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  1. Completely and totally understandable. For the record, nothing I've posted is classified. What I have posted is info from the Program Office that was eventually "released," but not in any overt press release (unlike Combat Dragon II). Anything else I may know (or think I know), I've kept my mouth shut on here. I was just very lucky to sit in an office at Mynock and listen in on meetings at the program's genesis, and got to get updates on the program as it progressed before it hit public daylight (notably some time later). But even having an USAF variant in-game is a win, so thank you for continuing to update the mod, wherever it might be found!
  2. Sigh. It was not just tested. It was used down range operationally for a bit before COMBAT DRAGON started up and "replaced" it. I have a bit more knowledge than what's available via Google but only posting what's public. And yes, I fully acknowledge that both programs were stood down and the planes returned to their leasing agents. But the Super T was absolutely killing bad guys while wearing a USN BUNO. If Jester doesn't want to make the texture, so be it. The fact that he gave you guys his addon so we can have it in game is awesome. But I promise I'm not just talking out of my ass.
  3. They absolutely did. It was for a while before the OV-10s came online and they were kept under wraps for quite some time before the public press finally got wind of them. Both the Super Ts and the OV-10s were under the same program office. That said, your mod and your effort. Just putting it out there.
  4. As I mentioned in the RHS thread, a U.S. Navy skin/livery would be correct. Sadly I couldn't find any BUNOs, but there might be pics out there on the 'net. These were the real deal and were killing some bad guys for a bit.
  5. If they were added, then no one would be able to actually play the game. Players would constantly be detained on the in-game flight line when trying to get to the in-game aircraft.
  6. gatordev

    Community Factions Project

    Perfect. Thanks for the reply.
  7. gatordev

    Community Factions Project

    I think I'm doing this already through ASR AI, but I believe it only fires if the unit has NVGs already in the loadout. Does CFP add the NVGs to the load out on it's own? Just asking to see which one I'll disable. Looking forward to playing with the new toys. Thanks for the update!
  8. gatordev

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I haven't been able to play Arma for the last two weeks until last night, so I'm guessing I'm at least one, if not two, Dev updates "newer" than what I was playing before. Given that, this is a question to see if it's something new before I make a ticket... I'm finding that the RHS M249 isn't accepting the 200 round box mags EXCEPT for the one initially loaded on the gun at mission start. I've triple-checked the ammo names in the mission and they're all the same (vest and back pack), but they won't show up as "usable" in-game (but they are still loaded in the player's inventory). I switched out ammo the 100 round nut-sacks and they work fine. Anyone else seeing this issue or is it known already? I didn't have time to check "factory" RHS units to see if they had the same issue.
  9. gatordev

    Interiors for CUP buildings

    So is this similar to what was done with DS_Houses? Obviously the big difference is it's Contact interiors instead of scratch made interiors. Definitely want to try this out. DS_Houses is great, but the version I have was never finished.
  10. So I'm thinking this may be a performance issue within Arma and not something specific to TPW. I can load a simple mission (only a couple of units) with the same init file and I don't get any error. It seems to happen when there's a whole bunch of units which have to initialize on the mission start. I'll keep an eye on it, but I'm not sure there's something specific for you to track down, now.
  11. Didn't mean for it to sound like you don't strive to kill bugs. Hopefully it didn't come off that way. I think you know I've been a long time fan. Thanks for looking at it. Again, it's possible something is interacting with how my missions init (which all init the same way). I can look at testing with just a simple mission load and see.
  12. I have a question for you you, @tpw, but I'm guessing this may be an Arma issue and not necessarily linked backed to TPW, specifically... Some time ago (at least 6 months), when I start a mission in 3Den, I would get an error about "tpw_fireflies" not init'ing. Fireflies would work fine, it would just happen as the mission loaded. Fast-forward another couple of months, and I would start getting errors about "Skirmish" or "tpw_battle" (or something like that) not initializing at mission start. Neither of those were actually used in the mission. Now, after the last few updates, I'll get spammed at the beginning of a mission about how multiple parts of TPW are having initialization issues. Then all the errors will stop and the mission works normally. Many of the errors will be about options that aren't turned on in my config. It seems like TPW is trying to initialize before...something...let's call it "Arma" is ready for them to initialize. But the functions/scripts work fine once the mission loads all the other nonsense. I know you had a timer/sleep in the past for things to load. Was this timer reduced recently? I'm running a pretty powerful processor/GPU combo, but I also tend to run a bunch of other scripts on loading (mostly JEBUS), so maybe resources are running low. Regardless, figured I'd ask here. At the end of the day, everything loads and works, I just get spammed at the beginning of the mission. The spamming is still worth the awesome functionality, of course.
  13. gatordev

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Makes complete sense, thanks for clarifying. Again, thanks for picking up the mod and adding it, regardless of livery.
  14. gatordev

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I completely understand you guys not wanting to have to retexture with everything else you have going on, but for what it's worth, the above isn't completely accurate. The USAF has its own programs, along with the ANA aircraft, but IF was a separate program. Admittedly, not still on-going, which further validates your reasoning I'm sad to say. If there was a retexture, one done in U.S. Navy livery would be correct. I think I might even still have the BUNOs from when I was very fortunate to get a peak behind the curtain as the program was starting back in 2007. ETA: Completely forgot to thank RHS for adding the Super-T and picking up the project so it could be continued. It's great to have it in-game, regardless of livery.
  15. gatordev

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    That looks great. I know you've been slowly adding stuff to the SOCOM category in the editor. I'm not smart enough about Ranger-type uniforms to know the answer to this...Are you guys at a point where creating actual SOCOM squads is as "simple" as using your SOCOM Rifleman and changing loadouts (obviously with config changes on your end to name them differently)? I understand the focus before was on conventional units, but wasn't sure if we've reached a turning point. Not sure if there's anything else added in the config for that SOCOM rifleman you already have (and that I could use to build custom squads).