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  1. After a few days hard work, the guys at Capwell Studios are near completion of providing ArmA 3 Composition Hosting. This is a FREE service. Mission makers, and general crafters, will be able to give other people, their compositions. We felt this was a great time to provide and announce this service. All you need to do at this point is tell us, that you are interested, we will contact you, once everything is up and running. Please enquire at: Website: https://capwell.co.uk/contact.html Teamspeak: or leave a message below. Kind Regards, CSH Team. (Notice to Mods, if this is in the wrong place, or is not allowed, please email [jack@capwell.co.uk] and give due notice, as this would be much appreciated. :) )
  2. Ever since ALPHA release, I have used the 2D Editor. Seeing the 3D Editor is lovely, but when I make a mission in the 3D Editor, I get distracted, by the 3D-ness, and end up taking what would be 1-2 hours. into 4-5 hours. Which isn't good. I would HATE to see it go. I have spent most of my hours in the 2D Editor, I would HATE to be forced to use the 3D editor, even if there is a "map". it's still not the same as the 2D editor. My two pence. :p Jack.
  3. You also need to make sure that the trigger is set to "repeatable". Jack.
  4. I have the following, would be able to play ArmA 3? Intel-i5 Geforce GT 620 4GB RAM