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  1. Spriterfight

    Bad ai pilot

    So can someone help me to make ai pilots fire accurately or use the plane properly it is so frustrating seeing ww 2 fighters geting shot by biplanes and the problem is that the fighters are fleeing from the bipalnes and they arent using the full potential of their speed also everytime they let the biplanes in their backs so they can shot them.I know arma isnt made for flight sim but want to make a ai vs ai dogfight that is random and dont wanna chees it with scripts,maybe if i can make them more accurate would be better since these planes dont have heat missiles
  2. Spriterfight

    HELP Check if unit is in position

    When does ready fires actually?When a unit is at his position?
  3. i want a script that checks if the unit is in formation ,when a unit is is ready they say ready to fire,is there a way to check this when they say that?
  4. So i have a waypoint and i want to set a timer for if a certain time passes the waypoint deletes itself so i thoguht the setWaypointTimeout is for this .Any ide?The reason for this is simple,I want a dynamic ai co op exeprience and if certain waypoint dosent seems to fit the role i want to cahnge it thats why i would set a timer for it so if the ai didnt comepletes the waypoint then the waypoint will delete itself and will be replaced with another one with different role, like move---> sek and destroy
  5. I have 3 sector and want to select the nearest to a sepcific group how can i achieve this beside using BIS_fnc_nearestPosition
  6. How can i detect if a sector has no side?Are there any index like west,east etc to identify sideunknown?i have this for east and west "sectorname getVariable "owner" == east" Thnx in advance!
  7. Spriterfight

    HELP With direction of object

    _bomberplane = createVehicle [_planetype, _posspawn, [], 0, 'FLY']; [_bomberplane, 600, _posspawn, "ASL"] call BIS_fnc_setHeight; _dir = _bomberplane getDir _caller; _bomberplane setDir _dir; _crewbomber = createVehicleCrew _bomberplane; _wp1 = _crewbomber addWaypoint [_targetpos,1]; _wp1 setWaypointType "MOVE"; _wp1 setWaypointSpeed "Full"; _wp1 setWaypointBehaviour "Aware"; _wp1 setWaypointStatements ["true", "deleteVehicle this"]; It is sabs secret weapon planes i want the plane to face the direction of caller
  8. I have this code What i want is to set the direction of the plane to face the caller but everytime i run the script the plane is facing the right direction but it is upside down
  9. Spriterfight

    HELP How can i activate the trigger?

    I solved it with leader grp1 inArea thisTrigger && leader grp2 inArea thisTrigger && leader grp3 inArea thisTrigger && leader grp4 inArea thisTrigger && leader grp5 inArea thisTrigger
  10. So i have three group and i want the trigger to be activated when each leader of the group is in the trigger area.How can i do this?Thanks in advance
  11. You pack the mission in a zip and upload to a drive.This will help us reproduce the error Do you use any mod? Thank you!
  12. I think you can place the first script in the intPlayerServer.sqf where each player will have this action.Though and maybe if player not present in trigger area then your code.The problem is you implemented a complex system in your mission and we need the repo to understand what is your intention
  13. How can i set "B_Parachute_02_F" ,to not open until certain hegiht?I thought i could disable the parachute opening animation.