with some of the A.I. movement system values. Please make sure to test GLX at least a few times standalone ( without any other A.I. modification combined ) to see what and how GLX is doing. BE WARNED: If you are looking for an A.I. mod with lot of different A.I. features this is the wrong place! GLX mainly has been created to get a new main / base A.I. system used to build up the mod with. Please make sure to read the Group Link - X.pdf some of your questions may will be already answered there if not please feel free to ask them in this thread. As always bugs / something you like / dislike general thoughts and feelings about it please post them here... Group Link - X v.1.0.09 Download: ( drive.google.com ) Download: ( drive.google.com ) Group Link - X v.1.0.07 Download: ( drive.google.com ) Group Link - X v.1.0.03 Enjoy!
  3. Okay. So in this case A.I. will not be able to follow waypoints and / or move / doMove commands. Right?
  4. If he is hyped about something like this than it really means something! Really have to agree with him. Guess since ARMA 1 A.I. animation system is kind of clunky and robotic always been one of my main issues but somehow i get used to it. Just curious especially about the A.I. behind cover did you create your own animations or do you use any switchMove command or reduced animation tran­si­ti­on to cut them? Wish you all the best and keep up the good work!
  5. Yes it's really greate already knew Leopard20 is capable of doing some great things! Really love this very fast react and respond A.I. behaviour especially the one behind cover and in distance where A.I. is trying to dodge bullets. Very good A.I. fine tuning! To me ARMA A.I. really is greate to mod and to be creative but if i like to have some real fun just playing a game i pretty much prefere The Division 1 still one of my most favorite games ever and since years the only game i'm really able to enjoy playing for hours besides ARMA A.I. modding. A.I. which Leopard20 shows pretty much remindes me on those Division 1 A.I. behaviours fast react and respond but as already mentioned by Leopard20 this pretty much will be used by player A.I. only guess if you would run those behaviour calculations on each single A.I. unit of the game it may would be too expensive in terms of code usage and calculations. But it's defenetly a greate addition to A.I. in general! Can't wait to see what and how he did this!
  6. Thanks russian spy! Yes i really think it's the right way i'm moving with this mod so far. Good to hear you are test different settings!
  7. Sure you're welcome! // 11 ( House Search ) True, 50, // 13 ( Static Weapon ) True, 50, Yes both features use bool ( Enable / Disable ) and % chance only.
  8. Oh yws you are right... I mean the entries ( way of how the array is build ) of the array are exactly the same in UserConfig > TCL > TCL_Feature.sqf there are some missing setting as you already found out. Surrender: 34 + 35 It's a feature i've started working on but never finish it. Code is there but not active. Suppression: 27 - 29 Suppression from player to A.I. working. 27 = Enable / Disable 28 = Time during shots to activate suppression 29 = Amount of bullets which was fired within time set by 28 So by default you have to fire at least 5 bullets each within time limit of 0.90 seconds. Most of the time can be done with MGs and ARs set to ( burst ) or full auto only. ( Any high rate of fire weapon ) Pretty hard to trigger this within the time limit if e.g. ARs are set to single fire mode.
  9. True. If you use the variable array from within the Init.sqf all values have to be there and at the right position. If only 1 value is missing or you change a bool ( True / False ) to a number or vise versa it also returns in a error. At the time where the Init.sqf is executed by the game the database has not been created so you can't change a array ( variable ) that does not exist. The mod simply checks if any of the databases ( variables ) already was created in the Init.sqf if yes than it will skip the mods database which was found in the Init.sqf and use it instead of the mods default database. UserConfig > TCL and TCL_Database are exactly the same but to change a value of an array you have to use array set [index, value]; which may make things look different to you.
  10. @xxnocross55no Well if that's the case than you pretty much already answered your own question. Yes that's true. Kind of a logical mistake... Playable ( Switchable ) none player unit(s) should not be marked as players but that's what it does. Sure. Disabled variables will simply use the default T.C.L. database settings of given disabled variable. Thanks! Hmm... I already heared of a strange behaviour if R.H.S. vehicles are used... Sorry but can't really tell something about it. T.C.L. does not affect any 3D model or configs of the game. Maybe there is something else you are using which leads to this problem? Thanks! Are you the group leader or commander of a vehicle? To me this really sounds like the group leader is A.I. and not human? Thanks. See post above. Guess i will check those missions to see what's going on. To me it already looks like A.I. is using full automatic. I was looking for a way to make them shoot less. A.I. already run out of ammo very fast. Just place/spawn them and A.I. if within their radio range will be able to request them. Exactly! Make sure A.I. group leader is using static weapon as well and they will not leave it. Another way would be to disable the A.I. group from using T.C.L. mod.
  11. Thanks vafana! I will check and see what exactly trigger this error.
  12. Hmm... Intresting! Surrenders? Whitch other mods do you use? GLX does not have a surrender feature?
  13. Yes maybe! Well if there is a syntax / script error it defenetly means something did not work as it should. But as said befor guess ( if i'm right ) this is something happen very very rarely. So i will put this to my notes and wait if someone else get this error too. @rainbow47 Hi! 1.) Idk 2.) GCL? GLX? No A.I. from a group lead by player will never be affected by GLX player leaders should always have full freedom to do with their A.I. units what ever they like at least from my personal point of view. 3.) Not specific / individual A.I. units of an A.I. group but A.I. groups in general.
  14. Hmm... Okay thanks for the infos! I will check if there is something else i was not aware of. Your setting changes look fine! Edit: Did this error appeared more often to you or once only?
  15. @vafana Do you have any additional info about this error? Do you remember what happend when it appears? Did you by any chance change something in UserConfig > GLX > GLX_AI.sqf? Right now only thing i could think of would be a very rare situation which would need to happen within less than a second... If you kill all enemy A.I. and right at the moment where GLX is about to delete the logic of the reinforcement request cycle another A.I. group detects you get added to the reinforcement request cycle and directly after that GLX delets the logic. All this would need to happen within < 1 second so very hard to rebuild for me to see if thats the case... @ZeekPlayzYT Thanks! To your suggestions: 1.) Do you mean the vanilla A.I. convoy driving? 2.) I already changed this to make A.I. search for cover right after they get attacked however i think the way of how A.I. behave ( prone / crouche ) pretty much is what i expect them to do. In some situations you may need a few sec. to check the area see who and from where you are getting attacked in this case getting a lower profile would be the first thing to. 4.) Static MGs / Grenade Launchers will be available to be used by A.I. in the next version. 5.) This pretty much is how it works right now. A.I. will be able to only request other A.I. which is not involved in any combat situation ( without enemy ). However if you like to have A.I. request specific other A.I. groups only ( like in a completely different town ) you can do this by using the Location A.I. group type ( By synchronizing specific A.I. units of specific A.I. groups with each other ). 6.) This also already is available in GLX A.I. which was requested as reinforcement and without enemy contact will look for empty nearby vehicles to use and to get to their target position faster.
  16. Yeah already was thinking to do something like this for quite some time. So far i don't know too much of how to get this working but i will defenetly keep it in mind. Thanks! Hmm... So far i did not get this error but i will have a look if there is something i'm missing. Thanks for your feedback!
  17. Yes it is server side only! Hmm... Good question... Guess there will be no key requirement? Maybe if a client with @GLX installed join the server but -serverMod already should define it as server side only? Only reason why i create those keys is because every time i released a mod without key the first post was "where is the server key?".
  18. Nice! Thank you for reporting this issue!
  19. Since some days / week i'm not able to upload folders to GitHub by using the web-interface anymore... Idk why... .PBO still works somehow... There you go: Group Link - X ( W.I.P. ) v.1.0.10 Guess the server key from v.1.0.09 will not work with this version anymore... Yes maybe something like this would work with Location A.I. groups where specific fixed A.I. group(s) are able to support each other only.
  20. Yes i tested it myself right now and it is what i was guessing... Spawned A.I. do not get a waypoint. This will make them move to [0,0,0] which isEqualTo bottom left corner of the map. Already fixed it... Yes it is. All you need is a Init.sqf and copy past this code into it. Init.sqf: // Disable initialize of GLX in this mission. // // GLX_Initialize = False; // ///////////////////////////////////////////// // Stop all code executing below this. // // if (True) exitWith {}; // ///////////////////////////////////////////// GLX_AI = [ 1, // A.I. vs Enemy Knowledge 0.15, // A.I. vs Enemy Rating 3, // A.I. Reinforcement Request Amount 70 // A.I. Enemy Search Duration ]; GLX_IQ = [ 3 // A.I. Enemy Knowledge Duration ]; GLX_Radio = [ 30, // A.I. Reinforcement Request Time [1000, 3000, 5000, 7000] // A.I. Reinforcement Request Distance ]; GLX_Debug = [ True, // Initialize Debug True, // Map Marker Debug True, // 3D Icon Debug True // Cursor Debug ]; // Script based initialize of GLX if dePboed "GLX_System" folder is used. // // GLX_Path = "GLX_System\"; // // execVM (GLX_Path+"GLX_Initialize.sqf"); // ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // Some stuff i always use during developement. // // enableCamShake False; // // onMapSingleClick "player setPos _pos"; // /////////////////////////////////////////////// You mean some kind of rescue A.I. group which will look / search for the requesting and requested A.I. groups? If yes no there is no such kind of system / feature.
  21. Thanks! Well A.I. is just like humans! Teach them, train them and they will get better and better! Yeah pretty much the same! Good old O.F.P. / GL2 / Mapfact Respawn and Laser Delta Force times! Many thanks for your detailed feedback! Normally after their enemy(s) are killed they will randomly search the area for additional enemy(s) for a few minutes. If no additional threats were found they will return to their original waypoint ( position). Do you use spawned A.I. in the mission where this happens? Bottom left corner of the map sounds like they don't have a correct position where they should move to. I will test this! Thanks for the hint!
  22. Group Link - X ( W.I.P. ) v.1.0.09 This version will bring some major A.I. main system changes / improvements and bug / syntax / script fixes / improvements + 1 new ( not really new but from my point of view very important ) A.I. feature! A.I. Feature: ( New ) A.I. react to weapon fire. ( Playable / Switchable ) Download ( drive.google.com ) Enjoy!
  23. snkman

    FSM vs SQF

    Yes of course! But for example call vs spawn: ArmA Scripting Tutorials: Code Performance Okay. I'm sorry i don't have the full picture of how exactly the engine works in detail... In this kind of stuff i use a lot of guessing and assume how it could work... But anyway thanks for your explanation Dedmen!