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  1. kroky

    [ALiVE, COOP 18] A Bright Morning

    Does anybody else know how to enable AI in Editor for playable units AND at the same time keep the possibility to teamswitch to them?
  2. kroky

    [ALiVE, COOP 18] A Bright Morning

    Thanks for the reply. Recruiting AI's is not a solution for me since I will not get any Delta Operators. But I will try to edit the mission in the Editor as you told me. BTW, Why do you by default disable AI's, you could do it in the lobby, then there would be no hassle to edit the missions in the editor. As the mission is "advertised" as SP/COOP this way it would really be SP compatible. Right now it's not Single Player friendly. EDIT: I enabled AI in the multiplayer options in the Editor, but now Teamswitch is not possible....so how to do both?
  3. kroky

    [ALiVE, COOP 18] A Bright Morning

    I would like to play this as single player by hosting a LAN, but there are no AI's and there is no possibility to turn them on in the lobby (no button), so how can I do this?
  4. kroky


    Thank you HerosandvillainsOS for your help. I made a lot of progress with editing the other mission now I will try your mission "British Steel". I still don't get one thing: How to LOAD the mission again after saving in LAN multiplayer. I understand the process of how to start the game in LAN multiplayer, I understand the process how to save but I don't understand how to load the saved mission again without starting it all over again. So after saving it correctly, when I want to load it say next day I have to do what? Start again in LAN Multiplayer and then what? I can only host a new game. How to LOAD the saved game in LAN Multiplayer? EDIT: Ok I managed to start, then save and load the mission again. Do I understand correctly that even when I load the mission again my character will NOT be at the same place where I stopped to play the mission? So I have to start at the Base again? (But the vehicles i.e. are where they were left?) Also I have an issue with AI: When I host the LAN session I have no AI team mates, there is no button to add AI's. What am I missing? Ok I found in the forums the info about the line disabledAI=1 to change to 0. This works for your mission. But what about if there is no line like disabledAI=1 in the description.ext, in the other mission "A Bright Morning", this is the case and even adding the line disabledAI=0 doesn't help, there is no button to enable AI's in the lobby.
  5. kroky


    My other question is: When starting the mission in Single Player, I can't load the mission either. Sorry I'm really confused how to work it out....
  6. kroky


    Ok please send me the unpacked pbo. Although I managed to get it working in the editor, I placed the ALIVE Data Module, now I set the option to save locally in the editor, I save with the ALIVE save option, but when returning to the mission it starts all over again. I don't know how to load the saved mission? Also, where are the missions downloaded from the Steam workshop in what folder? I found the saved mission under documents\arma3\saved\steammpmission, but where is the mission file saved from the workshop before I play it? The dependency problem occured because I downloaded the mission pbo from armaholic, since I couldn't find it anywhere in the folders. I have the Steam workshop version too, but I don't know where to find it manually? Once more an Edit: It's about the "A Bright Morning" mission, not the "British Steel" mission. But the Steam workshop redirects me to this topic...
  7. kroky


    Ok I got Eliteness to work and I unpacked the mission pbo and tried to load it in the Editor. But I'm struggling to open the mission since it has dependencies (addons) that are not listed in the description. Even after downloading and enabling those addons there is still the problem with @ARP2 addon which isn't on Steam Workshop. I tried to install it manually, but it doesn't show up in the Steam game launcher. I guess I give up on editing this mission. Too much hassle... Even after managing to open the mission in the editor, there is no ALIVE data module in it....
  8. kroky


    Thanks for the response. What is the up to date pbo packing/unpacking programme right now?
  9. kroky


    Ok buddy help me out a little bit, please! (Or anybody else who knows, how to do it) I've been away from ArmA since ArmA II and I am not up to date with this ALIVE thingy. How exactly did you get it to work the save in SP? - Do I have to depbo the mission with a tool, then load it into the mission editor and then change exactly what and how to get the saves in SP working?
  10. kroky

    Enhanced Visuals

    Hi, I really like your take on the NVG bloom and filmgrain. I've run into a small problem though. Using EV with ACE3 when enabling the NVG's (hearing the sound only when I apply the NVG's the second time, during the first time there is no sound....) I have full screen NVG's. Not the "binocular" style of vision with restricted edges. Can you fix this?
  11. kroky

    Build stuff on manned mission

    Thanks for clarifying that. I couldn't figure out how to use the 3D printer in the Victoria Crater Scenario.
  12. Hi, Sorry to ask a dumb question: How can I enable the MCC medical system? I read I need to put a module, but where is it? When I open the MCC dialog during a mission there is nothing like a MCC medical module availible. The idea is to implement the MCC medical system on all SP missions I play. Can anybody help?
  13. don't change the name of the island: Limu Nesslin is ok. (But keep the town names consequent, so use similar names like from the same language. (If I would work on an island I would call it: Lis Wadasca, doesn't mean anything either but sounds really good for me)
  14. When will it be updated on Six Updater?
  15. There are some very interesting points in this discussion. I can feel both parties since I play OFP/ArmA/ArmAII since almost day one with almost trying all mods which got out. This poll has the point that it would be interesting as how far ACE2 has become standard for how many players. And while it's not perfect set, it still gives a picture how important ACE2 has become for players. - as for the arguments from Iceman: I can understand your point and it is an argument, only that ACE2 has settled down and now the updates are very slow - as for the arguments from ChrisB: I come exactly from the side as you are now, I was mixing mods around a lot, but the problem is exactly what Iceman told, a lot of work to get it to work with all the mod combos. Oh man I could write here really a lot, but it would be too much. What I love most about ACE2, is that a team finally standardized THE MOD for the entire community. I remember (and a lot of veterans will) the BAS was trying to standardize mods (make them compatible as good as it gets) for many years. Back then BAS was kinda standard for OFP. Then WGL (War Games League) came up with their own idea of realism into the OFP/ArmA universe but it was not compatible with a lot of mods. Then Solus (SLX) came up with THE MOD which altered the gameplay in a incredible way. Then GL3 came up and finally SNKMAN came up with GL4 which was an incredible one man show (work) like Solus was. Then ZEUS came up with an incredible AI mod. We can go on with all of that like JTD, Krokzky, UPSMON and so on and so on. BUT ACE2 made a platform that is mostly compatible with other mods and other mods build around ACE2. Like ASR_AI, ASR appendix, JTK_SIL, HELI_EXTRAS. That is something the OFP/ArmA community was striving to achieve for years. I personally think the ACE2 team (considering the workflow, professionalism of how matters are handled) got the mod "industrialized". It's like a big well-oiled machine which is really amazingly good working. I'm personally absolutely happy how the ACE2 team got a "big mod for almost everyone" working. It's not like there is another mod like ACE2, it's more like: there is THE MOD (ACE2) and there are a lot of other little mods that can happily coexist with ACE2. I think only the old OFP/ArmA veterans can really understand what I what to tell here. Simply put: We have been waiting for this kind of standardization of mods for about 10 years. And now ACE2 achieved what hundred of mods could not in the last 12 years.