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  1. The one thing we all need for arma 3 is a low resolution asset mod that reduces the polygons on all models as much as possible while making sure they retain there base shape and boundaries of hitboxes, and also reduces the base texture quality while retaining important fine details such as patterns and text. The texture mod could also be made in separate secondary version independent from the main mod so that it could be used with the original models for stylization purposes and performance boosts. The lower resolution textures will likely require nearest neighbor texture filtering for quality reasons.
  2. We really need this as OFP/ARMA:CWA performs absolutely horribly for such an old game, and a source port could fix this by allowing for third party optimization the code for newer operating systems and hardware.
  3. nesan

    Arma 3 banned from discord

    I am going to bump this, but please contact customer support for this topic at support@bohemia.net. source: https://www.bohemia.net/company/contacts I AM NOT A STAFF MEMBER
  4. I was wondering if there was any consideration to port/remake old arma campaigns to arma 3 via creator dlc? I would love to play the original OFP campaign on brand new maps and an enhanced 80's version of Malden island. Hell, I would also like a port of take on helicopters to arma 3.
  5. While looking at the Traitors of America list, I noticed that during the 2020 regressive leftist riots the official twitter account for Vigor was caught sharing regressive leftist propaganda by Sony that defends the hate group known as BLM and promotes conspiracy theories about racism against blacks. I understand that you are a growing company and that you likely hired someone to manage that account, and as I am not a regressive leftist animal who holds stupid crap against people for all eternity for no legitimate reason, all I would like is a simple apology for allowing extremist propaganda to be shared on one of your accounts and a declaration that this will never happen again. If it does happen again then we will know it was just a rouge employee and that there is nothing to be concerned about. Also, thank you for allowing people to criticize the regressive left without getting banned.