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  1. Spriterfight

    HELP How can i activate the trigger?

    I solved it with leader grp1 inArea thisTrigger && leader grp2 inArea thisTrigger && leader grp3 inArea thisTrigger && leader grp4 inArea thisTrigger && leader grp5 inArea thisTrigger
  2. So i have three group and i want the trigger to be activated when each leader of the group is in the trigger area.How can i do this?Thanks in advance
  3. You pack the mission in a zip and upload to a drive.This will help us reproduce the error Do you use any mod? Thank you!
  4. I think you can place the first script in the intPlayerServer.sqf where each player will have this action.Though and maybe if player not present in trigger area then your code.The problem is you implemented a complex system in your mission and we need the repo to understand what is your intention
  5. How can i set "B_Parachute_02_F" ,to not open until certain hegiht?I thought i could disable the parachute opening animation.
  6. You can copy paste it then and do it with naother vehicle.
  7. Without error?Any unnecsesary element in syntax can cause error.
  8. let me check this in my game
  9. _spawnedvehicle = createVehicle["rhsusf_m1078A1P2_B_D_fmtv_usarmy",getMarkerPos""Truck"",[], 0, ""NONE""];try this you should have two ",between the truck name
  10. Try this https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/selectionPosition.Best regards!
  11. I am glad to hear that.
  12. Spriterfight

    Cant get supply drop to work

    Yes i have spriterfighter#0678
  13. Spriterfight

    Cant get supply drop to work

    Yes the first part the "rhs_uh1h_hidf" is the type ,classname. The _pos is the position which is given at the begining of the script if you want to change the distance then find this line: private _pos = [_caller, 500, 600, 3, 0, 20, 0] call BIS_fnc_findSafePos; the 500 and 600 is the radius around the caller who called the script it can be whatever you want 500m and 600m or 1000m and 1000m but change this only if oyu want the distance. ifyou want height then you can add this line [50, "ASL"] call BIS_fnc_setHeight; below this in the init.sqf and be careful. You can change the 50 this means 50 meter above sea level you can set it like 600m or whatever you want private _pos = [_caller, 500, 600, 3, 0, 20, 0] call BIS_fnc_findSafePos; private _veh= createVehicle ["B_heli_light_01_f", _pos,[],0, "FLY"]; _veh allowDamage false;