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  1. @mickeymen you can believe what you want. I get the impression you've never been down range of an incoming bullet. I've been very lucky to only experience that with people who weren't trying to kill me, but the snap of the bullet was still VERY distracting. If anything, impact of a surface is more reassuring because you know it's not coming at you, but obviously will still suppress you. At the end of the day, that's all that matters.
  2. It seems to me you're asking a lot of TPW, not that he hasn't done amazing work. So how do you propose for TPW to determine whether the shot fired (remember, it's a game) was meant to hit a person 60cm in front of you or a wall accidentally? One would suppress, the other wouldn't. There was another mod that, at one point, accidentally made it so every shot fired by the player suppressed the player. It was miserable. Suppression, talking real life here, is the act of keeping someone's head (and body) down due to volume or frequency of fire. They are "suppressed" because they don't want to be killed or shot. That desire to not be killed or shot causes "stress." So when I say someone is suppressed, someone is that way because of stress. Why does this matter? Because I can stand down-range of someone firing a rifle and the snap of the bullet is not suppressing me because I know they're not shooting at me. However, the snap is still REALLY annoying, so it induces a small amount of stress. If someone was actually shooting at me, then the snap (or ricochet, since you brought it up) would both stress me and therefore suppress me. Hopefully that makes more sense on why I have used the two terms together. The sound impact is the result of the bullet kinetic energy. That's physics. Another result of the energy will be the pressure pop of the round flying through the air. Bottom line, I understand your point, but I come at this from the perspective that it's also a game. There's some game mechanics that aren't quite right, so if we applied all of the things that might happen in real life, the game becomes less fun. HOWEVER...TPW is an expert at letting us choose what options we want to use, so at the end of the day, if he follows your suggestion, he will probably also let us choose to use it or not. And that's a huge part of why this mod is so valuable.
  3. My question would be why the heck am I shooting 30-60cm in front of me? If I'm doing it intentionally, no, I'd argue the bullets aren't what would be causing me stress. Not sure you understand that you don't hear the bullet when you're behind the rifle that you're shooting. And once the bullet impacts something hard (ground, object, etc), it loses its "snap," which causes the awareness of the bullet and the "stress." TPW will no doubt do what he wants to do with the mod, and we can all have our wish-list, but when making requests, it still has to be based on some sort of reality for a mod like this, assuming TPW continues to follow the direction for his mod that he has historically.
  4. Why though? That's not really how shooting a real gun even works. Whether you're shooting in front of yourself into the ground or you're shooting out at distance, neither causes anymore stress than the other. It just seems like a weird thing to want to have.
  5. Does this mean that TPW DUCK works for the player? I'm fine if it doesn't, as I've just always used L'axemanns suppression addon, but if it works for the player now, that's one less addon to load (albeit not a huge overhead).
  6. gatordev

    Mag Repack

    FWIW, the script version works just fine, even from saves.
  7. gatordev

    3den Enhanced

    Neat. Thanks for the response.
  8. gatordev

    NIArms Release Thread

    Ah, okay. Didn't understand the technical limitations. Scratch that, then. Thanks for the explanation. Thanks for this. I had always felt that Yx zoom was more than it should be, both because of how it felt in game and also looking through real-life scopes quite a bit. i didn't realize that "1x" wasn't 1x (optic/weapon down at low ready). That explains a lot. Asking a more theoretical question here, not a demand on Toadie specifically...Would a compromise of making the scoped 2d first view (ie, hit "v" the first time) of <1x be technically possible? It's not perfect, as you'd still have the 2D scope shadow, but at least the FOV would be wider, simulating the overall wider FOV one would actually have. Then you could still step up zoom levels, just like it currently does, to 8x.
  9. gatordev

    3den Enhanced

    That's fantastic. So if you change the name/callsign of the group in the editor unit properties, does it change the name tag on the map? I'm thinking this makes a "tracking bad guy" mission so much easier. Also, is there a way to make the value false in-game (via trigger or waypoint)?
  10. gatordev

    NIArms Release Thread

    In the future, would you be willing to consider adding a third "view point" to the ATACR? Along the lines of what Iansky and RHS did with their Elcans. So you have an eye position at 1x behind the scope that allows you to see around the scope when moving (not included now), a low mag view point (currently included...looks like about 2x), and the RDS view point (currently included). With the current "low mag" view of the ATACR, it's a little zoomed into the scope, which negates one of the benefits of the ATACR in real life. Having the third option in-game makes CQB in towns a little easier because you have peripheral vision, but can still use the scope by zooming in with the right mouse button (or whatever key) a little bit. I use it all the time on the Elcans I mentioned. And if the answer is no, so be it. I'm still happy you're continuing to give us new content, so thanks!
  11. Thanks for the update. Just a heads up, that link takes you to 3.10.x. Not hard to get to 3.11.1, but just letting you know.
  12. gatordev

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I know this is a little beyond the scope, but... It really depends on how the system is configured, and by extension, how integrated it is to the various ASE installed. A typical setup would be "Semi-Auto" where the thread could be varied (IR and radar guided). When a launch is detected by the fisheyes, it cues the operator, who then hits the deploy switch which kicks out a pre-programmed spread. The problem with that is that it may burn through countermeasures that you don't need yet for that particular threat. You could also be in an "Auto" mode, where it kicks out automatically for a plume detected with no associated radar energy. And then there's auto-jammers (for both non-radar and radar guided systems, each utilizing a different sub-system of the ASE, if equipped). Of course none of this addresses the kind of countermeasures used for a particular threat. Not all flares are the same, for very good reason as the threat gets more capable, but again, that's beyond the scope of what's modeled in-game.
  13. gatordev

    NIArms Release Thread

    Copy perspective. The ATACR is the length-(ish) of the 2.5-10x24, which is why I was asking. Somehow NF made the NX8 F1 even smaller, which is insane (and still very usable). Looking forward to it, either way. I missed this the first time around. That's awesome. Thank you!
  14. This is what keeps me coming back after short hiatuses as well. Glad you're back and thanks for continuing on with your mod!