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  1. Fair enough. And I, honestly, just enjoy what I have now since my Arma time is limited. Combine that with removing any RHS compat files and then making my own Tier One compatiblity file (for suppressed weapons and SUPER-simple), I'm sure I'm not hearing the same thing as others. I was just pointing out that the action/report/bullet sounds are all unique in the real world, but totally understand we're "ham-stringed" by the game engine.
  2. But those are three (or more) different sounds. One is the suppressed sound of the rifle (along with the bolt sound, of course). Then there's the sonic crack. Then there's the computation of the echo of the sonic crack. The sonic crack doesn't make that echo sound all the time, only when there's something to reflect the sound. If you heard that sound previously (and I can't remember if that was a thing...but I'm not arguing with you that it didn't do that), it was because LJH built that echo computation into the mod, just like now when you shoot outside and then shoot inside, the report of the rifle sounds different. I'm not arguing that it sounds great if the situation applies, I just don't think it should be "hard-coded" into the sound tail, as geography will determine if it truly sounds like that.
  3. gatordev

    3CB Factions

    This is fantastic! I've been wishing there was some other aircraft in the "short list" of other mods other than the Colombia that you could use as a faction low-tech plane, destroy prop, or even a SOF extraction vehicle. And including the 172 is great as well. Thanks for the overall update, too!
  4. gatordev

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    FWIW, I dropped Blastcore a while ago and switched to ArmaFXP (which is based on Blastcore) and it fixed a lot of Blastcore issues. And because this is a RHS thread, to keep this on topic I'll add that ArmaFXP seems to play very nicely with RHS.
  5. I don't own CSLA IC yet, but the map sounds interesting. And knowing your work, tpw, I'm curious if you're willing to make the sound patch public?
  6. gatordev

    Tier 1 Weapons

    Understood, and thanks for the reply. Fortunately, your stuff and RHS's stuff can mix and match so well. That said, I think you and Soul_Assasin had discussed making the either the PEQs or the LA-5s cross-compatible on your weapons at some point. Was that technically feasible or a no-go? With the current version, the lasers (and I forget if it's RHS lasers/lights on your guns or vice versa) don't always sit right. I can't remember if it was an "easy" fix, but just remember the discussion, at some point. If it's not something you're interested in, totally understand. Regardless, again, thanks for the continued work.
  7. Thanks, @tpw. And apologies... I noticed the siren option was a separate one in the .hpp file when I was updating last night, so an easy fix is to just disable it as needed.
  8. @tpw This is meant as a question and not a specific complaint, but I'm wondering how you have SOAP configured for some of the maps. I've had city sirens going off in maps like Anizay and a in a small island village (not city) in Cam Lao Nam. I can kind of see how the sirens might fit in in parts of Anizay, but a lot of middle east maps are more spartan than a "city," per se. Obviously it's even weirder for Cam Lao. So my question is how specific does SOAP get in figuring out sounds to play. Is it per map, or just per type of map (jungle/middle east/Eastern Europe/etc)? Thanks for the update. The spawning wrecked cars is a great addition!
  9. gatordev

    Tier 1 Weapons

    Yeah, that was not the intent.
  10. gatordev

    Tier 1 Weapons

    I was actually wondering if I missed an update, but I guess Steam says no. I was out of the Arma game completely for a couple of months due to a new job and then had to install Arma on a new machine from scratch, so everything should be good, but hadn't seen some of the fantastic updates you've teased us with. Now with Prarrie Fire and the other already existing jungle maps, I was wondering if you had considered doing woodland textures. I totally understand this is a huge undertaking (and I can't remember if you had responded to this before), but since either Tier 2 or higher units are working in various tropical locales, it would seem a great addition. Regardless...Thanks again for making all of this for us. It's still a great addon.
  11. gatordev

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Gotcha. Thanks.
  12. gatordev

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    That looks great! I believe it was you who said, in the past, that there was some effort to "muddy up" tires on the various vehicles. Is that still on the to-do list or was any progress made (even if it's isn't ready for public consumption yet)? Regardless, looking forward to the update!
  13. I'll try and mess with it in the next day or so (life just got more complicated in a good way), but going back to work for a week after that. Hopefully others can play with it.
  14. I think we all appreciate your continued support for the mod. And the fact that you continue to make it modular really sells it. Thanks again.
  15. @tpw, I think you know I've always been a huge fan of your work, so please understand I'm offering this as feedback. Ignore as you see fit...it's not like I'm going to uninstall your excellent work. I had the same issue with your previous version where the player got stuck in the healing animation, or so I thought. But after your update, I saw what I thought was the AI getting stuck in a healing animation, but it turned out it was a "new" (to TPW) animation where the unit will standup, bend over, then standup and stretch his back. It takes a lot of time to happen, and of course since the unit is standing up, he's a big fat target. I'm wondering if that may have been what happened to my player unit previously where it seemed like I was stuck. Regardless, I was wondering if you might think about removing that animation choice, if that's possible with how you have stuff coded. In my (overly) simple mind, I was guessing you were calling a random animation out of an array when a unit heals, so I wasn't sure if it was possible to remove that animation selection. It's just weird to have a unit standup in the middle of a firefight...and worse if you have the SETCAPTIVE TRUE turned off in the tpw settings (like I do).