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  1. Taliban insurgent have taken control on an inportant mountain pass in south eastern Takistan; British Commando are tasked to insert in the AO, recon the target area and remove any insurgent presence. 0530LT After being inserted via Helo, the team moves in to the mountains TL is overlooking the AO from an high position Contact with a small INS patrol After one hour of skirmishes the team managed to eliminate most of the threats, here fire team alpha moves under the overwatch of the MG By 10 Am the road is secured and under BLUFOR control MODS: CUP (all); Community Faction Project; 3CBF (all); Dynamic Recon Mission on Takistan map
  2. USMC Operating in the jungle Mods: CUP, Community Faction Project, Dynamic Recon Ops:Tanoa, Bloodlust
  3. AI driving at his finest Mods: RHS, Project OpFor, ClAfghan
  4. The "Battaglione San Marco" (Italian Marines) is deployed on Malden in response of the invasion of the island by Serbian military forces. On the first day of engagement, a small patrol is inserted in enemy territory with the task of search and destroy two Shilkas wich are preventing aerial reconnaissance. NH90 flying low From an high ground position the operator spots one of the targets, 100 mt south of the gas station The Shilka is engaged and destroyed with SPIKE-LR missiles Soon after, the second Shilka is removed and the patrol team regains the extraction point without contacts Mods: RHS, CUP, PEDAGNE, ACE3 Mission: TRGM2 ON MALDEN by treendy
  5. Shots from the mission "30 days in Kunar" by victorguezESP Leavin FOB by foot Platoon engineer disabling a mine under the TL supervision TL inspecting bodies after contact with Taliban Insurgents Mods:CLA AFGHAN, CUP TERRAINS, PROJECT OPFOR, RHS,