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  1. Check arma logs (.rpt) for crash info. In my case 3,5Gb of page file were not sufficient. Dunno about 7GB, since you have half of my RAM.
  2. Crash reason? I've got quite a lot of "Out of memory" crashes on DEV recently. The reason was not DEV related, strictly speaking: game crashed because i was "tight" on space on the HD where swap file is located and ArmA3 was allocating many Gigs into pagefile, causing temporary space exhaustion. The real anomaly is the game using the pagefile so much file, as i have 16Gigs of memory, 4Gigs allocated for Arma ...
  3. Hi harpred, not sure what you're willing to achieve there. Smoke grenades are normally used as light smokescreens or signalling devices. In the former case they usually serve as temporary concealment for withdrawal or flanking. Being simple smoke they're not intended to block incoming fire, but rather making it less accurate in order to favour a successful movement. Heavy smokescreens are not usually achieved by portable smoke devices. They're deployed either by artillery or mortars (or CAS) and they grant some concealment in case of the need for a frontal attack across a wide and barren field ( infact they were quite commonly used in WWI after the Somme). In this case the main advantage of the smokescreen is that enemy longer range weapons such as machineguns and artillery have visibilty hindered, hence they lose effectiveness. Though there's still a high chance to be spotted through blowing smoke and enemy is very likely to blind fire through it as well. So you can't expect to get 100% concealment across the field. At about 200m. i think you should be ready for fighting already.
  4. fabrizio_t

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    DoStop each of them and set their direction.
  5. fabrizio_t

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    I've ranted so many times about AI non being able to properly withdraw / flee over years :) It's amusing AI units still flee in formation. I agree that "stealth" mode should make AI more "stealthy", meaning avoid sprinting and idle standing / crouching when enemy is in sight. Not sure at all about the need of further / tight orders, i think micro-managing is already too much.
  6. fabrizio_t

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    AI definetely improved across time. 2 years ago you needed mods in order to get suppressive fire / suppression, morale penalties impacting behaviour and accuracy, consistent use of frag / smoke grenades. Now vanilla AI provides these features. Moreover targets detection has been revised and now works better, as well as pathfinding. Sure, there are still issues, such as problems with convoy driving, firing accuracy glitches, occasional hiccups, problems with rearming and healing, etc. Yes steps were done in the right direction.
  7. Sadly that's an issue, since setUnitpos is now overridden by core AI mechanics. Imho it does not make sense, but that's it.
  8. Somewhat related :) bCombat v0.20 (testing) + Unsung Vietnam War Mod 3.0b: Pure mayhem.
  9. Jungle testing with Unsung:
  10. 1. AI units will aggressively use frag grenades as well as smoke grenades (configurable via config.sqf). They use grenade launchers already in vanilla. 2. no, bCombat handles suppression already on its own.
  11. Can't answer , but many people are running bCombat on a MP environment, pretty sure they will help.
  12. It's optional. Should be enabled via config.sqf ( bcombat_allow_surrender = true ). May break missions / campaign mechanics of course.
  13. Well i wrote already about vanilla having the exact same positional information as bCombat, but not happening to actively to use it ( = static AI ). However the detection scenario is something i've tested many times. Here is a sample video showing what i see: Player shoots while an enemy AI group sits about 80-100 meters away. Some AI units are detached to investigate. They move into general area of player while failing to pinpoint it. They move back to group.
  14. Finished first testing phase on v0.20. Lots of cleanup involved, including bDetect removal and morale system tied to BIS native logic. Different visibility checks too, in order to accounf for massive foliage. A few small issues should still be ironed out, some fine-tuning should be done on balancing of features. All in all it works well on Tanoa, which is a completely different environment if compared to Altis. I'd like to rework a bit a few features. For instance i'd like to further expand the "investigate" behaviour. It does work already in v0.18, but i think some gaps may be filled between "close threat" and "far threat" behaviour patterns. No ETA as usual, work in progress.
  15. No, you can definitely hide into houses in ArmA 3. There's 2 ways an AI unit will detect you there: 1) it has some line-of-sight on you, even just on some inches of your body through a window 2) it can hear you, meaning it's close and you're moving / making noise The potential issue imho is AI is very sensitive and accurate in its detection, probably a tad too much. This especially applies to subsequent re-detection. EDIT: To clarify my impressions: i've run first mission of Apex campaign a few weeks ago. Vanilla. I did move to some crest, was detected by AI enemies about 100 meters away and fired upon. I crawled back. Then i moved to their flank by keeping concealed behind the crest. I kept some distance too. As soon as i popped out of vegetation / crest almost at their back and at about 100 meters they opened fire on me. I was still crawling.