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  1. tanin69

    Rosche, Germany

    Hi here ! From your last post @Haggerty, it seems that you removed dependencies on MBG buildings, but dependencies on MBG buildings are listed on the first post. Do you confirm that there are no more dependencies with MBG buildings (and that the first post needs to be updated) ? Thank you for the great job !
  2. Thank you @.kju very useful
  3. Ok I will @.kju. I have to do extensive testing before.
  4. Dear @.kju, I've already posted sources in my previous post. And no, they are not "fantasy producer info". And yes, I know it's only far AI. And no, I have no intention to annoy you or anyone here. Well, from here now, I'm going to make a patch and test it intenslivly in our community. Cheers.
  5. This is precisely the problem : all values are the same, whereas those guns have really different ranges. That's OK for me. Of course. The consequence is that a Flak operated by an AI will not engage at a realistic distance. Shermans have the possibility to get close enough to shoot efficently at the Flak. Rommel, help me 😄 ! You are right. But tell me if I am wrong : maxRange is "hard" parameter that can't be "overriden" ? For example, I tried to force shoot over 1500 m. by scripting, with no effect. Am I right ? To be clear, I have no intention to "force" you to change this settings. It's just to be sure you consider (or not) this type of tuning interesting for the mod. We can patch this in our modset.
  6. Hello dear community, hello ifa3 lite team ! This post is about balancing range distances on tanks (Sherman and tiger at least) and artillery (pak 36 at least). These 4 assets share the same settings about their ranges : min/mid/maxRange, which far from historical realism (gun config in cfgWeapons). One example is a flak 36 not engaging a sherman under 1500 m. and the Sherman engaging at the same distance. Do you agree to set better parameters about these guns ? If the team is Ok, I can make a proposition about ranges for these guns and provide sources. About min/mid/maxRangeProbab, as I don't know how many times minute (or a second) the probabilty is calculated, I'm a poor help at the moment to make propositions. Two basic and safe corrections might be done : - in the "far" subclass increasing maxRange value to 2000 m. for all 88 guns - on the same item for sherman, decreasing maxRange value to 1000 m. I've collected historical data, mainly on the 88 flak gun. The 88 is also mounted on tiger 1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/8.8_cm_Flak_18/36/37/41#Support_of_ground_troops http://lesffi.vraiforum.com/t1556-Canon-AA-Flak-8-8-cm-18-36-37-41-43-en-cour.htm (french) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/8.8_cm_KwK_36#Penetration_comparison http://mr-home.staff.shef.ac.uk/hobbies/ww2pen3.pdf So, that do you think about that, guys 😁?
  7. Thank you, snkman. I've completed the FAQ with your answer (see https://github.com/Arma-TCL-TypeX/TCL-TypeX-docs/wiki/FAQ#against-which-groups-will-tcl-will-be-used-) Guess i would be confused as well if i would not have made it myself... Well... Red = A.I. group leader. Yellow = None A.I. group leader. Green = A.I. group(s) which are using any specific A.I. group types e.g. A.I. Hold Group(s), A.I. Defend Group(s), A.I. Location Group(s) and so on... If A.I. unit(s) are in a vehicle: White = Driver Blue = Gunner This seems partially broken : - Many green units with no special order : they are in groups with no order at all, so they should be "TCL_Combat" behavior - Many blue units that are not driver neither in any vehicle : there is no vehicle in this mission.
  8. Yes, sure it is ! The script version doesn't use sound FX.
  9. And, in the last version of your documentation : "Note: The A.I. combat system of Tactical Combat Link will react to playable and switchable unit(s) only!Since version 1.0.17 it is possible to use all features of Tactical Combat Link in A.I. vs A.I. combat situations as well.This means it is possible to have any A.I. side vs any Player side enemy to the A.I. and A.I. vs A.I. at the same time andduring the whole mission." It's very confusing for me at the moment. I try simple questions to clarify - AI vs AI -> TCL features will be used by AI groups of both sides as far as they are under TCL control, right ? All TCL features ? Some of them ? - AI vs player/playable/switchable -> TCL features will be used by opponent AI as far as they are TCL controlled, right ? Will AI controlling playable/switchable units be using TCL features also ? - AI vs AI vs players -> same as above, depending on game setup (independant alligeance, mainly), right ? If this is the case, well, it's very simple : TCL is used for all groups ! But I suspect something more subtile 🤔
  10. That's the community duty to thank you for this great job. @here : the F.A.Q is slowly growing, from basic to more sophisticated things : https://github.com/Arma-TCL-TypeX/TCL-TypeX/wiki/FAQ. Tell me the most important questions, it will help to make the wiki better !
  11. Take a look at https://github.com/Arma-TCL-TypeX/TCL-TypeX/wiki. Just ask here if you have more questions, it will help to complete the documentation.
  12. (sorry snkman for the mention, it's sticky, I can't delete it 😬) The very first step for user documentation. Essentially a copy/paste of your documentation. https://github.com/Arma-TCL-TypeX/TCL-TypeX/wiki
  13. oldy41, sorry if I missed the point, but : 'Enemy knowledge is instantly shared among the group units' from https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/knowsAbout Do you speak about units in the same group or communication between groups ?
  14. One can synchro only a unit, not a group (in Eden at least). So... Do you mean synchronizing a unit (leader, any unit of a group ?) will work ? The goal is to be sure that these groups are purely vanilla controled.