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  1. Capt Childs

    3CB Factions

    The short version is when it's ready. 😉 The longer version is it's generally frowned on to chase developers and modders for lead times on their projects. I believe it might even be a forum rule...
  2. Capt Childs

    3CB Factions

    We use it pretty much on every mission on our dedicated server, alongside circa 100 mods, no issues for us whatsoever. I'd look for a mod clash with a new mod or recently updated existing one maybe?
  3. In MP, if a player moves into range and forces furniture spawning, but then moves out of range, if he (or someone else) moves back into range will the same furniture respawn, or could it be different? Looks really interesting BTW!
  4. Capt Childs

    USP Gear & Uniforms

    These look awesome! Any love for the SF Super High Cut or MT Super High Cut - the artist formerly known as the Maritime?
  5. ACE3 allows you to holster sidearms, not sure if core game does.
  6. For some reason Land_CanisterFuel_F is no longer carriable in ACE3. If I try to force is with call{[this, true, [0,1,1], 0] call ace_dragging_fnc_setCarryable;} in the item's init, it layers the ACE3 interaction options for carry/drag literally on top of the refuelling options, creating an unreadable and confusing mess. My ask is... how to do I add the carry/drag option to the item's existing ACE interaction 'list' (in this case fuel options)?
  7. Hi guys For weather & environmental reasons I'm looking to alter (correct) the longitude & latitude values of a couple of community created maps which are no longer supported/author not around Arma anymore, which locate themselves at the centre of the planet - I assume some 0,0 location. I assume I can create a really small .pbo to grandfather in the existing map, inheriting it with simply moving it geographically somewhere else. I've researched this, it seems possible, but I'm unclear how. Appreciate anyone's advice here!
  8. I have a feel I am probably overlooking a really obvious answer to this, but is it possible to lock access to a specific ACE Arsenal object, to a specific player?
  9. Capt Childs

    USP Gear & Uniforms

    @Siege-A lost track a little of what's currently going to be in the vest pack. Are we likely to see AVS and JPC? And if so, will there be coyote brown versions?
  10. Is it possible to produce a tooltip on an item or object when a player looks at it, or attempts to interact with it? I've found the BI tooltip code, but cannot get it to work for me. Essentially I'm looking at a number of plastic cases on the ground, and I'd like to pop a description of what each case is or contains when a player looks at it (or interacts with it). Must be dedicated multi-player friendly, we use CBA and ACE3 if that's of any help.
  11. Capt Childs

    USP Gear & Uniforms

    Uniforms pack is looking really good - same top quality as the other packs, great work. A question about the patch slot on the arms pockets. It seems to enlarge and 'stretch' patches in both axis, but vertically more, in a very weird & abnormal way. Looking at the arm pockets, I'm unsure if they look oversized or not. I have a G3 combat shirt, and something doesn't look quite right?
  12. I don't believe so, it's just a graphical effect to players. Similar to their Suppress and Immerse mods. Our unit's been using them for 5 years, wouldn't be without any of them!
  13. Capt Childs

    [Terrain]: Archipelago

    Really nice map! Looking forward to seeing what you do with those big islands.
  14. Capt Childs

    [Terrain] Uzbin Valley

    Really nice map as it currently is, hope you have the passion to finish her - has great potential!