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  1. _crew = crew t1; unassignVehicle t2; {doGetOut _x} forEach _crew; this is my script the ai moves back,there are two groups one who drive the vehicle and the infantry. i set a waypoint for the infantry but they are not move there ,they are move back to the vehicle.
  2. I want that any unit from a specified group is in the area and activates trigger, but i need 5 units from 5 groups to be there because i want them to wait eachoter but if i set a trigger only for the leaders with a variable name ,if they got killed in action the trigger dosent activates
  3. Thank you guys!I solved it with this _pos = position t1; _unit = t4; _unit setDamage 1; _unit setPos _pos; it works
  4. So i want a dead body(t4) to be spawned after the vehicle(t1) is destroyed.My code is this: _pos = getPos [t1,0]; _unit = [t4,0]; _unit setPos [_pos,0]; _unit setDamage 1; its says getpos:string expected object,location
  5. Spriterfight


    Thank you very mutch!
  6. I want to put a wallet on a plane s wing and i tried this attachTo [plane1] but the wallet isnt on the wings what can i do to define where i want to attach an object
  7. i make them playable and via multiplayer respawn markers and add them eventhadnler when respawn thats gives them waypoint
  8. Thank you guys!Usually i dont use spawn module because its limited and it's a lot of work to configure it.
  9. So there are 4 one seated planes and i want my 4 men squad to get in those vehicles and fly to the destination.I tried get in nearest but just one men gets in the vehicle the others go by foot to the location what should i do?I dont want them to spawn in the vehicle immediately because the planes are synced to the vehicle respawn module. thx for your help guys!
  10. I usually make separate script file with waypoints for the ai to move there every time if they respawn so their waypoint dosent get disapeared but are there an easier method to do this than make every individual group a script.sqf?
  11. Spriterfight


    Hi!The ai spawn nodule can be connected to sector tactics?
  12. I heard that i can sync units to spawnpoint and make them play sectors but what should i set in the ai spaen because i use custom units and i want to just the group to respawn
  13. I just wondering if there is
  14. So i want to put two different music to play if one side wins then their music will be played but everytime if my tickets reaches 0 then the it ends the mission.How can i change the bis_fnc_respawnticket's endmission to play my music?