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  1. Capt Childs

    3den Enhanced

    Has the Draw Building Positions feature been removed, or not implemented yet? Can't find it in-game...
  2. Capt Childs

    Boeing/SOAR MH-47E ArmA III

    I'm not sure KGB is still working on this update, he posted this evening suggesting he is not. There is another update to Konyo's wonderful original though, by Trippy: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1704536223
  3. Capt Childs

    UnderSiege Gear & Uniforms

    Thanks, nice video, really interesting stuff! Appreciate the interactions you're building into to work with ACE, but are you using your own custom nightvision effects, or using the effect from ACE?
  4. Capt Childs

    UnderSiege Gear & Uniforms

    @Siege-A thanks again for the feedback, much appreciated. It's funny reading your explanation around mod size, the first thing I thought when scanning through the mod was... this is already 1.6GB at a first pass with only initial content, it's going to get bigger than this... I think you're always going to have a dozen different ways to cut down mod size, and lots of probably very opinionated people sharing them with you, for me for what its worth... I think the camo scheme approach might be an option. Some Arma models can look ugly AF, so I'm not a fan of reducing quality, however I think all of us have a ton of content in the mods we load that we never use. Being able to select just what camo schemes you know you use might be an approach. Regardless, along with a couple of other mods, your mod has been one of the handful of apparently awesome yet mythical "its coming but never quite gets here" mods, along with those few others still yet unreleased. You and your team deserve huge recognition for getting your mod out and into the wild, grand applause. In an age where commercial software & games often release in alpha and beta guises, rather than perfected and finished, it always seems like its easier to fix & remedy as you develop further, whilst taking your audience on a journey with you, getting them invested in your project, rather than forever promise "its coming". Great job team, keep it up, fantastic effort, a thankful community!
  5. Capt Childs

    UnderSiege Gear & Uniforms

    @Siege-A thanks a lot for insight. Really appreciate it 😀 Just noticed that sidearms are not appearing in holsters where present; the holster appears empty. At 1.6GB, this is a big, big mod...
  6. Capt Childs

    UnderSiege Gear & Uniforms

    At first look, it appears the ACE Arsenal is showing the helmets with no armour/protection values. I'm unsure if this is an ACE Arsenal thing, or the mod, so thought I'd send up as is.
  7. @autigergrad that looks like some awesome new civ functionality, really looking forward to seeing it full release, awesome work!
  8. Capt Childs

    ASR AI 3

    Thanks Gents, that did the trick.
  9. Capt Childs

    ASR AI 3

    Thanks for the update Robalo, appreciated as ever. Your mod is a crucial component of making Arma AI behave... much better. Unfortunately since the update has changed the RHS config to four separate ones, we can no longer edit existing mission files due to missing "asr_ai3_rhs_c". In-fact we can't even load existing mission files into Eden. Can you suggest a way around this that doesn't involve having to recreate (all) mission files from scratch? Be hugely appreciated. Thanks for your work!
  10. #Declassified for immediate release: Sun 19Aug18, Operation Hard Spear, Africa Approximately one month ago, US special operations Marines of the 4th Marine Raider Battalion successfully apprehended the leader of the Janjaweed militia of Sudan, Colonel Ibrahim Al-Khalifa, who was wanted by the UN and ICC for his part in war crimes, genocide, and causing human suffering within his own country and across the border in neighbouring Chad. Today the US Department of State turns over Colonel Al-Khalifa to the United Nations for trial under international law. The DoD is unwilling, at this stage, to discuss the nature or location of Colonel Al-Khalifa's arrest, due to ongoing operational security concerns. Now... having returned from the African theatre, 4th Marine Raider Battalion is closing out on a little over a month's pre-deployment work-up training and preparation for their next overseas deployment. Watch the action - or be part of it! What are you waiting for? http://4thmrb.net/forums/index.php?/forum/5-recruiting-office/
  11. Tried this, made no difference, still locked on loading. Through trial and error I found the issue though. It's the Player Logistics (Disable) module. If I place it (settings Debug NO, all other settings YES), then it stops the mission loading, if I remove it, mission runs fine as usual. This happens in SP, MP (hosted and dedicated), and trawling through my logs I can see no obvious messages about why this is happening, or even connected to it.
  12. I'm not using the MACC module, but following the latest update none of our missions will run anymore. I can't even get them to run offline in Eden. Haven't changed any settings, but if I delete all the ALiVE modules the missions will load and run fine. Will try to debug.
  13. #Declassified for immediate release: Sun 01Jul18, Operation Hard Spear 07-18, Darfur Province, Sudan US special operations Marines in conjunction with US Army special operations rotary wing aviators and USAF aircraft have completed the destruction of destabilizing mechanized and armored vehicles, along with artillery pieces in the hands of the Janjaweed militia. Their leader, Colonel Ibrahim Al-Khalifa has so far eluded US forces in Chad and western Sudan, but remains a high priority target. What are you waiting for? http://4thmrb.net/forums/index.php?/forum/5-recruiting-office/ Currently attached to 4th Marine Raider Battalion, is A Co 5/160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne), better known as Nightstalkers. Using highly modified special operations Chinooks, Black Hawks and Little Birds, their mission is to provide helicopter aviation support for special operations forces. This primarily means assault and reconnaissance, usually at night, at high speed, at low altitude, on short notice. A rare opportunity awaits; the Nightstalkers are currently recruiting. Do you have Task Force Brown in you? Six guns don't miss!
  14. Squad name: [4th MRB] 4th Marine Raider Battalion Realism Unit Timezone/location: US Central Time Gamemode preference: COOP Contact email: admin@4thmrb.net Website address: 4thmrb.net | 4thmrb.net/forums | youtube.com/c/4thmrbnet | steamcommunity.com/groups/4thmrb | units.arma3.com/unit/4thmrb Short description: Founded in Nov 2015, we are a very active special operations realism unit simulating a fictional Marine Raider company within Marine Special Operations Command (MARSOC), structured and organized identical to the real thing - along with supporting USSOCOM units. Language: English
  15. Strength of the Wolf is the Pack 0372 Critical Skills Operator: the core of a Marine Special Operations Team (MSOT) is the Critical Skills Operator (CSO). The same attributes that make a good virtual Marine and a determined individual are the same attributes that make you successful as a virtual operator. Mission sets change and the battlefields change, but the core individual does not change. We seek these individuals and we're not worried about your previous experience. Diversity adds to a team and serves to increase its problem solving and lethality. We demand a lot from our virtual Marines. Every day you need to be different and better and growing. If you have what it takes, come and take your place alongside us. Because we started out as virtual Marines, we’re better virtual special operators. Sun 01Apr17: MSOC A 4th MRB and A Co 5/160th SOAR (A) deployed to the Ennedi Massif in Chad under Operation Hard Spear. Tasked by SOCAFRICA to establish themselves in the sandstone desert, then conduct search and destroy missions against local warlord Colonel Ibrahim Al-Khalifa and his Janjaweed militia, primarily targeting the destruction of any and all motorized, mechanized or armored vehicles - in coordination with USAF 27 SOG 27 SOW. What are you waiting for? http://4thmrb.net/forums/index.php?/forum/5-recruiting-office/ Always Faithful, Always Forward