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  1. gatordev

    3CB Factions

    I do get the UK3CB_BAF_Weapons requirement, but it's in the CDLC portion of the mission file and not the Required Addons portion. However.... My apologies, as I didn't realize I have it in several other mission files and there doesn't seem to be any ill-effects. The missions play fine even though I don't have _BAF_Weapons installed. So basically, I'm reporting something that is a "thing," but not something that's causing any issues.
  2. gatordev

    3CB Factions

    @evrik when I added some 3CB Faction Soviet (Late) mortars, it added 3CB Weapons into the required CDLC section of the mission file. When those aren't on the map, but other 3CB Faction assets are used, I just get the Factions as a CDLC (as expected). Unfortunately, that same mission has started crashing Arma (for, I believe, an unrelated reason I haven't figured out), so I haven't been able to trouble-shoot if other mortars also cause the "Weapons" CDLC dependency. But other missions I have with lots of 3CB Factions assets don't have the same "Weapons" dependency added, just the expected "Factions" dependency.
  3. gatordev

    New informations or announcement soon?

    So is there not a way to remove default key bindings? Or am I just missing it? I can change a key binding to something other than default, and I can remove that changed key bind, but I can't make a default key bind become nothing. Looking at the key binds in the profile file, it only shows changed key binds, so that doesn't look like an easy answer. After 21 years, my OFP/Arma muscle memory is pretty set.
  4. Does the "PAUSE=" switch not apply to the player? I consistently have enemy spawn right next to me (less than the default 200m). This is without the PAUSE switch activated in the init. Since the default is 200m, I figured I didn't need to add it to the init line. Or am I misunderstanding the examples/readme?
  5. gatordev

    3CB Factions

    Fantastic! Thank you so much. I've been making a WWIII set of missions on Weferlingen using RHS, PF, and your 3CB Factions and they all complement each other great. The additions will fit in great!
  6. gatordev

    3CB Factions

    Hurray! Thanks for the continued work!
  7. Like @badano, these are hand placed units that I can walk through, not spawned by TPW Mods. I wasn't intending to point my finger at you @tpw, just mentioning it's not necessarily Arma's fault. It is interesting though that you mention you do have collisions turned off within the mod. Maybe it's not a coincidence. When I get a chance, I'll have to try with and without the mod running. I don't think so, but now I'll have to pay more attention.
  8. I've been able to walk through a lot of RHS vehicles for at least a year. I haven't been able to narrow down what IS causing it, but what ISN'T causing it is Arma and RHS. With just those two running, I don't have the issue.
  9. I hadn't had this mod loaded in a while and it's now loaded with the most recent Steam version. I'm getting a mod dependency in missions that never had VME in it if I edit the mission and save. Usually it's "VME_PLA_Weapons_C" that gets added.
  10. Thanks for the update! I don't use Skirmish, but I do use TPW all the time and I've noticed in the last few months that sometimes when a unit truly dies (instead of a TPW created shoot-fall-isn't-dead-yet), bodies will sometimes fall through the ground (or their weapon does). Obviously I'll play with the update, but does Fall use something similar to what's happening in Skirmish? Regardless, certainly not a deal breaker, but figured I'd ask.
  11. I know we're getting off-topic, but... star light is actually extremely helpful, at least with Gen 3 tubes. They're specifically designed to be used with star light. Moon light or cultural lighting is just an added benefit. Where things get harder is where there is cloud cover and no cultural lighting. Then the goggles can't really react anymore and you get massive scintillation. This fuzziness is what people think NVDs always look like because of the initial Gulf War 1 video footage (which was with NTSC/PAL, low rez CCD or tube cameras on Gen 2 or worse NV). Where Arma 3 fails, no doubt because of the engine like @dragon01 is saying, is interaction with light sources and not picking up near IR sources. Red lights and exhaust are extremely bright, but head lights, while annoying, don't blind the tube since it can degain itself. I've personally never used manual gain NVDs, but when using autogain devices, and what makes auto gain Gen 3 devices especially later OMNI VI s or better, is they're able to degain themselves significantly AND still let you see without as much of the halos.
  12. It's really no big deal. A big reason is because the light used is green. Flipping back and forth is a non-event. Like I said, you won't be 100%, but your vision is very usable...or as usable as whatever the ambient lighting allows for.
  13. I can't argue that the way light is handled is different from A2 to A3, but as for NVGs, that was always annoying in A2 to have to wait for the adaptation. In reality, when you come off of NVGs, you're still night adapted and can see very well. After about 30 seconds, you'll be pretty close to fully night adapted. Hollywood gets a lot of things wrong about NVDs and this is one of them. Being blinded by lightning is another. It's not really a thing unless you're right next to a lightning strike.
  14. Hey @yax I saw your query about Romeo and Sierra pilots on Discord and responded but never saw a response. Not even sure how I got the notification since I'm rarely on there. But if you're looking for some Romeo/Sierra info, let me know.
  15. I had to go back to work for a week so wasn't able to continue to pursue the issue. As of today, after the most recent Dev update, the issue seems to be gone. I'll have to play some more to confirm, but so far the game seems stable.