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  1. Is YuEmod still forbidden in here? It's completely free, publicly available and afaik doesn't contain any ripped models. So I cannot see why this doesn't comply with the Gestap... I mean BI Forum policy. I'm really just curios what's the reason for banning this mod.
  2. Mods: RHS, PKL, UNSUNG, CUP, direone's Static Animations, nikoaton's Animatios Pack, IFA3, Flashpoint RHS Retextures, NIArms, ARMSCor, Angola Maps, Military Gear Pack
  3. Mods: RHS, PKL, VTN, UNSUNG, direone's Static Animations, nikoaton's Animatios Pack, IFA3
  4. So even if you can't see them because they are blacked out? Is it now also wrong to post screenshots if i have mods loaded up in my game that are forbidden even when you can't see these mods in the picture?
  5. So, I see you again felt the urgent need to delete my post in the photography thread... Is there any specific reason this time?
  6. Could someone tell me what's so problematic about YuEmod? It's still publicly available on the Workshop. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1195262135
  7. Mods: RHS, YuEmod, Caucasus Insurgency, VTN, Foxhound Siberia Guard, 2035 Russian Armed Forces, BCA, nikoaton's Animatios Pack, direone's Static Animations, Northern Front Terrain
  8. Mods: RHS, DHI, RHS Uniform Re-textures, CUP, YuEmod, Russian Helmets Project, US Military Mod, NIArsenal, CFP, Southeast Angola 1974, Krokom, ASCZ, First Chechen War Mod, RH M16/M4, nikoaton's Animatios Pack, TFR Pose Pack, Rismarck's WW2 Pose Pack, direone's Static Animations
  9. Mods: RHS, IFA3, Faces of War, CUP Terrains, CSA38, Northern Fronts, GEIST, Hohenstaufen Re-tex, Renner's Unit Retexture Pack, US General Equipment and Accessories, nikoaton's Animations Pack, Rismarck's WW2 Pose Pack
  10. Mods: IFA3, Faces of War, CSA38, LEN Waffen SS, Geist, Northern Fronts, German WW2 Foreign Legions, Krokom, ZSL Static Poses, Rismarck's WW2 Pose Pack
  11. Mods: VTN, UNSUNG, RHS, Prei Khmaoch Luong, IFA3, POLPOX'S Artwork Supporter, NIArsenal, Faces of War, TFR Poses, nikoaton's Animations Pack, Rismarck's WW2 Pose Pack
  12. Mods: VTN, NIARSENAL, RHS, Aspis Gear, RHS Uniform Re-textures, Faces of War, C.O.S, CUP Terrains, nikoaton's Animations Pack, direone's static animations, ASCZ Heads
  13. Mods: RHS, IFA3, Faces of War, CUP, Rismarck's WW2 Pose Pack, nikoaton's Animations Pack
  14. Mods: RHS, Aspis Gear, VTN, NIArsenal, RH Accessories & Pistol Pack, C.O.S, CUP, SPS, BWMod, KSK, direone's static animations
  15. I just changed the flags in the Aspis Gear mod